Living in the Awareness of Peace

light is hereWhat is a soul?  Many talk about ‘soul’, but few have truly understood what a soul is, what powers it contains, where it comes from, or how to live in a soul conscious way, rather than in a body conscious way.

George Washington Carver, a deeply spiritual man, was quoted as saying in The Man Who Talks With the Flowers,  that:

“The eye is the window to the soul.  The soul cannot be measured out.  The soul is infinite.  I am not trying to describe the soul, but the soul is all we have that is worth living for–all that we are.  You take that away and we become worse than the beasts in the field.”  

Who remembers the true divine nature of the soul? What teacher can introduce humans to themselves as eternal beings of light? Who holds the key for us to our freedom from limited body consciousness that keeps humans bound by in the limited? Truly the one teacher that has all the wisdom and knowledge of the perfection and original nature of the human soul is the Divine Director of Life~ called by many names in many cultures. I’ve come to know so much about my own nature through the Divine Beloved by studying with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Rajasthan, India.  These teachings of the soul have now spread far and wide in India and abroad. And yet, still they have not reached and awakened each and every child of the Supreme Soul~which is that One’s True Mission.

Here is a taste of how that One speaks of the true nature of the soul to His/Her Children:

“The soul is a very subtle aspect that has to be understood.  Souls are extremely subtle and imperishable. Neither a soul nor his part can be destroyed.  It is very difficult for those with gross (purely material) intellects to understand these things. This is why the Supreme Soul, the One who belongs to all Souls, comes at this time and makes you realize this”. {Murli, 5/29/2015}

This is a small section of a “Murli” which is the precious guidance and basis of the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris as spoken through Prajapita Brahma from the mind and heart of the Incorporeal Supreme Soul, our Mother Father God.  The treasure of the “Murli”  translated from Hindi means the Flute of God. This treasure, the direct words of the One God, through the channel of Prajapita Brahma  was first heard in India  in the early 1930’s, in Karachi, now a part of Pakistan, and continues to this day on Mt. Abu in Rajasthan, India.

The Murli tunes one into the wavelength of the Creator’s Mind.  As one thinks about the Murli and remembers the Almighty, one’s subconscious is cleared, day by day, moment by moment, drop by drop and the soul comes into awareness of the Self and its most dearly Beloved Mother Father.

 The subconscious (sanskaras) is full of old patterns, our deepest images and impressions, ingrained habits, belief systems, and conditionings from many lives. What you may not know is that all of this is recorded within your soul. Also within your soul is the faculty of  the intellect or conscience~ the part of you that can discern right from wrong.  The intellect can  give direction to your mind and subconscious and absorb truth, power, and values from the greatest of all souls, the Supreme Soul, through a method of remembrance practiced and taught by Raja Yogis.  The intellect becomes divine through the practice of this method of connecting with the Highest on High. The mind is also a faculty of the soul and is contained within the soul. The mind’s main function is to generate thoughts but decision making and judgement and discernment are the tasks of the intellect.  During the course of your incarnations, your intellect has grown weaker and weaker and has taken a “back seat” to your mind.

This has resulted in the state of the mind today: overwhelmed, burdened, and often out of control.  Your mind was not designed to make decisions: it is a thought-generator.  That’s what it does best; however, it must be guided to focus on worthwhile things and trained from its present “monkey-like state” back into partnership with your intellect. For the role of discernment belongs to your intellect. 

It is your intellect which has the capacity to discern which thoughts are valuable, worthy, and to be acted upon and which are not.  Your intellect can be awakened through this wonderful form of meditation/remembrance which the Brahma Kumaris teach and practice~ called Raja Yoga Meditation. 

Each soul contains all this and more!  Along with the volumes of  recorded impressions, stored over lifetimes of experiences, you, the soul, also contain knowledge. Nonetheless, you, the soul, do not take up an iota of space.  You, the soul are bodiless.  Therefore you must take a body on loan in order to play your various roles/parts upon the earth.  Sadly, today, most of us have come to identify more with our temporary ‘costume’ than with the eternal, unlimited  true nature of the self.

