What Makes You Afraid?

If everything were taken away, renounced, or otherwise finished, what would still remain?


Take the time to meditate on the heart of who you are.  When everything is stripped away, you the Soul remain.  What is the nature of You, the Soul?  Once the true nature of the self is known, then right action will follow like day follows  night.

Today, many are waking up.  My wish for all of us is  to: “Have faith that you are a soul” and to experience yourself as peace and purity.  “Have faith that you are a soul” and body consciousness will finish.  When you or another soul acts without this awareness, look for the mercy within your heart, for this movement comes from ignorance, pain, and often fear.  Within each soul is true love and true law.  Go deep, connect with the One, and know the treasure that is freely given, when the soul turns toward the Light.

“Think about it: What makes you afraid?

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1 Primary Cause of Human Suffering & A Way to Overcome It

The "strong urge to identify with our bodies and physical attributes is one of the primary causes of human suffering.  Body consciousness places us in a transitory world, open to the fluctuating forces of nature.  At any moment, our bodies can fail us.  We can go bankrupt, our children can leave home, we can lose [...]

Ocean of Peace Meditation

Visualize the Supreme Soul as the Ocean of Peace.  Imagine a flow of green light emanating from this One into you, the point of light, the soul. From you, the soul, this light then radiates out into the world, healing nature and all living beings. Your own body is healed with the green vibrations of [...]

From the Heart of God~

Received through the Murli~the flute of the Supreme Soul~ "Knowing is understanding.  Understanding brings the light of knowledge. When you know Me as I am, only beauty will emante from your thoughts. When you have understood the knowledge that I bring you, only jewels of wisdom will emerge from your mouth. When you accept My [...]

5th Spiritual Exercise~Practice Often~Have Faith You are Originally Pure~

As souls, immortal portals of Light, we begin our journey on earth as pure and perfect beings.  As a soul, our destiny is to return to our original state of purity by connecting with the Purity of the Supreme Soul, the Only Soul who does not go through the cycle of birth and death. So [...]

Self Mastery

Today I opened up a new deck of cards, called Self Mastery Cards!  I asked a question about destiny and creating a great fortune.  I asked what the next step towards this ultimate goal might be. When I say "fortune" I am not referring only to wealth or prosperity, but also to spiritual fortune and [...]

3rd Spritual Exercise to Stabilize in the Awareness of Being a Soul~Receiving from the Supreme Soul

Sitting here quietly, I visualize  the Self as a point of Light that radiates like a star or a diamond from the center of my forehead. The form of God, too, is a point of Light, residing beyond this physical universe. This One's Light emanates as rays falling upon the earth like  an unlimited ocean [...]

Read this if there are “someones” in your life giving you a hard time!

These are the words from another Great Leader of the Brahma Kumaris of Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. India. This great soul is no longer physcially with us in this form, but her wisdom carries a simplicity that can be adopted by all true peacemakers. "Let only jewels of wisdom emerge from your lips" says the murli, [...]

FROM THE TAO: The Reason We Have a Lot of Trouble IS:

More from the Tao~ Verse 13 "The reason we have a lot of trouble is that we have selves. If we had no selves, what trouble would we have? Man's true self is eternal, yet he thinks, I am this body and will soon die. If we have no body, what calamities can we have?

To Realize One’s True Nature

What is the true nature of You, the Soul.  Take the time to meditate on the heart of who you are. When everything is stripped away, you, the Soul, remain.  Once the true treasure of the self is known, right action will follow automatically as day follows night. Today, many are waking up.  My wish [...]