What is Moving Within Your Heart of Hearts?

Written in a Journal on June 15, 2010  ( 7 1/2 years ago) Feeling compelled to go inward, to find what is moving within the heart space today! Have had fifteen days with Luca ( grandbaby), nineteen days total off from school. Feelings of freedom well up.  Releasing burdens, acknowledging my true passion to live [...]

I am awake to the magic and kindness of the ONE~

5/25/2014 I am awake to the kindness of the ONE who teaches me everyday and who is healing my heart from all impurity. I, the soul, love purity, seek purity, and give pure feelings to others through my thoughts. I am in deep communion with the ONE on this magical day. I am awake to [...]

Listen From the Inside

 Sitting here thinking of you, the reader,  I realize how it has taken years of pondering issues, problems, and dilemmas to get to a point of knowing. This kind of knowing goes far beyond the twin shadows of doubt and delusion. For so long, I wondered if I  had something to say worth the time [...]

She Rocks the Soul of All Who Listen~

She Rocks my Soul! I am filled  with her green lusciousness. Sand on back and between toes, Caressed by a misty saltiness, Kauai beckons me to say: "Come into my world , Bring your childhood strain, your businessman's pain, your motherhood's drain. All slip away by the sea, by the sea. By the sea, I [...]

Let the Heart Be Constant

Inspiration for the Soul, How to Know Yourself? Reaffirm again and again that you are a Soul, a child of the Unlimited One who transforms you into a Master of the Self and the World as you Remember and remember...

Soul Landscape

To know, to heed, to grow in the direction of Soul Awareness, affirmed through the charting of one's years in an old journal, called Passages.

Directions To Myself

Simply catch hold of your ORIGINAL FORM, your unlimited Self! Recreating our lives by catching hold of our original form involves removing ourselves from the limitations of body consciousness. By sitting on your seat as a soul,you are automatically able to transform your sanskaras (old patterns). Words of weakness are not the language of an [...]