Because you, the soul are subtle and invisible, you and the rest of us have literally lost “sight” of it and have come to consider our identity as limited, material beings of flesh, blood, and bone.

Raja Yoga Meditation is the divine art of giving power back to the intellect, so it may responsibly and lovingly guide the wildness of the mind into peacefully churning true, powerful thoughts about the soul, the universe, and the Supreme Soul.

For example: what is the simplest, truest statement that can be churned about the nature of you, the soul?  What quality, most lacking in the mind, is, in fact, the core quality of you and every soul?

The answer, may come as a surprise!  PEACE.   Peace is our true, natural and original state.  Peace lives deep within each and every soul.

Raja Yoga is the method of turning your attention inward to the center of your forehead, where YOU, the living soul sits, as the driver of your vehicle, the body.

Feel into this space, to know your true nature. Turn away from all other thoughts for just a minute.  What are you feeling?  Do you recognise your self as Peaceful? Loving? Powerful? Blissful?

All of these states are aspects of you, the invisible, eternal being.  This is where you’ll find the peace and love and power and bliss that you have been seeking outside in the world of change!  It’s all within you.  No wonder you wish to experience it again.

Peace and serenity are often the first states we experience, when we go within.  Experiment with this thought:  Om Shanti which means”I am a peaceful soul”.

Repeat it again, quietly, confidently. OM SHANTI.  Say it  from the depth of your being.  Feel the unchanging reality behind it.

Feel that you are a peaceful soul.

As your awareness of your Original State of Peace increases, it begins to color the atmosphere around you. Everything becomes touched by your peace.

This peace leads us deeper into a place of silence.  Within this silence, so much exists!  The answers you seek can be found within this silence.

The question of “who am I?” is realized as we sit with it each day.

“Since the soul can not be seen with the physical eyes, it must be realized.”                                                                          (Murli)

This practice will change the way you see yourself.  As you meditate deeply on the thought that you are a peaceful soul, your consciousness opens the channel allowing peace to flow into your thoughts, words, and deeds.   You will begin to see yourself as a spiritual being interacting with the physical world.

Your state of peace will begin to affect the world around you, rather than the other way around!  Peace is contagious. As you emanate the quality of peace, many around you will also be inspired to experience peace within.

There is a “time for everything” and “everything has its time”.  Both in the physical realm as well as in our spiritual endeavors, “timing is everything”.

Are there times when meditation and self- inquiry are most fruitful?

Yes, it is well known and  understood by yogis and avid mediators that the early morning hours from 2 to 5 a.m. are the sweetest for revealing the Self and its connection with the Divine.

This is the best (but not only) time for receiving nourishment and power from the Ocean of Peace.  Sunset from 6:30pm to 7:30pm is another potent time.  Spending time right before sleep connecting with your peaceful core is also very valuable to insure deep, peaceful rest.

 You may enjoy the guided meditations on the websites listed below, at Raja Yoga Centers across the world, and even right here on Kauai,  in Kilauea.

If you live on Kauai or are visiting and would like to experience meditating in a deeply peaceful atmosphere, please call ahead for directions and times.

Thank You ~ 808-639-9436

Blessings of Peace,


You will find very sweet, powerfully guided meditations at



How Can You See Your Own Blind Spots?

The beginning of the year is a great time to change-up and recreate patterns and habits that are’t working any more or that have become unproductive over a long period of time.  The first step is to have a good, long, look at what you do everyday that isn’t benefiting you or anyone else.

What needs changing won’t truly become conscious to you until you take time to “Stop and Look”. Once you find something that you do everyday that is of no value to you or anyone else, plan to restart, reset your day by beginning with something that is beneficial.

This doesn’t mean to take a different route to work or to have one cup of coffee instead of two, or even to start exercising. All of that is great, but that is more in the line of your physical life and your body.  The most powerful switch we can make is to shift from the default consciousness of the body to the true level  which means the new thing we choose to implement will be on the subtle level of thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, and mindsets.

