Love Eradicates the Old Taste of Mistakes

Love eradicates the old taste of mistakes and

A dew-like essence washes clean, stinging sores

That have lingered from escapades into dark delirium.

Now past mayas silently spiral away and there is Lightness,

Devoid of the burning claw of temptation.

Bathing now in a healing balm of mysterious rapture.

A sunlit embrace reminds you of who you are,

And rushes of gratitude spill everywhere,

Awakening you to the reverence of joy.


Guided by the One who holds the universe together,

A still haven of remembrance comes upon you,

Bringing you back to the place where you are perfect and whole.

And the fragrant jasmine that blooms only at night fills the air.

Om Shanti~


To My Beloved of Another Time~Another Age~

This was originally written as a “Wedding Blessing” to a charming and talented young couple on 10/10/04.

As I rediscover this blessing, which  was written , almost 10 years ago, I recognise within it,  a blessing to my beloved of another age, an age which is forthcoming, a time of peace, of happiness, and of true love.

The original Wedding Blessing has been almost totally revised and has emerged as something incredibly lovely.

The last 8 words remain the same in both blessings; parts of the original blessing to that young couple are contained in this new version.


A Blessing for “US”

This is my  wish for you, my darling, for our life together, for our wedded bliss, for the “us” which has already been, and which will be once again and again, eternally.

I wish us mornings bathed in sunlight, warmed by our voices speaking of eternity.

I wish us a pristine union of ease and grace, of our universes happily coalescing.

I wish you the joy, again and again, of the pilgrimage that brought us the reward of togetherness in this Promised Land once again.

I wish you the feeling of Gratitude, overflowing everywhere, nourishing and awakening all of life.

I wish you a compassionate embrace of past, present, and future.

I wish you Love’s Dominion bonded to the Soul of God,  in total  completeness that you may know at once the reverence of  joy and the victory of breaking new ground into the Holy Age.

I heard music coming through the night out of nowhere~

A note from the soul on  a night of extreme inspiration and knowing coming to the surface.

(Found in a journal from August 28, 2009…an auspicious ending to an auspicious day )

 Poetic Pieces of Eternity,

Speaking of Longing

“I heard music coming through the night from nowhere,

poetic fragments of eternity speaking of longing.

YOU are here, so am I.  You are Listening

Your Readiness is honed for awakening, clearing.

Guidance for all time.

A sweet summer song of solace was heard.

Traveling in and out of spaces to the time before this time.

With crystalline star structure resonance  magnified,

in a chambered nautilus of surprise.

   I call  upon a powerful mountain of love to calm this soul and give it enough nectar

to become free from the discomfort of lagging behind the times.

 Sweet saving Light of the Supreme, may you shine upon the heart of all souls.




Saturday, August 21, 2009

Another day, another way to come home to the Self.

 Powerful Silence comes in as I reconnect to the Highest on High where we all meet in Love,

 with the One who gives all.

  Yes, connecting to the Source,

the Ocean of Love~

nothing in between,


The door has been flung wide open,

by love and appreciation.

And  love reigns in my heart,

 solid, focused, gentle knowing,

carefully nestled in the unfurling of my crown.

Accept all just as it is and love it into Being,

Accept all just as it is and love it into Being.

 Acceptance, humility, honor

Accept and know

Accept and grow

Accept and flow

Accept and go Home,

 Burn up all that is dross, easily and quickly.


Sweet Recognition~Looking into the Mirror of the Heart

the light of the soul

Sometimes, finding  an old journal is like finding rare, hidden, valuable treasure. The contents of this one, from August 20, 2009, had the accuracy of  true North, pointing out the pilgrimage I’d been on for a long, long  time.  I see it now as “the search for lost innocence”.

Reading through this passage , what emerged before me, clear as day was: the true me, the pure, powerful being of  light, the “being”-  beautiful in silence and comfortable with truth.

This is the ‘me’ that had been so  covered by the dust of this corporeal world, that I had become unrecognizable, even to my Self.  No wonder, for many drought-stricken  years, my journals poignantly reflected the  theme of  ‘The Self longing for the Self’… the True Self, the true being that is completely full, lacking nothing.  My quest was for the unlimited vessel of peace, love, wisdom, and bliss.

I now have words for all of it…markers on the journey to use as signposts for others. What I’ve learned is that as,  souls, we are from another world, a world “beyond sound”  described by the Hindi word~ Nirvana which translates to ‘the place without sound’.

We, souls, are so tiny in form that we are incognito to the physical eye.  This is why for sooo long, the soul that we each are has been mostly unknown and unrecognized while the bodies and emotions which we inhabit have been running the show.  I, the soul, and perhaps you as well have been waiting patiently, quietly, very quietly, in the wings for my time to emerge upon the stage of life.

My emergence began while writing in this journal, a mirror of my heart, late into a summer’s evening.  Earlier that evening, self-awareness had begun to stir- catalyzed by a rich discussion at a weekly gathering called “Council” which I’d been attending over the eight years I lived on a moist, fertile mountain called ‘the Sleeping Giant’.

