Notes from my mind, fifteen years later~ Still Relevant, Real, Royal~

Sunday, March 25, 2007 Enthusiasm is what it takes to get out of bed.  This is the message I awoke with...Saw a reddish pillar in the sky which was a side of it. Beautiful, popping through the misted sky and mountain.  Enthusiasm is also what it takes to assist someone with Divine Light~! In [...]

Journal Entry on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Last night, Jesse called!  He had just written a beautiful poem to me, for me, about me, his mama.  How moving,  I cherish this renewal of our relationship in every cell of my being. Now deep purification.   Back heavy, behind the lungs, stiff.  I laid on Ke'e Beach for two hours.  No momentum, ambition to [...]

Journal Entry : March 20, 2007 SPRING SOLSTICE!!! Update to December 2, 2017

Journal Entry, Tuesday, March 20, 2007 ~ Spring Solstice Yesterday I took myself on an "Artist's Date" to the Tin Man Bookstore and bought a book called Saints and the Enlightened.  Light from another dimension! While giving Divine Light to a dear friend, her guides, whom she calls "the teachers" opened her eyes to gaze at [...]

From my days of teaching: Journal Entry of March 16, 2007~Night before Spring Vacation

Yes, I have been vacating a order to see what is going on behind the scenes of life.  {Note from the future~this was  before the days of meditation} Going into my own insecurities/weaknesses, learning to accept and welcome "feedback" to grow on. GUIDANCE Touchstone into your crystalline heart space of billowing light reflected and [...]

Courage is a Shining Star

Written in the Fall of 2006   Courage is a shining star, embedded in an indigo sky.  It is twinkling you a message that talks to your soul,  of an eternal code known by heart. Courage makes you willing to waltz into any situation, with a smiling face and a confident heart. Courage is the [...]

Say Someone is Very Good & They Will Become Good!!!

Love is the gateway to Faith.  All things are possible for those who love God! Reality is not what you perceive through the physical senses.  It is not what you think you understand through the specialized lens of your education. The  way to true reality is to go within. All ten commandments are contained within [...]

Unforgettable~Forged on the Tracks of Time

The Soul reminisces about a place, unforgotten. Remembering the bliss we knew there, Children of  Immortality. When we held within~ the wisdom of knowing how to live Upon the face of the Earth, Without marring her delicate beauty, her precious balance. The beauty and balance we knew there.   Where honesty and sovereignty reigned. And [...]

An Honest Heart is a Clean Heart

This piece was written fifteen years ago during a time of deep self reflection.  Honesty with self cleans the heart and the original clarity of the soul shines through. I had just landed on the emerald isle of Kauai.  Mama Kauai often requires new arrivals to her sacred shores to do their "due diligence" to [...]

A Mystic Thought: I Do Not Seek to Know

I do not seek to know what the ancients knew. I seek to know their Source. Tell me how to live today in The Breath of God. (noted in a journal from  Summer of '07~over 10 years ago~and the thought has been made manifest)