Once you begin, you may find yourself really going for it by initiating an overhaul of worn out/overused perceptions of yourself, others, and even the very meaning of life itself. You may find yourself investigating your own reason d’etre… a fancy, French way of saying taking another look into the purpose of your life. Really? you might be thinking…where will all the energy come from for such a deep transformation? Through the course of these writings, you will begin to “see” where it comes from, in case you don’t already have a good inkling!

In order to switch, to make a change in consciousness, we must bring a new level of awareness to what is actually going on in our consciousness. This often includes the things we do daily that have become so unconscious/automatic, that it is as if they are happening to us, as if we were in a trance state. Sound familiar? This is an opportunity to choose one or two habits which are not bringing benefit into one or two habits that do, i.e. creating one or two beneficial habits. This is a beautiful act of self-creation…reinventing your self and your self image.

Meanwhile, still lurking in the background are questions: where will all this energy for self-transformation come from? How come I have not been able to get a grip on these things before? Why will this time be different?

Quantum Physics has scientifically shown that when we focus on something, anything, the very nature of giving it our attention in some way changes the object positively or negatively. Case in point is Dr. Emoto’s work with the frozen water crystals. He showed the world how intensely water crystals respond to positive statements as well as negative statements by creating either stunningly beautiful patterns or murky, distorted patterns in their crystalline structure. Similarly, we can witness ‘consciousness in action’ in our own lives, by simply noting how when we give positive attention to a plant, a child, or a problematic situation, a change happens over time that produces a desirable result.

In the Hindi language, there is actually a word for this; the words is “drishti” which essentially means vision. To “unpack” that a little more, it means that the way in which we look at someone or something has a definite effect on it,  be it a plant, animal, water crystals, or another human being. Change happens through our “drishti”. This is the power of the human soul; our vision is powerfully creative or powerfully destructive! Recognizing this power fully is great motivation for taking the challenging, first step of embracing full responsibility for our thoughts and our vision (drishti) about things in general.

How do we choose to see other humans, the situations we encounter, or even ourselves, especially ourselves? Do we consistently see the best in others or do we tend to focus on the worst? Are we stuck in the limited or have we developed a practice which allows us to enter the unlimited? Do we see another as a soul or only as a composite of facial expressions, muscles, bone structure, hair, and skin? Since the way we “see” actually impacts the well-being of what we are looking at, it is time to recognize and realize the importance of taking a good look at how we see ourselves, our aim in life, our objectives/goals, and our progress. A good place to begin is always with the Self, no matter what is going on externally!

This brings us to the crucial topic of self-image, or rather inner self image. What is the vision (drishti) that we hold within of our self? Often we are not aware of the very thing that is coloring our every thought, move, and feeling. We all know how dangerous a “blind spot”can be when we are driving, parking, or backing up. How much more dangerous it is to have a blind spot when it comes to the way we see ourselves on the inside.

Taking a look at what we do on a daily basis that may not be beneficial actually has its roots in that unknown entity, the inner self-image. What a wonderful opportunity to have an inner journey into the archive of images that you, unwittingly have collected over time and which have been making you tick without your conscious knowledge, much less agreement.

VERY IMPORTANT: please remember on this journey, no one is to blame! The main thing is to begin. It may take many journeys into yourself. Allow yourself the time to dive deep into your inner world. There are many methods to do this; you can explore your own depth through guided meditation, silent contemplation, stream of consciousness writing, or even by noting down you dreams in a journal. You may find a combination of the above works best for you.
WARNING: Consistency of effort is needed. Consistency is very beneficial to the Self.

Once you identify the images you are holding of yourself, you have the opportunity to change and update these images with ones that you consciously choose, based on spiritual knowledge and worthy goals which give direction to the unlimited being that you are. You are giving yourself such an enormous gift if you choose to take this challenge. You are giving yourself the chance to restore your own innocence and self-sovereignty.

Very often the images we are holding subconsciously were not self chosen, but rather picked up as an innocent, trusting child from the culture, our family, our schooling, our friends and enemies, and even TV, movies, and other forms of mass media. It is time to do some inner house cleaning and rummage through the backlog of what has been collected in your life.

