What Makes You Afraid?

If everything were taken away, renounced, or otherwise finished, what would still remain?


Take the time to meditate on the heart of who you are.  When everything is stripped away, you the Soul remain.  What is the nature of You, the Soul?  Once the true nature of the self is known, then right action will follow like day follows  night.

Today, many are waking up.  My wish for all of us is  to: “Have faith that you are a soul” and to experience yourself as peace and purity.  “Have faith that you are a soul” and body consciousness will finish.  When you or another soul acts without this awareness, look for the mercy within your heart, for this movement comes from ignorance, pain, and often fear.  Within each soul is true love and true law.  Go deep, connect with the One, and know the treasure that is freely given, when the soul turns toward the Light.

“Think about it: What makes you afraid?

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1 Primary Cause of Human Suffering & A Way to Overcome It

The “strong urge to identify with our bodies and physical attributes is one of the primary causes of human suffering.  Body consciousness places us in a transitory world, open to the fluctuating forces of nature.  At any moment, our bodies can fail us.  We can go bankrupt, our children can leave home, we can lose our jobs, looks, credibility, even our country.

Nothing is safe or predictable, except the eternal soul.

Peace comes from knowing who we are.

Lack of peace comes from believing we are just mortal beings.

Many years ago, I visited a film studio in Los Angeles.  A friend and I were sitting in the little tour train, waiting to take off.  Suddenly a burst of screaming came from the back of the train.  Turning around I saw a huge gorrila shaking the bars and gnashing his teeth.  The children screamed in terror, while their parents laughed…The adults knew there was an actor inside the gorilla’s outfit. They had nothing to fear.  They could laugh and and smile because they knew about costumes and movie sets…The adults on the train knew the difference between what was real and what was not.” (Soul Power, p.29)

However, the innocent, inexperienced children were not aware of the difference between a man in a gorilla costume and a real gorilla; therefore they were devasted.

This is a great analogy to illustrate the importance of spiritual knowledge for navigating smoothly on our journey and the ultimate importance of being able to distinguish between what is real and what is false!

Seeing ourselves as bodies that have souls  is the greatest illusion for it colors the core of what we understand as reality.

The understanding of being a soul wearing a body costume makes all the difference.

For “as a soul,you are light, bright, and eternal.  You have no age, no color, no gender, or ethnicity.  You are free from limitations.” (Soul Power,p. 28)

And one of your core expressions or  qualities is Peace.

“Consider this knowledge about soul to be like a laser beam of light.  Imagine you can use this beam of light to penetrate the layers of false identity that keeps the real you hidden from yourself.  With this light, you can illuminate your core, touch the peace within, and know with absolute certainity this is who you are.”  (Soul Power, p.29)

“As you maintain the AWARENESS of being a soul while walking, talking, and moving around, you will notice a change in the use of your energy, and a greater ability to stay focused and calm. Then instead of being worried or upset, you will be at peace, able to generate an atmosphere of peace and well-being around you.  As a peaceful soul you will be naturally drawn to God, more easily attain the peace that comes from the Divine…

A peaceful soul is at peace even when there is chaos all around.” (Soul Power, p.30)


“When you get out of bed in the morning, stop for a moment, turn your attention inward toward the center of your forehead and create this awareness: I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.

As you jump into the car, or onto the bus or bike, say to yourself, I AM A SOUL, A PEACEFUL SOUL.

As you make a cup of coffee or tea, turn on the computer, sort through your mail, stop for a second and remember, I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.

Before doing anything, say to yourself, I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.” (Soul Power, p30)

Feel free to experiment with this practice and expand it as you become more experienced in maintaining soul consciousness into more and more challenging situations, such as when someone who is very distressed and angry throws “daggers” at you.  Remember I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL and your peace will be your shield and you won’t have the impulse to throw daggers back.

“Have the faith that you are a soul and body consciousness will finish.” (murli)

When it finishes, so will the hundred and one daily fears, complaints, upsets, aches, and pains finish.  You will be free, unlimited, and the best thing of all is that you will FEEL the peace.

Without peace, there is no happiness.

This takes consistent practice over a period of time to stabilize in your new, liberated view of who you are.

Come into the Light of Understanding.

Ocean of Peace Meditation

Visualize the Supreme Soul as the Ocean of Peace.  Imagine a flow of green light emanating from this One into you, the point of light, the soul. From you, the soul, this light then radiates out into the world, healing nature and all living beings.

Your own body is healed with the green vibrations of peace.

Green Light Blast

From the Heart of God~

Received through the Murli~the flute of the Supreme Soul~

“Knowing is understanding.  Understanding brings the light of knowledge.

When you know Me as I am, only beauty will emante from your thoughts.

When you have understood the knowledge that I bring you, only jewels of wisdom will emerge from your mouth.

When you accept My gift of pure values and practise them, only then will your actions be equal to Mine.”  the Beloved of All~

5th Spiritual Exercise~Practice Often~Have Faith You are Originally Pure~

As souls, immortal portals of Light, we begin our journey on earth as pure and perfect beings.  As a soul, our destiny is to return to our original state of purity by connecting with the Purity of the Supreme Soul, the Only Soul who does not go through the cycle of birth and death.

