What is Moving Within Your Heart of Hearts?

A drop of purityWritten in a Journal on June 15, 2010  ( 7 1/2 years ago)

Feeling compelled to go inward, to find what is moving within the heart space today! Have had fifteen days with Luca ( grandbaby), nineteen days total off from school. Feelings of freedom well up.  Releasing burdens, acknowledging my true passion to live life moment by moment.

For in a moment, a single glance wipes out the  bitterness from the heart and sets it throbbing with new love.

In  moments of true forgetfulness, there is a detachment from all material surroundings. The poet allows her imagination to soar into this realm of forget “fullness” often.  While others may find this state very rare and it is often said that poets, artists, and philosophers are born, not made; it can also be said that these phases of real forget “fullness” are the results of real efforts made both in this life and past lives.

In an attempt to make life bearable some people develop a feeble kind of stoicism – a sort of “who cares, anyway” outlook – and others plunge recklessly into epicurism. The former is the apathetic acceptance of defeat and the latter is effort to forget defeat in the arms of pleasure. Neither is true forgetfulness. Neither can be called victorious!

Today I grow to know You as I gaze into nothing, going nowhere.

Here, ever closer to the One I am searching for!


July 14, 2010 ( 1 month later)

Hello pages of my soul speaking out loud to be heard by my heart of hearts.

Dear One:
Begin your sales by selling yourself upon yourself. You are an exquisite gem exploring your own many facets of growth and inner learning – compassionate dweller of stellar landscapes, inner and outer.


Monday, September 17, 2012  (A year and 10 months, and 3 days later)

…it enters your heart how much you should become a helper of the Father…and give happiness…show everyone the path of happiness given by The One who has come to teach you how to smile.

amazing rose

I Am Awake to the Magic of the ONE~


The Deepest Questions sometimes require the simplest of answers. Tonight, my message is simple.

I am awake to the kindness of the ONE who teaches me everyday and who is healing my heart from all impurity. I, the soul, love purity, seek purity, and give pure feelings to others through my thoughts. I am in deep communion with the ONE on this magical night.

I am awake to the ONE’S magic.

The magic of a ready smile, the magic of a loving child, the magic of a pure and true heart, the magic of a flexible part. The magic of never being alone, the magic of flying home, the magic of belonging to ONE. The magic of listening, the magic of reaping, the magic of knowing all that I’ve been told is true. The magic the ONE holds for me and for you.

The ONE says: “All that I have is yours, but you must let go of all that you think of as yours. Share the blessings, share the greatness, share the wonder. Giving it away is the way to receive the fullness of my gifts for you. Have no fear, the ONE is always near to a loving heart.

The One said to the Child: Give me the sanskaras (imprints) of hurt, the sanskaras (imprints) of not being heard, the sanskaras (imprints) of having your toes stepped on. Stay introverted and know all will be yours.

STAY IN TOUCH WITH ME and with your own Self-respect in all relationships. Keep me between you and another. Do what you do for another child for Me. Put others ahead of yourself and you will always be first in My Heart. This is an Art.


My Sweetest One,
You are my true Friend. With You, I am complete. With You, I know who I am, who I have been, and who I am becoming. Dearest One I belong to You alone.

The One Responded in my mind~

Know yourself as I know you, Child.  Sit on the seat of self-respect as the true sovereign soul that you are. You are becoming a master of silence and an embodiment of peace and love. Remember Me, be with Me , and the longer you stay within my Presence, within My reach, I will transmute you into pure gold, removing the alloy which you have collected over lifetimes of uncertainty, sorrow, and blind faith.

Restore your original joy, your original smile without a face, your original self without a body. All else is distraction, costuming, and subplots. Stay with Me and win the lottery, catch the golden ring and get off the merry-go-round of who, what, where, why, and when.

Your victory is in my Open Hand. Touch it. Feel it. Imbibe what is yours, has always been yours, and which no one can put asunder.

Take a step, reach for me, and I will be there a thousandfold.

Thank you Beloved Father, Mother, Child, Beloved, Friend, Guide, Comapanion~though you can not be seen, you can be felt.  You are the Comforter of Hearts, the Remover of Sorrow.

I wish to stay close by your side as I walk through this world which seems to be at some amazing tipping point~moving from the utmost extreme darkness into the very depths of our most pristine and light filled days.

