Notes From My Mind, Eleven Years Later~Before the Dawn

Rainbow path

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Enthusiasm is what it takes to get out of bed. In dream-time, last night I was going on a journey, alone.  I awoke with this sense: enthusiasm is what it takes to accomplish whatever you wish to accomplish! Then I looked out the  window to catch a red pillar in the sky with a rainbow on one side… popping through the misted sky.

Tuesday, March 27 ,2007

Impermanence, the very nature of life, assists us, if we are willing, in not being  attached to it all.  It can teach us to build our treasure in heaven, not in this transitory world… Helping others to create a true life is so valuable, a worthy use of time and energy.

Moments of inspiration about the essence of life come in many forms…synthesized.

Plant the seeds of a living treasure within one’s own consciousness.

It takes faith to plant a seed!  Faith that it will respond with life and answer your call…so too it takes Faith to have a dream, to establish paradise within and without…Knowing that this is the Creator’s Dream too!

It takes effort and also a “knack”.  The knack is a knowing that it is possible.  A knack is composed of  awareness,  knowledge, and  willingness.

Saturday before Easter, April 7, 2007

Know the Beloved from the inside.  Write to Him~  Write to Him and see how He responds.

Allow me to be a solid person…solid with God…to stay awake…to be kind…to remember!!!

Sunday, April 22,2007

To become a solid being, solid teacher, mother, mother-in-law, friend, sister, writer, walker, swimmer, light-giver, gardener, be a Lover of the ONE.

May 20, 2007

Being still is the way of redemption…Being still allows the vibration of Peace to emerge and wave her wand over this landscape creating a benediction of joy in many colors.

Journal Entry on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Last night, Jesse called!  He had just written a beautiful poem to me, for me, about me, his mama.  How moving, I cherish this renewal of our relationship in every cell of my being.

Now, deep purification.   Back heavy, behind the lungs, stiff.  Laid on Ke’e Beach for two hours.  No momentum or ambition to walk up to the Heiau. Prayed from down below for balance for all couples, individuals, and nature.

Tired, why so tired???  Cleansing the cells from the toil of forgetfulness, of forgetting the Source, forgetting who I am, and who I belong to.   

The Source of love, light, joy, and bliss is ONE…never to be forgotten~ THIS IS TRUE HEALING POWER. Remember the Source of truth, completeness, and know unshakable happiness. 

Soulful Pic from treehouse Remember this One with each holy breath.

Take time for remembrance of the Source that nourishes you, strengthens you, makes you whole, keeps your back straight.

Journal Entry : March 20, 2007 SPRING SOLSTICE!!! Update to December 2, 2017

Screened in LanaiJournal Entry, Tuesday, March 20, 2007 ~ Spring Solstice

Yesterday I took myself on an “Artist’s Date” to the Tin Man Bookstore and bought a book called Saints and the Enlightened.  Light from another dimension!

While giving Divine Light to a dear friend, her guides, whom she calls “the teachers” opened her eyes to gaze at my chest area.  They said ” purify in order to ascend”. Indeed~ powerful message, here!

Journal Entry, Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As I gave Divine Light last night, I was imagining creating a “screened in lanai “off of my bedroom. I wondered who would help me create this indoor-outdoor space? Little did I know that  I had not met the wonderful souls yet, who would help bring this dream into manifestation.

Seven years later,  this dream is a reality.   I am  in a different home, in a different spiritual state, and on a different part of the island.   This lanai  is my sweet sleeping, writing, and musing quarters.

Reading this old journal entry,  I’m amazed!  I had completely forgotten about the screened-in lanai vision, had completely let go of it.  But the vision was still there,  merged within as a potential within the recesses of the soul, until now.

Now it lives in this dimension too!!!  WAH Sweet Drama WAH!!!


December 2, 2017

Ten years later, another spot on the island, another wonderful lanai, overlooking another bluff which offers the sights and sounds of the Kilauea river.  This is where I sleep and study and write and meditate.  Thank you blessed drama for arranging the details of this journey, every step of the way!  I am so grateful.


Before the Mind Erases the traces of its own tracks upon the shores of time…

Journal Entry:March 16, 2007~Night before Spring Break

Yes, I have been vacating a lot…in order to see what is going on behind the scenes of life.  {Note from the future~this was  before the days of meditation} Learning to accept, accommodate, and welcome “feedback” to grow on.


Right now, look into the touchstone of your crystalline heart space of billowing light reflected and refracted by the multitude of relationships you have with your many students.  Strong…powerful… intensity grows by daring to dive into the place reflected through others.  Much of what you have received lately is encouraging…going forward into deeper self-respect and inner knowing of who you are.  Deeper kindness and compassion transpires…creating less judgment, more thoughtful appreciation of students! Like the Creator, who never judges Her Creation, but loves it into perfection!

I wish to know myself well and to know others.  I wish to write to nourish myself and others.  Write of what???  Of my travels in consciousness!  Who would listen??? 

