Living in the Awareness of Peace

 What is a soul?  Many talk about 'soul', but few can truly understand what a soul is, what powers it contains, where it comes from, and how to live from soul consciousness. George Washington Carver, a deeply spiritual man wrote in the tiny book by Glenn Clark  called The Man Who Talks With the Flowers, [...]

Trick Question: Can You See Your Own Blind Spot?

This piece is a continuation of the message that began in "Fill Yourself and then Fill Others". It takes off in the direction of "how we see" anything impacts that thing, for better or for worse. It explores the great benefit of clarifying our inner self image and of updating the pictures we may find in our subconscious through various means of inner exploration. Have Fun with this knowing you are the creator of your own obstacles as well as joys.

Fill Yourself and Then Fill Others

Change is in the air, everywhere! Some say change is good, some say change is bad, some say change is inevitable!!! I say changing on the inner, on the deepest levels of being takes practice!!! That is why I have chosen Raja Yoga, the ancient yoga which links the soul to the Divine! No asanas necessary!

On Perfection

Are you attracted to perfection?  Or do you feel life will always be imperfect and flawed? Chances are high that if you are from the East, India in particular, you will hold perfection to be a pure desire, a "bhavna", and a worthy and achievable goal.  In India, perfection is a great aspiration; many souls [...]

From the Land of Sorrow to the Land of Happiness

Many are searching.  We search for the secret to happiness, for the way of the peaceful pilgrim, for the known and unknown secrets to self progress.  Understanding is just the first baby step. Knowing who I am is the predominant key. The most sorrow we can make for ourselves is when we depend on other human [...]

And the mountain said YES.

Sitting on the bluff, being blessed by the view of  Hanalei Bay and the breath-filling vista of the mountain range (the Na Pali) which extends all the way to Mt. Makana, ("Hollywood's Bali Hai)  at the "end of the road", at least 15 miles from here. Gently, slowly my head turned away, as if by [...]