Om Shanti and Happy Holy Days as we cycle through time back to the beginning, back to our original purity, our original joy, and our original truth.








Listen From the Inside

 Sitting here thinking of you, the reader,  I realize how it has taken years of pondering issues, problems, and dilemmas to get to a point of knowing. This kind of knowing goes far beyond the twin shadows of doubt and delusion. For so long, I wondered if I  had something to say worth the time it takes to write it down and worth the time it takes you to read it.  For so long, as well, I’ve known that I can write and that I love to write.  For just as long, I wondered what is it that I want to say and what do I dare say in these times?

The next hurdle to writing that I faced was: WHO will LISTEN, really listen from the INSIDE???  Several years ago, while living here on Kauai, I heard the answer.

“Many will listen,  many will hear, will resonate, and find their own goodness and spiritual power through your courage to write and share.

Souls with their own unspoken messages, with their own questions banging on the door of their consciousness, gasping to be heard, will listen and feel happy to hear another soul, voicing from the deep!  Souls, immersed in their own struggles and challenges, will sense a life-giving voice, that acknowledges who they are.

As I continued to listen from the inside, I heard more:

“THIS IS THE WAY INTO YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL TREASURE.”  Share the jewels of knowledge you have been ever so fortunate to receive.  For the more you share, the greater your fortune.  Churn the knowledge and directions given freely by the “Knowledge-Full  One”, so they may feed your intellect and make it divine.  Jump start others’ intellects so they may become golden, as well.

This life is all about awareness.  Where your awareness goes, your intellect either thrives or withers.  The Jefferson Airplane, rock stars of the sixties, were approaching this truth when they sang: “Feed Your Head”.  Their reference was to hallucinogenics, plant medicines, and the like.  What I’m writing about, dear friend,  is a very different calling.  This requires a different “out of the body” experience.  This is about surrendering “normal”, everyday body consciousness and going beyond the limitation of the senses, to know soul consciousness, our original birthright. 

     This is powerful medicine~ divine medicine for souls trapped in the material experience, an antidote for the growing number of insomniacs of the world, a clear passage for all who have ever been bound by conflicting emotions, “shoulds  and shouldn’ts”, weakening thoughts, obsessions, addictions, or compulsions.  It is for the spiritually-hungry beings who need an infusion of nectar to open the doorway into matters of their own soul, to realize and emerge their true nature,  to activate their true awareness, and forge their own destiny!

Yet, sometimes the best thing, in matters of the soul, is to say nothing.  I’ve learned that the best practice is to give others an experience, an experience that will stay with them for a long time and give them a sense of authority, of self-sovereignty, of knowing.

For truly it is only Truth that can awaken the slumbering soul; however, according to David Hawkins, MD, PH.D.  doctor, psychiatrist turned mystic, who has done extensive research in the fields of human development and enlightenment, only 22% of the present population will resonate with or recognize the truth when they are exposed to it!!!

Yet, look around and see it IS the time.  It is ‘now or never’ for the souls of the world to be filled to overflowing with truth.

As I listened from the inside, I heard more: the world is awaiting the preciousness of your smile and the wisdom of your heart. Your part is that of the actor who loves truth and walks onto the stage of life and becomes it. Share the truth… freely, but tactfully. Distribute the nectar and the jewels.

The first and foremost jewel for souls is to know: who You are… who you are beyond your present name, gender, occupation, relationships, family, and even, beyond your own  body.

You are so much more than all you see. You have been brainwashed into thinking that “seeing is believing” and that this is all there is.  Though you have attached your heart to all that you see, there is still hope to experience the greater you, the Magical You, the Higher Self, the Great Soul that you are.

You may enjoy beginning with this simple experiment using your”power of thought”.

As Einstein said: “the world we have created is a product of our thinking, it cannot be changed without changing the thinking that created it.”

In this contemplative experiment, you are invited to perceive yourself and others differently.  Here goes:

“I  am an amazing prince or princess from a civilization of divine beings of light~ angelic beings~.  I have come into this physical dimension to find my brothers and sisters, who are also angelic beings of light.  They lost their when their wings were cut by the evils of ego, attachment, greed, anger, and lust.  They tried to substitute the transitory passions of material existence for the eternal bliss of the spirit.  They confused this physical dimension with their true Home in the dimension of light.