So visualize your Self as this perfect Star in the center of your forehead~shining brightly like the planets Venus or Jupiter. Pure vibrations are going out from every cell in your body.  Then visualize your Self leaving the body through the top of the head and going into space.  Stay in space, free, flying amongst the stars and send vibrations to all the souls everywhere.

Practice often.  This is a powerful form of service called: Mansa Seva= “service of the mind” and can be done from anywhere for any length of time.

Start with 2 minutes, then 5, then 10, build up to holding this visualization to 20 or 30 minutes a day.

Like any muscle, build gradually.  You will develop your ability to concentrate and this will serve you in many practical ways in your life.

Happy Shining!!!points of light

Self Mastery

Today I opened up a new deck of cards, called Self Mastery Cards!  I asked a question about destiny and creating a great fortune.  I asked what the next step towards this ultimate goal might be.

When I say “fortune” I am not referring only to wealth or prosperity, but also to spiritual fortune and well being, to the fortune of living in a peaceful, loving, and beauty-filled way.  The question referred also to the fortune of creating nourishing relationships and connections and the fortune of being attuned to Self as a soul, a magnificent spiritual being, connected to the Ultimate Source of Life, Love, Peace, and Happiness~~~

Not a small question~  Yet the answer was surprisingly simple~ I pulled:  Understanding which conveyed the message :

” To look deeper than the surface.  As a master, I seek the meaning that is hidden below.

 I look behind the words and between the lines to find the true meaning of my world.”

As a master, as soon as the thought forms, the action must follow.  I found myself reflecting on the past week because so many things were “showing up” in an unfamiliar way and seemingly inaccurate way on the surface~ Interestingly it involved men, machines, and the intimate relationships that I have with those machines and their service providers, i.e. the car mechanic and the tech guy!!!  Much to understand here in retrospect.

First off, my car overheated unexpectedly, yet conveniently close to a friends’ home.  So I pulled over before the needle rose to the top of the gauge and they kindly brought me home.  Warm, benevolent universe assuaging some minor angst~Next day, I hitch hiked easily back to their home, and got my car over to my “trusty”? mechanic.  Busy, busy, busy in his one man shop, often grumpy and unwilling to schedule time and yet, a good mechanic, despite his style of overworking to the point of not being truly serviceable~  Well, he seemed quite “blaming” as he gave me his prognosis, later that afternoon.  He retorted: “well, you really drove the car hard, you blew the head gasket, it is only running on 3 cyclinders”!    WHEW~ and on top of that, he said “I don’t work on head gaskets, you won’t get your money  out of the car”  Without a doubt he was pointing out that this car was not worth working on and also not worth  wasting  any more time or money on ~!  SHOCK!  This was not just some car , this was my trusty white steed that galloped me happily from place to place.   Unnerved, I left his company dismayed, but with so much ahead of me, I put the car on the back burner in order to focus on the big event we were producing at the end of the week~I rented a car, in order to get around and escort our guest speaker, a delightful chap, a yogi of 18 years, and decidedly, a detached observer!  No time yet, to look deeper than the surface to see what was hidden below in my consciousness which was mirroring such dire circumstances.

As it turned out, after calling a friend to see if I should purchase her vehicle, she told me about an extremely reliable, honest, accurate, and trust-worthy mechanic named: Ernest!!! Meeting Ernest and his shop of helpers was like going to church, a church of kindness and upliftment.  He looked at the “white steed”  and assured me that it was not a blown head gasket and he could have us back on the road in a day’s time. Nice turn around from the prognosis of Freddy, the former mechanic from purgatory!  More to come about the outcome of the computer diagnosis, but now first things first.  Our big “Being with One” ws upon us and all attention was riveted there.

On the day of the event,   I finally had a chance to share the guided meditation which came to me as a download from Source,several months before.  As I read it to our guest speaker, I could feel something was amiss.

As gently as possible he said,” Cut it in half! ”  This could have been a good project on any other day, but on the day of the event~ WHEW~And then more mechanical problems, the printer would only print out part of it…and the computer stopped working!

Unopened messages from the universe were backing up on me…Much to get to the heart of and yet “the show must go on” was all I could think of.  There was no time to gracefully make the guest lunch, nor to feed myself as I “slaved” away at cutting back this beautiful meditation I had cherished.  The room in which I was editing felt like a sauna, but I was oblivious to heat, to hunger, to taking care of all the details that still needed attention to make our event a complete success!  The show must go on!  This was the surface feeling…underneath was a lot of angst~letting go, dieing  alive, fear, feeling not worthy, not good enough, not appreciated…all of this was suppressed.  The show must go on!  I must put on a good show, no matter what!

This took place in September, 2014.  I have since come to meditate on the fact that only body consciousness brings in the energy of fear!  If one is in the awareness of being a pure and peaceful soul, fear can not come to roost!

As the loving and lovely drama will have it, I have been practicing this big time today!  How successfully?  On a scale of 1 to 10, I, the soul says that I have achieved a score of 8.             Well done!