I’m listening to myself, before the mind erases the traces of its own tracks upon the shores of time.

seek magic in the mundane

Courage is a Shining Star

Written in the Fall of 2006

Courage is a shining star,

embedded in an indigo sky.

 It is twinkling you a message that talks to your soul,

 of an eternal code known by heart.

Courage makes you willing to waltz into any situation,

with a smiling face

and a confident heart.

Courage is the fresh taste of dreams manifested.

Courage creates encouragement to woo

Heaven to Earth.

man with heart

Reality is NOT What You Perceive through the Physical Senses~

Red luminous heartLove is the gateway to Faith.  All things are possible for those who love God!

Reality is not what you perceive through the physical senses.  It is not what you think you understand through the specialized lens of your education.

The  way to true reality is to go within.

All ten commandments are contained within the first two.   Thou shall love thy God with all they heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength, and with all thy mind and Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.

Love, actually is a fulfillment of the law. If you love others, you do not want to hurt them, lie to them, or cause them sorrow of any kind.  Love is the key and love is the law.  It is love that releases us from bondage of any kind. When you love someone, you do not see their faults, imperfections, or bad habits. You only see their goodness; you see them as the Beloved sees them.

To be detached is to be loving.   To be detached does not mean that you are distant and cold, it means that you rise above and beyond the shortcomings of others.  To be both detached and loving allows you to see people as wonderful, beautiful, healthy, good, and most of all, changing!

“By saying that someone is very good, they will become good.  By saying that they are weak, they become weak.  If they are already weak to begin with and then someone says it, they will become unconscious.  No matter how unconscious they may be, you should teach them about the life giving herb of an elevated consciousness, the consciousness of their own speciality (specialness).  Then the unconscious ones will become alive again…Keep a mirror of their specialties in front of you.  They have simply forgotten their specialties at this time… By reminding them, they will become special souls. And the more you speak about their specialties, the more they will realize their weaknesses.  You will not need to make them realize.  If you tell someone their weaknesses, they will try to hide it and hide from it.  They will say, “I am not like this”.  If you speak about specialties, they will realize their weakness on their own.  And until they realize their weaknesses, they cannot transform them, even if they make effort for 50 years.”    Murli 2/20/86

Love is the gateway.  Become like the Almighty Beloved.  “He/She is a very simple teacher.  Worldly teachers punish children, but this One only gives love.  He/She says: Sweet children, remember Me and become pure.”    Murli 6/19/00

Love is the way.


what we think what we are

Unforgettable~Imprinted on the Tracks of Time

The Soul reminisces about a place,


Remembering the bliss we knew there,

The Children of  Immortality.

We held within

The precious wisdom of how to live

Upon the face of the Earth,

Without marring her natural beauty,

Her precious balance.

The beauty and the balance we knew there.

Where honesty  reigned

                                                          In each Sovereign heart.

And thought was imbued with divinity

  Direct from the Beloved, peacock

An Honest Heart is a Clean Heart

~The Bestower Has Come to Decorate Us~

This brief poem was written almost 20 years ago shortly after landing on the sacred shores of Kauai.  It was during a time of deep self reflection and bouts of enlightening truth!!!  Honesty with  myself cleans the heart and makes all things possible. 

 The emerald isle of Kauai -Mama Kauai- often requires new arrivals to do their “due diligence” to clear and elevate their vibration. This poem was written in response to the sacred call to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. Synchronistically I am revisiting these thoughts before the Light-Giving Ceremony of Diwali- to be held at Baba’s House on November 22, 2019~(6:30pm-8:30pm) We are preparing for a wonderful time of introspection in order to sort out the self and turn inward and upward to the Ever-Lit Light who has come to restore our Natural Beauty. 

    This piece from yesteryear is called:   


Decorated by old emotions and an outdated style of “rustic resentment”-

an inner world of limitation has been formed -taking center-stage to the real, the 

true nature of my soul.

Old emotions draped low have been cut on the bias of self-centered living-

Creating no possibilities for another’s point of view.

Newness enters slowly…deliberately…

Through the tainted glass –

While treasures of beauty and peace hover patiently-

Waiting to be revealed to I- the parched Soul.

Will I hear You?     Will I know You?

Will I see You as You are….

While immersed in these  clouds of illusion?

Must I keep coming up with the same conclusion about myself and others-                 

When seeing with an honest glimpse through Your eyes can change everything.

The gentle rain softens and cleanses. 

A sense of fluidity enters.

Sorrow is washed away, the Bestower brings a taste of freshness-freedom-fortune.

It’s  a  New Day and

There is a Promise of a Brilliant Tomorrow.

Remembering Peace

Remember  Peace.

As I wrote that I felt the Silence in the Heart and Soul of the World.

Being present with Self is the Key to Remember.

As I tune into the highest realm, far beyond this one,

I can hear my Self from the inside.

Grounded in who I really am,

In another avenue of thought,

I  hear the breath of the eternal One who dwells there~

Soundless, profound, ever present.

This is the Peace that we all know from before we had eyes to see and ears to  hear.

Remember.  Just remember…