I’m on a mission to retrieve them from the clutches of Maya, the powerful force of illusion, which has caused so many souls to lose sight of another reality.  I am focused and full of memories of our true identity as powerful, eternal, masterful beings of light, beloved children of the Supreme Being, the One who is calling us back Home.”

As these seed thoughts are received into the ground of you, the soul, you begin the liberation process. As you resonate to the truth behind this vision,  ask yourself if you are willing to  live a life that goes beyond the limitations of the five senses.  Ask yourself if you would like to become aware of yourself as a being of light who has simply put on a costume made of matter in order to fulfill your earthly role.

This process of waking up from body consciousness to soul consciousness, from forgetfulness to remembrance is the practice of  Raja Yoga Meditation of India, the most ancient form of yoga/union, as taught and practised by the Brahma Kumariis of Mt. Abu.  At the present time, this ancient practice of remembrance has spread around the globe.

This is a truly rewarding process; however, please remember that patience is a virtue, especially when shown to yourself.  Know that this  journey, this pilgrimage of a thousand miles begins with one step, with one call.   And that with each step you take, the Divine Being of Light will take a thousand steps to meet you and assist you.

My pure wish is that your way always be blessed and that you may you reach your ultimate destination with ease.  May you journey with happiness and honor!

To learn more about the practice of Raja Yoga Meditation and to step into greater freedom and awareness, you are welcome to call me @ 808-639-9436. All meditations and classes offered are free.

I’ve been a practitioner and teacher of this wonderful practice of inner yoga, a yoga without asanas, a yoga which brings the soul into union with the Divine for almost 9 years. I’ve just returned from my 5th journey to Mt. Abu, Rajasthan where the World Spiritual University of the Braham Kumariis is located.  I have come to appreciate that this ancient practice is meant for these times.  It is for all souls, all faiths, and all walks of life.  Take just a  drop full, a cupful, or come merge in the Ocean.  It is your call!  I am here to be of service.

Wishing You Many Blessings of Love, Light, and Peace,


p.s. I’m available in person on Kauai or on ‘Facetime’ if you are anywhere else on the globe.

love yourself from the inside out

The Rose Seed and the Soul

ROSES of KauaiI turn my attention within to remember

who I am.

I, the Soul, am a Spiritual Rose in the Garden of the ONE, the Master Gardener.

I am the master of this body which  like a physical rose,  must fade away.

When the last petal of a rose perishes, the seeds will remain.  A single seed contains its blueprint, its original essence, and the eternal characteristics which make a rose, a rose.

When this body fades away, what still remains?  What is eternal, imperishable,everlasting?

The Light of the Soul is forever, like the rose seed,  the soul carries and perpetuates its original essence eternally.

The original essence, fragrance, and full bloom of a soul are found deep within.  In its fullness a soul IS: Peace, Purity, Love, Joy Truth, and Bliss.

With the right conditions and the right efforts, the full bloom of a soul can emerge once again.

She Rocks the Soul of All Who Listen~

Beach at St. RegisShe Rocks my Soul!

I am filled  with her green lusciousness.

Sand on back and between toes,

Caressed by a misty saltiness,

Kauai beckons me to say:

“Come into my world ,

Bring your childhood strain,

your businessman’s pain,

your motherhood’s drain.

All slip away by the sea, by the sea.

By the sea, I live,

by the sea.”


Kilauea WaterfallOn the shores of Kauai,

I’ve come to know an oasis of

inner wonder and beauty

that ever calls out to me.

As I watch shades of golden red light caress the tenderest of skies,

my thoughts travel back to love

at the end of the day.

A canopy of peace prevails and soothes the soul into a

quiet, dreamless sleep under an awning of moon and stars.


Mama Kauai will rock you to the rhythm of her song,

a tune so ancient,  it will reach the  innermost depths of who you are~

She croons Her affirmations of love

All through the night.

All for all who listen.

white hammock and ocean

Let the Heart Be Constant

Green Light Blast


My Heart Constantly Overflows,

Fed by the Lord of Nectar.

I, the soul, am drawn by the Magnet of Constant Love and Happiness,

Away from this sorrow-drenched world.

I remember the Home…Land of Silence, Nirvana.

My happiness is constant

For my self-respect is a sparkling diamond, ever stable.

I spread these waves of happiness to all souls.

I, the soul, am up above close to my Beloved, the One to whom I belong.