I did feel how much more comfortable it could be to flee the entire situation and the cast of characters that are dominating the physical environment I’m temporairly in.  Yet, the other side of me, has the strength to envision the benefit that could come out of all of it for Self and Others!!!

It is a test paper, a short-lived crucible of relationship that, in the past, I might have overly analyzed, wondering how to express the love that is inherent in every beat of our hearts.

Today I approach acceptance of all the roles that each character is playing out perfectly, including the ones I am acting out.  Progress, for sure in the delicate art of detachment and deep love.

I’m also recognizing the enormous impact of a single stray thought and how it affects others, even if not expressed.  It appears that only the amplification brought on by the crucible of close relationship could bring my attention to such fine detail for the purpose of clearing the traces and smudges of unkempt thoughts, right now, and in every subsequent moment!

Looking below the surface and understanding continues to be an important next step in Self Mastery.  Mastering myself does not include fixing others, fleeing the situation, or getting lost in the storm!

Mastery involves the Self and the Supreme Soul.  Being completely honest with Self and the Purifier, completely loving to this Benevolent One, and completely detached to the rest of it, i.e. the results that are being played out in this most amazing drama.

Mastery is about remembering who I am, who I belong to, and where I am going.

Sitting in self respect, not needing to prove I’m right or wrong, just knowing that the internal stance is to create the most harmony.  In the midst of it, it often looks like just the opposite might be going on.

Hold fast to giving no sorrow and taking no sorrow.  Stay in the comfort and contentment of the One who is cleaning you, the One who has complete altruistic love for all, and the One who urges me on at every step.

Face the Self and all else can be faced.send out the light of your soul

Beginning Spiritual Exercise to Stabilize in the Awareness of Being a Soul & To Receive from the Supreme Soul

Sitting here quietly, I visualize the Self as a point of Light that radiates like a star or a diamond from the center of my forehead.

The form of God, too, is a point of Light, residing beyond this physical universe. This One’s Light emanates as rays falling upon the earth like an unlimited ocean of blessings for all souls.

Why do most not realize they are being blessed?  Souls which are points of light must be aware to not be confused by thinking that they are matter or the vehicle they are riding in.  Then God’s Light can reach them and they can reach God’s Light.

Visualize God as an Ocean of Peace.  Imagine how these vibrations of peace are green or blue in color and are flowing from the Supreme Soul into you, the Soul and then out into the entire world.

These beautiful, divine vibrations of Peace, heal nature, all living beings, as well as your body!

Om Shanti means I am a peaceful soul~~~Never forget who you are!  Stabilize in this Awareness.

Green Light Blast


Read this if there are “someones” in your life giving you a hard time!

These are the words from another Great Leader of the Brahma Kumaris of Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. India. This great soul is no longer physcially with us in this form, but her wisdom carries a simplicity that can be adopted by all true peacemakers.

“Let only jewels of wisdom emerge from your lips” says the murli, the flute of God, studied and embodied by Dadi Prakashmani~  These are jewels from Dadi’s lips:

“I have learned that whoever is your enemy is in fact actually your best friend, because they are here to teach you something.
Whatever is the state of mind of another individual, I make sure that my state of mind is filled with nothing but pure thoughts and good wishes for them.  If I have good wishes and good thoughts for others, these are like blessings, and this is the highest help that I can give others.

If something comes up that I term a problem or a difficulty, at that moment I give thanks to it, because it is teaching me so much.  It is taking me so much higher.  It has come as a blessing to uplift me because I learn from it.

Even if somebody is speaking against me, then it is at that moment that I can see to what extent I have spiritual power and spiritual love.”

What a great barometer of spriritual power and spiritual love.  Thank you for being such a glowing example of both of these qualities, Dadi Prakashmani!

Om Shanti, Om Ananada, Om Prem= I am peace, bliss, and love~~~

To Realize One’s True Nature

What is the true nature of You, the Soul.  Take the time to meditate on the heart of who you are. When everything is stripped away, you, the Soul, remain.  Once the true treasure of the self is known, right action will follow automatically as day follows night.

Today, many are waking up.  My wish is for all of us to have faith that we are souls and to experience ourselves as peace and purity.

“Have faith that you are a soul” and body consciousness will finish.

When you or another soul acts without this awareness, look for the mercy within your heart, for this movement comes from ignorance, pain, and often fear.  Within each soul is true love and true law.

Go deep, connect with the One, and know the treasure that is freely given, when the soul turns toward the Light.

What causes fear in you? What rocks your boat, your world in ways you’d rather not be rocked? What causes you to be unhappy?  Most likely, your answers are linked to a false perception of yourself and others.  Seeing yourself as a body that has a soul rather than as a soul with a body is the ultimate illusion.” (Soul Power/p29)

A message from the Tao, from many centuries ago:

How long will it take till we are enlightened, free of darkness, free of illusion, free of malice, free of spite?

It could happen in a second, in the twinkling of an eye.

A peaceful soul is a peaceful soul even when there is chaos all around.


“Throw away morality and justice and people will do the right thing.

Throw away industry and profit and there will be no thieves.

All of these are outward forms alone;

they are not sufficient in themselves.

It is more important

to see the simplicity,

to realize one’s true nature,

to cast off selfishness

and temper desire.”