Surrender what you would not consciously choose now; i.e. “CANCEL AND DELETE” thoughts that don’t support your new vision, your new drishti for yourself,  Move the ego over and out to allow the Soul who you are to guide the ship!

Have a lot of fun with this!

I sincerely hope, you take one step in this direction, for when you take the first step,  then the Highest on High irresistibly takes a 1,000 steps towards you for your assistance. Make this into an experiment. You and your consciousness are the “subject”. The outcome of this experiment is unknown; however if you begin making the effort in the direction of benefiting yourself and having compassion and mercy on yourself, it’s a guarantee you will love the results!

9 Ways to Unlimit Yourself

Behind the Mask

Change is in the air; now, more than ever, one’s entire life can change overnight or even in a matter of minutes!

Some say change is good, some say change is bad, some say change is inevitable!!!  I say change on the inner, on the deepest levels of being takes practice and can bring the enormous benefit of inner stability, even unshakeability!  The changes we create within bring about the ultimate changes on the outer, including our relationships with people and nature. 

The more we purify within and return to our original sweetness, the sooner our world will transform.That is why I have chosen to study and meditate everyday.  I’m learning to switch my identity from the limited to the unlimited…from being a body of flesh and bones to being a body of light, actually a point of light, a soul.

Flesh and bone are limited. Light is unlimited, eternal, imperishable, so am I.  So are you!

I am a pure, peaceful, powerful, loveful, blissful soul image


I am establishing a way of being in the world, which is quite foreign to most. Thinking one is a limited body of flesh and bones is a big part of why most of us are caught up in some form or other of suffering.

The soul is invisible; you can not see a soul when you  look into a physical mirror. The soul, can only be seen when one looks into the cleansed mirror of the heart.

Okay so how does one clean the mirror of the Heart and start enjoying its magic?

First and Foremost: the magic is turned on by deeply realizing and reflecting upon the virtues and powers inherent in being a soul, our eternal virtues of peace, love, happiness, wisdom, purity, and bliss.  This step can be called:  SELF RESPECT>

When one reflects deeply on the truth of the Self, happiness and joy emerge and the remembrance of the Divine, Benevolent One comes naturally.

Remembering the Self  and remembering the One who is constantly shining, the Beautiful One , is the way to transform the little self and is essential for our spiritual cleansing.  Through this practice it is possible to ‘imbibe’ virtues and powers from the Source of all Virtues and the Source of all Love and Spiritual Powers.

Second Step:  Begin with a quality or virtue of the soul that you want MORE of… For example  when I started this process, I began by focusing on Peace.  I wanted MORE PEACE, so I meditated on the truth that originally I was a peaceful soul…as I concentrated on peace and stillness and remembered the Beloved who is the Ocean of Peace, I felt MORE PEACE within.  With peace as a foundation, I became free to explore other qualities that are intrinsic to who I truly am, like the virtue of kindness and the power to co-operate.

Third Step: This led naturally to the third step of being kinder to the Self and learn to be with the divine qualities within me.  Divinity is the opposite of Devilishness…devil or angel???
What will it be?

What are devilish traits? Thinking unkind thoughts about the Self or others is devilish and impinges upon Self Respect and Regard for others.

Likewise impure thoughts about bodies are limiting and disrespectful.  Bodies, in all their usefulness in being the chariot for the soul, can also be an aspect of illusion, a trap (Maya) which distracts the unlimited intellect of the soul by reducing its awareness to the physical senses and the physical costume.

In so doing, a vast ocean of subtlety is lost from our experience of life.  The ultimate robbery is this snatching away of the awareness of our spiritual power, our peace, serenity, and bliss.

We get so caught up in the limitations of the physical that we lose the true essence of who we are…immortal souls.  Fortunately, our eternal self can never truly be lost; I however it has seriously become covered over and has contributed to anxiety, fear, and a sense of true awareness.

The Fourth Step involves a process of remembering and uncovering the truth of who we are and allowing it to emerge as a way of life that is gentler, quieter, sweeter, and inherently fulfilling.

As a child, I truly wondered why I was alive?  Didn’t you?  I wasn’t depressed or socially deprived,  it just seemed to me that life was mostly about eating in the day, sleeping at night, and then getting up and doing it all again.  I guess I was a seeker all along because things of this world seemed senseless to this sensible old soul who knew there must be something more.  I remember pondering on this lyric, “maybe I’m like my mother, she’s never satisfied?” from one of Prince’s big hits, “The Sound of Doves Crying”.

However, the questions of why am I here and what is fulfillment all about were carefully placed onto the “back burner” of I, the soul and the physical demands and focus of the unreflected life took over and inevitably, took their toll. Left to using the senses as my touchstone of reality and satisfaction, created feelings of great dependency on people, places, and things and on more and more external stimulation. “Constant Craving”, as one songwriter of my generation put it, became the apt theme song to the life I and many others had unwittingly created.

What a box!

A box full of unlimited distractions, diversions, and desperation. The 3-D world, no matter how good or bad one has it, is still a world of limitations. Show me the way out!!!

The Fifth Step involves asking the right questions at the right time to the self (and the One Above) and opens  doors which previously didn’t seem to exist.    And as your fortune, would have it… you can be blessed with the Truth, especially if you have the sense and willingness to recognize it as Truth.

I truly believe that the Truth is looking for us, just as much as we look for the Truth.  I consider myself very fortunate, for the Truth found me, after a long time of seeking me out.  The moment was finally right, for my eyes to open and for the longings of my childhood to be answered.

Sixth Step:  When the Truth finds you, your mission in life becomes focused, coalesced, and all your desires fade behind the joy of”Remembering”. Remembering becomes paramount.  You are now on a Pilgrimage of Rememberance– to remember the Truth, to remember to stay in the Company of the Truth, and to remember to help others to remember too.  This becomes your “to do” list and, honestly, this is when the real battle begins. 

Maya and all her diversions and illusions don’t want to lose you and the battle for your attention can intensify !!! 

When you chose this path,  great courage is necessary.  Courage to take the first step, for when you do, the Universe (read God) will applaud and assist you a thousand-fold in your endeavor!!!  And yet, the One warns you that to make the battle fair, Maya stands as strong as the Light.  You must take an even stronger stand and totally align yourself with the Light, the Truth,  and with the Power of Love.

That’s when the impossible becomes possible, when the game of life takes on altogether new dimensions.

This is why I study and create time to practice Raja Yoga Meditation everyday.

Raja Yoga Meditation is also called “swinging in the swing of supersensuous joy”, the joy beyond the senses, the yoga of the ancients, the gateway to Heaven on Earth, knowing the beginning, the middle, and the end of Time, and becoming Masters.  Sound mysterious??? Enticing??? even daunting???

Oh soul, Oh friend, it is yours for the taking!!! 

Step onto this path and each day becomes so valuable. Make time for the Big Self, remember to share with others, think positive and BIG, tap into bliss and your original perfection, think outside of the 3-D box, don’t let your power go to waste by troubling the mind with ordinary, everyday meanderings!!!  Whatever actions you perform, know that others will follow.  So fill yourself, then fill others.

This promise is not made with words ….As soon as you recognize the Truth, the promise is made!

The Seventh Step  requires complete honesty with yourself, in order to take a good, long look at what you do everyday that isn’t benefiting you or anyone else.  It might not be conscious to you until you take time to STOP and look.

Then when you restart: reset your day by doing something different.  I don’t mean taking a different route to work or having one cup of coffee, instead of two.  That’s okay, but that is more about changing aspects of the limited life.

Do something really different! Switch your awareness to the unlimited; focus on the unseen things you value.  Take a walk into the subtle level of your thoughts,  check out your attitude. Clear out worn out, overused, and outdated perceptions of yourself, others, and the meaning of life.

In order to make this switch, make a change in consciousness; bring  a new level of awareness to your day.  Folks often write down what they plan to DO in a day, but how often have you or any of your friends and family, written down what you plan to THINK today.  Becoming the director of your thoughts includes noting when those unconscious, quiet (sneaky) remarks infiltrate your thinking.  These thoughts or remarks are often so unconscious, they seem to just happen as if we are in a trance state, being hypnotized to believe negative things about ourselves and  others.  At this moment of discovering that critical voice, ignore it, and create a positive thought in its place, such as I am a peaceful soul or I am a positive soul or my true nature is purity and kindness.

A great habit to instill is to use elevated, powerful and true thoughts along with the different activities you perform each day.  For example, while driving in traffic or driving in general, you could use this thought: I am a destroyer of obstacles for my self and others. When you first wake up, before your feet even touch the floor, begin thinking that I am a soul.  I have come to earth to bring light into the world.  While cooking and eating you could think or say over and over again, I am a pure soul or even I am a supremely pure soul.

If you have written down the thoughts  and the activities you have planned for the day, it makes it easier to instill this new habit of super charged thoughts.   This is a wonderful opportunity to take charge and replace unbeneficial thoughts with beneficial ones.  Give yourself credit for doing this.

You may have to do this over and over again many times for days in order to switch gears from the little self and its small, demeaning thoughts to the Big Self and its beautiful, unlimited thoughts.

Eight Step: include time to contemplate and meditate everyday. This will make it easier to spot the glitches in  your thoughts by removing the Blind Spot in your consciousness.  If you are a driver, you must be aware of the blind spot while driving and how dangerous it is if you do not recognize it.  How much more so, if you are blind to the self-image you are carrying around!

To truly see the self, you must become the ‘detached observer’.  Be as detached from yourself as you are loving.  Then dispassionately see your specialites as well as your weaknesses.  Make an honest appraisal of yourself.  Find out what obstacles you have created for yourself.

And finally, the Ninth Step: Ask the Divine for help.  Whatever you do, do not feel ashamed, guilty, hopeless, or fearful.  Remember to be detached and loving.

Sending you unlimited good wishes on this unlimited journey!

For more inspiration, you may also wish to read a recent post called:”Revolution and True Freedom”  on this blog.

On Perfection

ArFeatured Image -- 347e you attracted to perfection?  Or do you feel life will always be imperfect and flawed? Chances are high that if you are from the East, India in particular, you will hold perfection to be a pure desire, a “bhavna”, and a worthy and achievable goal.  In India, perfection is a great aspiration; many souls devote themselves entirely to becoming perfect!

In our Western religions, there is not as much  focus or attention placed on the goal of perfection. As a child of Catholicism, I was indoctrinated with the concept of “original sin”, and so I believed for a very long time, that I was flawed before I was even born! We, in the West would do well to revisit and readdress our belief systems about perfection and imperfection.

Nowadays, thanks to my recent study of Raja Yoga, I have learned that the Creator’s task is to bring about perfection and to remove all sorrow from this world and from the souls of this world. In other words, each one us will be liberated from sorrow and each one will become perfect once again. Certainly a task only the Benevolent Creator could fulfill!

 We, who resonate with this task of perfection, then become the bridge that shows that perfection is coming.  Our task is to embody the vibration of perfection that will attract others to do the same!  We are being called to do the real, genuine work of connecting with perfection in order to reemerge from the deep core of our souls the memory and reality of perfection.  The more integrated we become, the more we can embrace this reality and let the world feel the truth.  If you don’t believe you can become perfect, i.e. your original Self, take a good, long look at changing the inner belief system that keeps you hooked into imperfection!  Also do the important work of identifying the traits of personality that are not leading you to your own perfection.  Surrender these dis functional beliefs and personality traits to the Almighty One who will gladly relieve you, His Perfect Child of them!

Though we don’t see ourselves as perfect,  yet when we look at a baby, perfection seems to ooze out at us, helping us to recall and feel the accessibility of perfection.  The memory of perfection is within the soul. The true healing we are being called upon to do is related to this. To become aware of our innate state of perfection, to feel what that perfection feels like is part of each soul’s awakening.  Through meditation and contemplation of our past and future perfection, the soul is reawakened and reignited by the belief in its own perfection.  the soul is then allowed to create its own version of perfection.

A simple, but powerful affirmation on perfection could go something like this:

I, the soul, am entitled to experience my own past and future perfection. I am reawakening to the perfection that was me and will be mine again.  Perfection is my birthright.  I know what it feels like to be perfect and whole once again.  {Please feel free to improvise with words, images, and music that help bring out your memories of perfection.}

Victory is…

Victory is when the Soul has its way of purity, power, purpose, and progress through the body. I am pure power and purpose today. What I think about doing will be done!

{ comment made while on retreat at the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India on October 26,2012}

Worthy of rereading and noting as a pure plan for each day!

From the Land of Sorrow to the Land of Happiness

rainbowMany are searching.  We search for the secret to happiness, for the way of the peaceful pilgrim, for the known and unknown secrets to self progress.  Understanding is just the first baby step. Knowing who I am is the predominant key. The most sorrow we can make for ourselves is when we depend on other human bodies for happiness, love, security, etc.   Have you noticed this? The human body, you may be giving all your love to, may not know who she/he truly is.  Double Jeopardy!!!

Depending on others is so easy and so dis-empowering for those of us who seek self-sovereignty.

Oh but love, the richest experience of life: something everyone seeks, finds, and then often loses in the ever-changing  world of humans being bodies.  The sweetest thing is to fill one’s Self with the everlasting, overflowing love of the Highest on High.  As a soul, my true original self, I can develop a very deep relationship with this One, in whatever form I need at the moment.  Mother Love is there, Father’s Guidance is there, Companionship is ever ready, the Beloved need only be invoked.

This is the spiritualization of Love. What does it mean to make something more spiritual? Is it possible to spiritualize even our relationship with the Almighty?

I am not referring to asking, pleading, begging, or even praying for love from the One.

I am suggesting that we embrace the knowledge that we, as children of this One, have the right to all the treasures that Our Mother, Father, Beloved wants to give to us.  Spirituality comes to mean filling yourself with God’s Love and moving in the world according to that!  This does require effort.

It means paying full attention to keeping my heart clean, clear, and open so I can receive everything that God is offering, keeping my eye on the wondrous gifts, which are constantly appearing, which are truly meant for me!

No matter what test is in front of me, only see and feel God’s Love to get through it.

The only effort is to catch what God is giving in each moment…the rest becomes easy.  The secret effort is to spiritualize everything. Check yourself to see if what you’re going to do is in good relationship with the Highest on High.

Even something as simple as having your morning brew can be spiritualized when  you  remember the truth that you are a deeply beloved child and that you can claim love from your Beloved Parent today as you sip your cup of joe!  You can remember that with My Parent, the impossible becomes possible.   Be open to the wonders that will  show up with this awareness throughout the day!  Your main effort is to remember, remind yourself~ this is true, and to give thanks!

After all, Life is consciousness.  So check to see where yours is at!

Most of us have not paid a lot of attention to our state of consciousness, but it is not yet too late to begin!  You can change it as soon as you notice it  going in a direction not worthy of a highest on high child.  Granted much of our experiences in the world, up to this point, may not have been worthy of a child of the Highest on High.  Therefore, as a self-sovereign, we must claim it by changing our thoughts and changing our direction from living in the land of sorrow to entering into the new world of Happiness.

To change thoughts,  keep the Highest on High close by.

The powerful rays of the Beloved’s Love and Purity will be your guide.  Its up to you  how you harness your consciousness…a good practice is to talk to yourself lovingly and firmly.  Take time, preferable in the early morning to sit and be with yourself.

Once you have your clear attention and have calmed the chattering mind down, tell yourself “I am an imperishable soul and I am listening to my Mother/ Father.”

Then wait patiently, pen in hand and write what comes into your mind.

Look for the jewels of truth that the Holy of Holies bestows upon you.   Now live according to this awareness; make this knowledge stick in your heart.  Give it a very special place within, from which you cannot deviate. You have to make effort to have remembrance and change your consciousness.

Have this type of spiritual conversation with yourself.

You are now becoming soul conscious.  See your invisible face in the mirror of your heart!  Know that you are a living, eternal being, live with self respect, self honor. Refrain from talking down to yourself.  Check and change is good, but let it be swift and loving.

The highest of all is the communion between you, the Soul and your Beloved Parent.

Only this awareness, this union will take you from the Land of Sorrow to the Land of Happiness.   Then you will be free.  You are now preparing yourself for this Land of Liberation.

Check and see how much freedom in life you presently have.

Ask the Beloved how to increase it?   How to emerge your original and true nature?  This is the stuff of Raja Yoga.  This is a teaching that directly addresses our time, now.

Many are searching; therefore Our Parent has come to bring us benefit, to give us direction, and to bring us into union.

For more information contact a Raja Yoga Center in your area…check out this website, to find one close to you!

And the mountain said YES.

Sitting on the bluff, being blessed by the view of  Hanalei Bay and the breath-filling vista of the mountain range (the Na Pali) which extends all the way to Mt. Makana, (“Hollywood’s Bali Hai)  at the “end of the road”, at least 15 miles from here.

Gently, slowly my head turned away, as if by a source other than my own. From the ocean~my gaze was  pulled towards the lioness in the mountain of  this magnificent mountain range behind my home.  Mamalahoa, who stands at attention on the North Shore of Kauai,  close guardian of my hale (home) had magnetized my attention.

My eyes were transfixed upon Mamalahoa when I heard these words, so clearly in my head, “My beloved, you are protected.”  Inside I jumped as I looked even deeper at the mountain and said out loud: “are you talking to me!!!”, in a slight case of shock.    Again the same voice said, “Bring the children here”.

I gasped, swallowed hard, knowing exactly what the mountain meant.

“You can do it”, said another voice.  “Take back your power now.  It is now or never.  This is a magical opportunity to be well…happy, contented and in service.”  I felt as if the Highest on High was now directing my thoughts as I heard:

Be Mine in Your Mind, Remember Me Alone


Tell them the mantra that disciplines the mind.

Go for it. You can do it.

I burped deep in the throat and said “excuse me” ever so politely.  Then a flood of resistance came up…the ego shuddered and said: Go away from here!  Cleary this was the voice of the frightened ego, overriding me, the soul!

Quietly shocked, I realized how much I wanted to surrender, to give up the ego that blocks the passage of breath (‘ha’ in Hawaiian), to give up the ego that silences the quest for authenticity, truth, magnitude, to give up the ego that dances with fear!

I wanted so deeply to come home to myself.

  Then I heard another message:

                   ” Let it Be.  Be Your Self and Be Free.  “You can do it,”  said the mountain, my friend in need.  Yes, my friend, my neighbor, my beloved, my strength, my power personified in 3-D through a mystical sound system.

“Go within and find your inner mountain of Truth and Stability; the place that spurs you on to take the next step even in the face of fear and loathing. Go Beyond Everything and Come Back Clean. Take Others with You…Give them a chance, an opportunity,to rise up with the Father.  Don’t wait, Don’t hesitate.”

Such was the birthing of “Sunset Meditations on the Bluff” back in May of 2015.  An auspicious beginning which has attracted tourists and locals alike, both young and old to sit on the bluff, close to our mountain ally and remember who they are.

Seekers of themselves, of a Higher Power, of Beauty, of Peace, of True Love, of Truth.  This is the gift, the Gift of Mamalahoa, the one who believes in me so deeply, the one who waits patiently for humankind to wake up, the one who encourages us with her beauty and power to live up to our own true infinite worth.

Whenever your journey leads you to this precious Island~ Island of the Golden Light~ Kauai, and to her  magnificent mountain ranges of the north, be sure to listen for the message that will bring you home to your Self.

And if you happen to see our meditation flyers on the bulletin boards around the island, at the health food store in Kilauea and the  yoga studios of Hanalei that mystically pull at your heart strings, then give a call to Shivalaya and join us in meditation every Friday and Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at the Treehouse Sanctuary sitting directly across from beautiful Mamalahoa on one side and Hanalei Bay on the other side.

Come for a deepening into your own truth, a deepening into peace, and an opening into a self-respect that comes purely from the inside.  Allow these virtues and qualities to become unshakeable within you~like the mountains who embody stabiity and a royalty all their own.

Shivalaya 808-639-9436~~~give a call~~~