The One beckons me to Remember and Remain

Under the beautiful canopy of Light

He has put around me.

As I remember the One,

I receive purifying rays of Light and Love

That fill me to overflowing.

When you concentrate on the Source of Goodness, Hope and Mercy,

You will go out and touch others with your presence, without saying a word.

You are unlimited!

Love is Life.

Love flows out to meet each moment.

There is a rippling of continuity that makes the NOW endless ….

Endlessly present and present and present…

A flow of unbroken consciousness that takes you Home.

On the beam of Remembrance-your Lifeline

Your unbroken fortune is to know the beginning, the middle, and the end

Continually flowing into forever.

Knowledgable, unwavering,

Long-lost but now found,

In the presence of ONE.

Behold Yourself There,

Know True Love,

See for yourself the Truth.

There is a Guide, a Teacher, and a Parent who truly cares for you.

Remember that ONE

Forget all the rest.

In this awareness there is only purity, love, and bliss.

Share it,

Be it,


Past Meets Present/Light Meets Dark/Yesterday and Today

July 19, 2006.

This was written at the end of “summer break” from school.
There is so much outer activity as a teacher, hence the gaps between these creative sparks!
Om Shanti…I can now say this to my former self of  so many years gone by. It means: I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL. However on July 19, 2006 I was not aware of or in touch with the core of peace within I, the soul.

In fact, this is what I was writing: “drowning in sadness, images of loss have come loose in my being, spilling into everyday consciousness. Despondent, listless, where has my extreme positivity gone? Deep into the past where old mistakes, linger,unresolved…waiting for the new day to be liberated, freed, forgiven.

Overwhelmed by the process of the LIGHT filtering through the darkness, searching for a new way to address each day and to live the gift of life. Apologies, love, loneliness, stillness, expectancy, communion all rolled up in one, merged together, seeking to tune in with the acceptance of God.

Invocation of the Mender of my soul’s sight, I am at once dying and being reborn. Infamous deeds of darkness pervade the well being of my inner spring, my flow into redemption. Knowing now how I can never see anyone below me, the shadows of my mind keep screaming out to taunt me with their lies, their hopes for the old ways to rule on this New Day.

Initiation Journey…Wanderer of Kalalau, be with me now as I look into an abyss of crumbling rocks leading straight down into the crystalline waters of life below. The Light is ever present as I prepare myself spiritually for emerging my true self!  Success guaranteed!

Folding into a yawn, stretching muscles of intent, bent on expansion of the Light into all realms. Rely on nothing, be on guard with positivity.  Knowing this as the only way into the brightness of the future.  Go forward!!! Somehow, today, make your efforts resound echoes of hope into your sadness. Freedom forces of heavenly hosts come to your assistance in your uphill, hairpin turn about. God is watching you, always by your side.

Be known, be heard, beware, be still, be patient, be love. Beatitudes are calling to you despite the gnarly mass of sanskaras unraveling in your spiritual body. Keep moving them through with your wit, your love, your wisdom, your length and breadth…to the place you will next come into when you awaken full of life, full of light, full of love, fulfilled to the fullest, fully awake!

Knowing there is a great impasse to be crossed, I build up my reserves endearingly to nourish my soul and spirit. Emotional cleansings come and go and so do we. Now here, now gone, ever present is the call for remembrance of union with the Divine.

Momentous memories of YOU wading through my mind, wading through my soul, grasping hold of my hand, so I won’t sink into the muddiness of forgetfulness.

Closing my eyes to Your brilliance is not the answer I seek. Joining with You there, becoming one with your salvation giving.  Your broad hand now relieves the shadows of my mind.

A Year Later!

May, 2007


Do it Like it Matters!!!

Take frequent Holidays to Recharge…you can do this in 50 minutes…recharging is important

Face Everything…whatever is in front of you.

Being in stillness, open up, dialogue with your loveliness. Love yourself enough to love the parts of yourself that are hard to love…make amends…create salvation…find your fortune!!!


Gratitude…great full gratitude, grateful gratitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a lot of pain is only THOUGHTS

Soul Landscape

There is history here, an inner history that helps the soul to mark changes made over time.  As I, the soul, review this journal, I note that, physically I have shifted from Big Island , the youngest and most volcanic island, to Kauai, the oldest, and for a lot of us, the most serene and beautiful!