It was on this night that I felt the delightful glimmerings of true identity. It  happened like this:

So much more is coming through that wishes to be said; an opening made by what was spoken tonight at Council allows a raw, pure innocence to come to the surface, breaking through the barriers of ego and personality, emerging, to be heard and healed.  Out of the depth of the dark well of incubation in the bubbling, inner cauldron, arises the pure liquid light of recognition and insight to my own being.  It has come suddenly, yet emerges cautiously, one precious moment at a time.

Recognition of Self had emerged on that evening under the shelter of the stars. What I heard speaking, was the heart, the true conscience of the soul, the mirror reflecting once again all the beauty and goodness that lay dormant within.   In the midst of these feelings and these reflections lay a great safety and a great honesty.

Immediately, I, the heart of the soul, pondered: how long would the enimty with ‘x’ hold out and take its toll?  Understanding in an instant the karmic bondage I had created, I found the love and the courage to invite this soul into connection, once again.

More honest questions came to the surface:  How can I resonate authentically with other powerful women of voice, as well as with this authentic voice within?

Go deeper” said the wind, rustling through the night.  My inner sense of hearing opened deeply, as I, the soul, eagerly awaited the wind’s full message.

Give some time to your Self, every day.  Speak through silence to all those who cannot be reached by words. Share energy and resonance with those who long to be filled.  Listen to the voices that ring out their song, knowing to be heard is their birthright.  Allow sleep to repair the fabric of your heart and clean away the rusted fragments left by inner turmoil! (This was written in the days before I learned to meditate!)

Before Council, I felt stale, bored, as if I had been living out a cookie cutter existence, feeling controlled by the limitations of a fine toothed comb.  More than just a change of perspective, I the Soul recognized the need for Total Awareness and Total Attention in order to let go of the uneasy tension that had been taking its toll for too long.  For time is precious and must not slip away in such a hypnotic, controlled state of being. 

Ahhh-at last, my true voice was coming through:

Come into a total coherence of love…discount no one…not another, nor yourself. Let visions and dreams come out into the light of day.  Open a portal to tomorrow, from here to eternity is a total guarantee.  Spin the cycle, knowing the essence of tomorrow’s sunrise today!

Yes, the cycle of self-realization was emerging.

Make it happen through the transparency of the Self’s own wishes, your aim and objective, crafting your today, here and now, to insure your tomorrow.

The ‘council’ of souls up in Kapahi, still nourishes each other, til today, with their powerful ponderings on what it means to be alive. As for me, I had moved north and  council for me has taken another form. Council is an inner journey, with my Constant Friend and Divine Companion, with my  journals, and even with this keyboard which offers such intimacy with its black and white keys, allowing me to write swiftly as the wind carries the words of the soul’s wise intellect to the surface of consciousness.

 Now  I, the living soul, despite obstacles imposed by the illusions called Maya and her subtle, and not so subtle distractions, despite the storms of delusion, despite  the chaos and nonsense of what much of the 3-D world has to offer, I, the Soul recognize and have respect for the Self.

Fast forwarding to RIGHT NOW~ I recognize the sweetest of concerns is to know my true self and fulfill  the aim and objective of emerging my original, unlimited, pristine self. Who am I, who was I before I became so conditioned and contaminated from living in a limited reality?  Who am I now that I recognize my self and the One who is guiding me and teaching me at this most precious of times, in this most precious of lives?  Asking the self – what does “full effort” look like, feel like, right now?

What actions and thoughts will allow for the fullest expression of Love, Peace, Joy, and Truth to come about in a constant way?  This form of checking and changing of the self is a daily guide which keeps my ultimate destination in sight.

But back to the piece of writing, written in that journal, that emerged on that splendid , summer’s evening, so long ago in late August, 2009:

Hearing the call of the voice of the heart, making its music through the stars, a precious memory of my own magical, magnificence previously merged by the passage of time is now energized!  What a wonder!  What a blessing!

Almost sleeping now, this is the stuff of wakeful dreaming, watching my own transparency, touched by a jewel drop of color upon my brow, I am glistening in the rain (of knowledge) of yesterday, today, and tomorrow…the beginning, the middle, and the end…

Playing between time, in that place in the heart which  knows all parts of it’s Self…aware of the journey of rising and falling.  Aware of its own fragrance, the fragrance of  rose petals of the ever blooming rose that I am. I am the one who knows the fragrance and the thorns.

Silent is this knowing.  Emerging is the joy that lies in the center of this forehead, behind these eyes…what a wonder to know the Self – unlimited, eternal, and so close to the


How Important is Honesty to You?

Who in this wide world is Dadi Janki?  And why should I know about her?


Dadi Janki is a 103 year old phenomenon who has been certified by many scientific tests to have the most stable mind in the world.  OKAY, you may be muttering.  To what does she attribute this wonderful state of being?  Is this just a rare case of genetics, or is this state achievable through practice?

Dadi makes no bones about it; she attributes her stable mind , hence her unshakeability to her lifelong study and practice of Raja Yoga, the yoga of the mind, the union of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul.

Currently, she is the head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Rajasthan, India where Raja Yoga is taught and practiced.  Essentially this practice is shared freely, i.e. without a price tag. This is truly education for the good of humanity and for the well-being of civilization and the very planet, itself.  For as human beings change and elevate, their influence will transform the sorry conditions that presently exist upon our Mother Earth.

Another proponent of Dadi Janki, and there are many, has this to say about her:

“This woman is as deep , wise, and egoless as it gets.  She adheres to no formal religion, dogma, or sect.  What she teaches is a method to open the heart and detach the mind-which to me is what true spirituality is about”.  Ruby Wax



Last year on my annual journey to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, I was incredibly blessed to have Dadi sit and hold my hand for nearly thirty minutes.  On the drive up the mountain to Mt. Abu from Amnehabhad, the Indian women, whom I was sharing a taxi with, announced that we were going to stop and visit with Dadi!  Such a surprise; such fortune!!

As we opened the door to Dadi’s little receiving room, it was packed with souls already.  I looked past everyone, my eyes magnetized to Dadi’s eyes.  She felt my immense attraction and immediately beckoned me with a subtle waving of her hand to come sit next to her.

She held my hand as she greeted all the souls who had come to visit her and receive her drishti, her powerful spiritual vision.  This blessing of holding her hand connected me with a rich, profound silence, in a deeper way, than my own 7 years of practice of Raja Yoga Meditation had produced so far.  She connected me with the unlimitedness of Nirvana, (literally, the place of no sound), the Home of all Souls.  Yes, this is the dimension from which we, as souls, have all come to the earth… and it is the place to which we will all return at the end of our journey.  This is the place to which Dadi Janki is immovably connected and which allows her to be in this world in a very present and loving way and yet to be so detached from it.

Dadi, even at her venerable age, is still a dynamic speaker of truth and shares her gifts continually.  Her words are rich and full of experience and knowing.  My favorite books of hers are:Companion of God and Inside Out.  

Dadi speaks in Hindi.  What follows is a sampling of what I have collected from her many rich classes, translated into English.

The Subject is Love and Honesty.

“Love is connected to virtues.  Virtues create love both within the self and within others.

When virtues reduce, the quality of love also reduces.

When all virtues are present, there is complete and pure love.

Out of all the virtues, the main one is honesty.  If we feel someone is not being honest with us, our love breaks. Whether it’s our mother, father, husband, wife, or friend, if we feel that they are being dishonest,  love breaks.

In terms of our relationship with God, if we are honest with God we will draw His love.  If we are not, that love will break.  Even if we have no other virtues than this one of honesty,  we will be able to draw God’s love.

The first kind of honesty is honesty with myself.  If I am honest with myself, there need be no situation in which I am not honest with others.

If someone does not believe me, if someone distrusts my honesty, perhaps it is a sign that I need to become more honest. Instead of blaming them, I should realise this, and look at how to become more honest.

Honesty does not mean simply speaking our mind. Honesty means to be very clear about everything going on inside us.  Where there is honesty, feelings become pure and clean. Honesty is where there are no other thoughts or feelings inside, other than those that the Most High would have. Such clarity is reflected in our words; they will be filled with the power of truth and spoken with ease and without hesitation.

Genuine honesty cultivated within is what will reach out and touch others.

Being easily influenced by people will diminish our ability to remain honest.

Others will not be able to get that feeling of truth from us, and our interactions will not carry a feeling of love.  They will seem superficial.

Although superficial love is better than no love at all-at least it ensures that we don’t become completely dry-it will nonetheless be obvious that it is not the real thing.”~ Dadi Janki~

Such is the importance of honesty!

rose on hand with light

Wishing you the blessings of honesty and love.                                                        Wishing you the willingness to be honest with yourself.

Wishing you the joy of being filled by the Beloved Ocean of Love.                        Wishing you the experience of love in all your relationships.

In Deep Peace and With Love,







The Art of Stillness~ A Short Meditation~




I gently turn my attention inwards.   I shift my attention away from this body of matter and see myself as a tiny point of eternally, sparkling light sitting in the forehead.

I am in my original state of Peace, Beauty, Purity, and Love.

In this awareness, I sense the Presence of the Supreme, sending me a current of power. I draw this current in and feel inner strength.  In this awareness, I feel brighter, more radiant still.

When I look out into the world, I see all as shining stars, eternal lights.

I send out Rays of Peace and Love and Beauty to all souls.

When I return to my physical surroundings, this consciousness influences everything I think, say, or do.  Actions and interactions with others are all informed by this awareness of the spiritual nature of all beings.


What an incredible evening it was last night as seventy-five souls gathered on Kauai for the purpose of BEING WITH ONE. We were accompanied by the celestial sounds of harp, sitar, angelic vocals, and crystal bowls, as we were guided back to our original home beyond this earth, to a place one can only go after letting go of the body and traveling as a soul, a being of light. We were guided by a gentle, loving voice that encouraged us souls to fly like birds through the stars, past the physical sun and moon of this world to enter a beautiful golden red dimension where we basked in the Love of the ONE~ Our next blissful events are held every Sunday in Kilauea from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm.

Call Shivalaya @ 639-9436 for directions as we take the journey Home and share the Light and Love we find there with our brothers and sisters and the earth.