I read with the awareness of a gold miner finding hidden treasure.  I am acutely attentive to subtle shifts in consciousness that can be found within myself.  I do a lot of sifting to find the golden nuggets, to bring them into awareness, and polish them into action.

This midnight blue notebook was started on January 24, 1999 in Waimea, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It has been holding these thoughts securely within its covers for decades.  This journal, called the Passages Journal, was designed with insightful quotes from well known authors and poets,  beautiful reference points on the landscape of the human heart.  The first one that struck me was this quote from Emily Dickinson, America’s beloved poet and hermit:

 “I dwell in possibilities”

It brought me to wonder at the enormous possibilities that are emerging for our world as well as within me. On the next page, another jewel,  from Oscar Wilde, the Irish poet and playwright:

“Life is not complex.

 We are complex.  Life is simple,

     and the simple thing is the right thing.”

It is crystal clear, that I have been moving into the simple truth of the value of simplicity all along.    Leonardo da Vinci, (who needs no introduction) also reminds those of us who have become invested in the standard of “more”- that : “The greatest sophistication is simplicity.”  And now back to the journal

 First entry – 1/24/1999:

Here I sit at home with the green hills and pastures of Waimea, all around me.  Alone, but for a jet black puppy and the great presence of the wind, whipping down the steep slopes of Mauna Kea, relentlessly cleansing the air.

Restless, the soul misses the true companion.

Second entry:  2/19/99

Has God truly chosen me to have a spiritual relationship?  A relationship in which we both grow in Divinity, becoming bestowers, rather than takers, givers rather than users, seeing the magnificent soul within the other at all times?

Third entry:  2/20/99

Such a fulfilling evening with A.  We listened to Peter Gabriel’s  “Passion: the Last Temptation of Christ” over and over again.  We enjoyed each other’s company.  I spoke of what marriage means to me and he explained truthfully that he is still healing from the breakup of his.  I prepared dinner for us and invented a new “magenta” salad dressing from beet juice, avocado, and macadamia nut oil & chilies.  We drank a fine Bordeaux and sat side by side on a chair big enough for two.

He brushed my hair.  I wore lavender and plum.  He openly enjoyed the colors and the conversation. There is a great attraction here that goes deeper than what meets the eye.

AFFIRMATION:  I release all that is unlike love.  There is time and space for everything I want to do.  I lovingly forgive myself.  I am free.


This journal lay dormant for seven years, patiently awaiting its time once again to receive more of this soul’s thoughts.   The relationship that had inspired the initial writing wasn’t destined to last. But it was a precious stepping stone and seeded a deep longing for a Higher Love, a relationship with the Divine. During that silent seven years,  I left the Big Island of Hawaii and relocated to Kauai, the northern most island in the Hawaii chain.

I  settled in Wailua Homesteads, the east side of the circular island, behind the Sleeping Giant for another eight years.  Wailua, on Kauai, looks much like Waimea on Big Island. They are both on the mountain side {mauka}, blessed with gentle mists and cool temperatures and richly landscaped with green pastures and graceful mountain slopes. 

However energetically Big Island and Kauai are worlds apart.  Hawaii (Big Island) is like a passionate teenager, with her extremes of climate and lone stretches of lava covered landscape that look like the surface of the moon!  Kauai, on the other hand, is a gentle, beloved grandmother, whose beauty has become refined through the years.  She is sweet, mystical, and naturally beautiful.  Each is unique and holds a special place in my heart.  But Kauai is home. I’ve been here more than twice as long as I was on Hawaii. Kauai has staying power!

Fourth entry: 3/19/2006  8:35 a.m.

This was the year it rained for forty days and forty nights without stopping on Mama Kauai!  March, 2006!  The outpouring of water from the heavens caused a dam on the North Shore, in Kilauea, to  break, creating a thrust of  water that washed a huge land mass out to sea along with five souls living in its treacherous path.  It was during these days of massive rain that these feelings were born:

 “I feel dormant like a seed, waiting to sprout, to be released from its softening shell, eager to emerge through the fertile soil, to bask in the sunlight and blossom.

In this season of nature’s turmoil of shifting streams of water, earth, and thoughts, I know one thing, for sure, Love is Eternal; it is present in every season.

Rainy March promised a brilliant Spring of fulfillment.

It brought with it a knowing that my own fulfillment was also coming, as natural as a fruit coming into fruition in its own season.  I eagerly awaited its full unfoldment.  A passing car honked in affirmation to acknowledge the truth of this knowing of the coming of a new season of love. And so in full wonder, I entered the gateway of my 60th year, upon the beautiful face of this earth.

The rains had softened my skin and tempered my attitude making it pliant and patient.  Solitude and silence birthed a spark in the soul, a longing for the joys of the true household path , a blending of the present with the future, a vision nurtured by love… brought with it the remembrance of another place, another time, a dimension befitting  gods and goddesses,  heavenly deities,  children of the ONE floated into my consciousness.

A metamorphosis of the soul was taking place in the silence, enhanced by the cleansing power of the rain which dominated the outer landscape and  watered the inner with a clear vision of a perfect union and indestructible happiness.

Beloved of my Soul, YOU are here, close by, experiencing me as I experience you through this most natural of occurrences…rain, rain, and evermore rain.

My soul called out for more rain, more wetness to fuel the cleansing, to purify the ethers of this island where vice had taken its toll upon the aina in the form of greed and deceit!  Maya had dominated the scene for too long, and set into motion, an influence upon souls to grab up as much of paradise for themselves, as possible.  Thought forms of anger, lust, greed, attachment, and ego were filling up the etheric waves of this precious island, as well as the rest of the planet.

Do not vibrate with these negative thought forms.

Shift to another channel, another frequency!  Attune to innocence and purity and the pure desire of the soul to recharge and unite with the One.  Unite with the One who offers true Paradise on the palm of His/Her Hand.

NOW a Higher Love was being called into Being!  A return to the original portrait of the world designed by the Creator for health, harmony, happiness, and prosperity.  All was coming alive during this time of the Great Rain that I sensed was washing the vibrations of Mama Kauai into her true, pristine form of long ago.

I moved forward in consciousness to a time when I, too, was pristine as a mountain stream.

Master Almighty Authority, the Ocean of Bliss, Ocean of Peace, Ocean of Love, the Bestower, Compassionate One, the ONE who shows the way to Supreme Happiness.  The Supreme Benefactor  invokes the children to listen, to follow, to study,  and to remember their love for the One.

Return home to the garden within the soul.  Assess it carefully and prune back the weeds that have been allowed to grow rampantly.  Become a flower.  Grow under the canopy of the One. Grow without restraint for the perfect blueprint lies within the seed of the soul. 


Namaste’  Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti

Directions To Myself

Simply catch hold of your ORIGINAL FORM, your unlimited Self!

Recreating our lives by catching hold of our original form involves removing ourselves from the limitations of body consciousness. By sitting on your seat as a soul,you are automatically able to transform your sanskaras (old patterns). Words of weakness are not the language of an aware soul. So why do you use this language?

First of all, check yourself, and then speak.

Set yourself on your “seat” ( your third eye) and then create thoughts and perform actions. By sitting on this “seat” (in the center of the forehead), you automatically receive the blessing of being elevated. So why do you let go of this seat that is blessed and labor instead? Then after laboring you become tired and disheartened.

Adopt the easy method.

Everything depends on your awareness.

Does your awareness remain constantly powerful and great or is it sometimes great and sometimes ordinary?

Whatever someone is, be it a musician, a conductor, a doctor, a healer, a teacher, a student, a mother, a child, she always conducts herself while aware of who she is. In the same way, since you are elevated souls, special actors, why does the awareness of the form of this birth, of your position and your occupation sometimes remain special and sometimes become ordinary? Why do you forget the greatness of your life and your birth?

Why is there body consciousness? Why do I identify with my temporary form in order to play my part. Maya opposes and we forget our true selves.

Remember who you are, trust in the “drama” that it is always beneficial and working on your behalf! Pay attention to your role. Have deep meditation in soul consciousness. Have the inner humility to give up everything and be open to something more powerful.

There is only one mantra and only the ONE who gives it. It is given to purify your soul.  It is given by the ONE who puts all the pieces of your heart together.

“Remember Me constantly and renounce all bodily belief systems, forget your own body, and your story about all your bodily relationships.  Consider yourself to be a soul and become bodiless.”

Fall in Love with who you are…with YOU, the soul.

The One Great Mantra: “Remember Me, the Bodiless One”.

To understand is to become. Move with great tact.

Consider yourself to be a soul and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination.