Look in Wonder~Beyond Ego

Featured Image -- 6124“People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast expanse of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.” St. Augustine

Are you willing to see yourself?  Are you willing to know who you really are?

Can you look at your face in the mirror of your heart?

Do you listen to your conscience? Or does the ego, the belief in a false self, rule?

Embrace courage and take the first step.  You will be met a hundred fold and then a thousand fold by the Highest on High who is waiting for each soul to take this important step.

To look inward isn’t always easy, perhaps only because it hasn’t become a habit. It means you must love your Self more, have mercy on your Self as if you were a child, and allow your Self to be supported by the Highest on High to make the changes to free the Self from the ego’s control.

Have you heard the expression: Edging God Out?  The belief system of the conditioned ego is:  I’m all alone in a big world and I must protect myself at all costs to survive.

Remember, you are not your ego.  You are a soul.  A soul contains love.  Become an embodiment of love.  Make this The Year of Love!

With Love of the Divine anything is possible.

Where there is the Beloved’s Love, the impossible becomes possible.

I believe in Love.  I believe in doing what is good for the soul.  I believe in the power in the soul.  I know that changing yourself is the way to change your destiny.

Be willing to let the ego die and do what’s good for the soul!  Doing what is good for the soul is often a direct blow to the ego.

Let your joy rise to the surface and let go of all things in the way.

The Magic arises when the soul awakens from its long slumber to become the detached and loving witness.  As you act through the body, become the observer and the doer at the same time.

At the end of your day, have the determined thought to let go of a weakness that caused pain or distress, before sleeping;  replace it by tuning into a virtue that can fill in the space where the weakness was.  Receive the virtuous quality by connecting with the Divine Source of All Goodness.  (see Guided Meditations at the end of this article to help you in this process)

Here are some examples of what to surrender and what to replace it with to feel lighter : let go of arrogance and the feeling that you have to be right and replace it with humility.

Before sleeping, come to terms with the  judgments you have passed upon yourself and others. Then let go of  the judgments passed upon you.  The virtue of forgiveness from the Mother Father of all souls can be visualized and felt coming into the soul like streams of cleansing sun light, washing away criticism, anger, sadness, and pain, replacing them with the balm and healing power of forgiveness.

Let go of bossiness and control by visualizing and feeling the patience of the Supreme Mother.

To become a spiritually powerful soul make this practice of replacing weak, negative thoughts and feelings with powerful thoughts a habit. Fall asleep in peace each night.  Grow strong in mercy for yourself and others.

We are unlearning the ways of the ego and replacing them with the ways of the heart and soul.  This takes time and practice.  Some are ahead and some still have a ways to go.  Don’t judge yourself or another.

amazing roseKeep  encouragement alive in yourself and others.

Thank you for the work you are doing to free your Self!

Here are some helpful guided meditations to listen to before bed.


youtube/Anthony Strano Meditations:linkoflife


Hi Friends~  How to Use Noni Fruit the Traditional Way

I’m posting this interesting article about NONI because it is an awesome healer and I sell it, eat it, and use it on my massage clients all the time!  Sharing Noni with folks is a JOY!!!

Polynesians and native Hawaiians have known for centuries that noni is a powerful plant for healing. The Polynesians brought noni as one of their 27 “canoe plants” when they first came to settle the Hawaiian islands, and since then, it’s uses have b

Source: How to Use Noni Fruit the Traditional Way

The Personal Side of Science

wrapped in silence

The following piece  was written by an Indian writer and mystic named Jagdish Chandra.  He was a practitioner of Raja Yoga Meditation, a true yogi who valued the power of silence,  and an ardent lover of the Supreme from whom he imbibed tremendous jewels of knowledge.

In this excerpt, he challenges us to look into the personal writings of some of the great scientists of the world to see how successful they felt on the inside. The article begins by looking at the impact that Darwin’s theory of the ‘survival of the fittest’ had upon society and upon Darwin, himself.

“If one believes the principle of ‘the survival of the fittest’, then life becomes very depressing.  Darwin himself experienced this.  Although many are familiar with his theory of evolution, how many have read his personal letters which he wrote to his friends and colleagues?

Read those and you will find how unhappy his life was!  You would come to know the extent to which his life was full of sorrow.  At the end of his life, as he lay sick and dying, having realized that he was not going to survive anymore, he wrote about how a funeral was going on outside his window.  He could hear women’s’ voices singing songs in God’s remembrances, with lots of intoxication.  He felt their happiness and came to realize that his own life was a sorrowful one.  He thought: ‘I am dying at this moment, my body is going to be left, and what have I attained?’  He was overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and peacelessness which he could not understand.  He felt he had no answers and had attained nothing in life~

Many others have revealed similar experiences.  Read the autobiography of Albert Einstein, and see what he said at the end of it!  Read the books of famous scientists. Their principles are taught in our colleges, but what of their life-styles and the inner state of their minds~these things are not widely known.

Many scientists struggle with their minds and the question of what they have attained in life plagues them.  Their principles of ‘only the worthy can survive’, ‘struggle for survival is necessary’, ‘a violent nature is a natural instinct of humanity’, caused so much loss in their lives.

If these principles are lived by and considered true, then war would exist as a natural and obvious aspect of life.  So why talk about peace?  Close the United Nations!  On the basis of such principles, one nation is bound to attack another nation because to attack violently and to fight is the natural nature of humanity.  They say that our ancestors are monkeys and that is why human beings act just like monkeys.  If this is the case why expect good behavior from human beings at all?…

Due to these wrong ideas turbulence has broken out throughout the entire world. Fighting and quarreling have increased.  Of course, before these ideas, humans also used to fight and quarrel due to not knowing the Self.

However, when you explore history, especially after the introduction of the principles of Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, and Karl Marx, you will find that the bloodshed which has occurred in the world has become immeasurable.  By considering themselves to be naturally violent by nature, humans have killed other fellow beings and fighting has happened to an extent unprecedented in earlier times.  Earlier, at least some manners used to exist within humanity.  But since these ideas have taken root, such manners have finished and immense violence has entered human life.”

Brother Jadgish dedicated this divine gift of writing towards the establishment of a new world.



Who’s Running Your Show~Or what is the relationship between the soul and me?

purple you are a soul“The greatest wonder of nature is the soul”. (murli)  All the details of your many lives are merged in this tiny point of the soul. What a wonder!  All the experiences that you have ever had in your different lifetimes are combined in the soul and together create what is called in Hindi: the “sanskaras” or “sanskars”.  In English this translates to:  personality, character, and your particular and unique propensities based on lifetimes of repetition of your way of thinking, acting, and speaking.  As you can see, the sanskaras are created based on your former lives and  are embedded in the fabric of the soul along with, (2) your mind, and (3)your intellect (conscience). More details on this in the chapter called “The Anatomy of the Soul”.

An important note which will be discussed in detail later is that our “original sanskars” before we began this journey of life after life on earth, are Peace, Love, Truth, Joy, Spiritual Power, and Bliss.

In Nikki De Carteret’s book: Soul Power/The Transformation that Happens When You Know, she states: “Most of us hunger to know ourselves”….her understanding is that “we are all spiritually powerful.  It’s just that we have forgotten this. It is as if we have been asleep for a long time and our internal clock is now signaling us to awaken to our Soul Power.” (pp VI and VII)

De Carteret goes on to say :” Soul Power is the ultimate spiritual intelligence.  It comes from the knowledge of the the true self and a clear understanding of the nature and function of the soul.

De Carteret is a student of the true Bhagavad Gita and has studied closely with a widely known present-day mystic of India, Dadi Janki.  Scientists have studied the mind of Dadi Janki through various measuring instuments and have concluded that Janki has the most stable mind in the world!  Both Janki and De Carteret tribute their achievements, wisdom, and dedication to sharing knowledge with others on their practice of Raja Yoga Mediation and their daily study of the true Gita also known as the “Murli”.  Dadi Janki is going into her 100th year and has now been on the path of Raja Yoga for 75 years.  She is a mentor and an example for thousands.

In Soul Power, De Carteret speaks of “our journey back to Soul Power”… when “we come to understand the dynamics of spiritual growth”, and differentiate between  ” what factors drain spiritual energy and what practices and transformational forces, restore it.”

She discusses how “the re-discovery of Soul Power unleashes the power of love, self-acceptance, and spiritual healing.” And how ” When you tap into your Soul Power you will receive insights about yourself…” (p.VII) as well as, restore the original powers and virtues of the soul.

She shares that “Soul Power cannot be taught but is strengthened through spiritual practices such as silence, reflection, inquiry, prayer, and meditation.  Only through the understanding and application of spiritual principles and truths is our consciousness raised sufficiently to release the experience of the inner powers” (p. VII) of the soul.

I heartily agree with De Carteret when she states that: “I am a soul, I do not have a soul. In actuality, I the soul have a body. Though in English it is grammatically correct to say “my soul”, it is not spiritually correct.  Other languages do not require the use of the possessive term (my) and this is also true of spiritual language.” (p.VII)

In her book, as well in this one, the phrase “I, the soul” is used, as well as “the soul” when referring to the anatomy and functions and attibutes of the soul that apply to us all.

At this point in our discovery of ourself as “soul”, it seems beneficial to quote another best-selling authority on the subject.  Gary Zuka, in his brilliant attempt to describe the true nature of the soul, in the well-received The Seat of the Soul, said “Every person has a soul, but a personality that is limited in its perception to the five senses is not aware of its soul, and therefore, cannot recognize the influences of its soul…” (p.30)

Zukav goes on to say that “as a personality becomes multisensory, its intuitions, hunches, and subtle feelings become important to it.  When a multisensory personality looks inside itself…it learns …which currents produce anger, divisive thoughts, and destructive actions and which currents produce love, healing thoughts and constructive actions.  In time, it learns to value … those currents that generate creativity, healing, and love, and to challenge and release those currents that create negativity, disharmony, and violence. Zulav claims that: ” In this way, a personality comes to experience the energy of its soul.” (p31)

Zukav also says: “If you desire to know your soul, the first step is to recognize that you have a soul. The next step is to … consider, if I have a soul, …What does my soul want? and  What is the relationship between my soul and me?  Possibly this is just an error in semantics,  like the question of what came first the chicken or the egg?  the soul or the personality?

However, as we journey deeper into re-discovering our true nature, it will become startlingly clear, that it is I, the soul who exists first, as well as the one who exists eternally.  It is I,the soul who has a mind, an intellect/conscience, and sanskaras/habits. The mind and intellect are the tools of the soul and the sanskaras are the impressions made on the soul throughout its life experiences. The soul uses the body for its expression.  It is the soul that experiences everything through its body and  it is I, the soul whose aim is to awaken and to become self-sovereign over these aspects of the soul  (the mind, conscience/intellect, and sanskars/habits)  through meditation, inquiry, reflection, silence,and prayer.

This is the perfect moment to have an experience of the validity of what is behind all the words that can only point us in the direction of our true knowingness and our true reality.

For a moment, using the tools of inquiry and reflection, reflect upon this question, as you are going about your day now, and at any time that you notice that there is a running dialogue or a lot of chatter going on inside your head. Who is it that has noticed the chattering?  Likewise, who is it that is doing the chattering?

These are subtle questions, but, as you may already be aware of,  there is a very real distinction to be made here, between the doer and the observer.  A distinction that can bring you into more recognition of the true You and into more and more Soul Power, as you stay seated in the Seat of the Soul!

Who is listening to the chatter?   You, the soul or you, the personality?   Who is listening and who is chattering?   If you answered, it is I, the soul, who is the silent observer, beyond the chatter of the mind and the personality, you are getting closer to knowing who you truly are.

Experience is often said to be the best teacher.  So just for a moment, if you will, put this book/kindle down, so that you can have another experience which will anchor you into this subtle silent observer which we call I, the soul.

Take some deep relaxing breaths and forget about everything you just read.  Imagine that nothing exists outside of your room and that the room, itself is completely empty, nothing to distract you. Keeping your eyes opened or closed, turn your attention away from the body and go inwards. You may immediatly become aware of the many thoughts moving across your mind…pay them no attention. Choose not to focus on the thoughts,  let them go.  Become rooted in the silent observer, watching your thoughts moving along, just as clouds form and then move along across the sky, finally disappearing out of sight.

Since you have chosen not to pay attention to  your thoughts, they will probably begin to slow down. Become  quite determined and  decide to focus all of your attention on the idea of peace, only peace.  Allow peace to wash away everything that you presently experience to be you, the personality, you, the mind, and you your heart or conscience.  Just for these few moments, imagine you have no name…no gender. At this point, click on this link and enjoy this brief, but powerful deep meditation experience with Sister Jenna:


If you are ready for a slightly longer guided meditation, about 9 minutes…enjoy the late Anthony Strano as he narrates “Stepping Inwards”.

In the Beginning, There was Only You~

Other people, even those we love and admire, will often question the path we choose.  However, we should not let this be an obstacle, because our intuition is there to guide us.

Venture bravely: Let your inner lantern always light the way.

Every soul begins their journey from the sweet silent Home of the Soul.  It is our original dwelling place, our first Home.  It is a place of Deep Silence ~ called Nirvana which means without sound. We come into the world of sound from a soundless dimension.  This soundless place, this Silence stays within each soul. Every soul will come back to this Resting Place.

This beginning point or resting place can be experienced again and again, through the practice of a very specific kind of meditation. This stage is considered the highest, purest, and most powerful stage of meditation, known simply as the “seed stage”.  In the seed stage, there is no longer the active creation of pure, contemplative thoughts, for at this point there is only the self as soul and the Supreme Soul.  All expansion of thought has stopped, and what remains is the pure, powerful state of being in our original form as a bodiless soul in the company of the Ocean of Bliss, Peace, and Love.

In the seed stage, one has gone beyond the body, and even more, beyond the burden of heavy thoughts of the mind. One is also free from what was once the constant questions of the intellect and the ever present, emerging past impressions. There are no conscious thoughts of “I am not this body”, nor even that “I am the soul”.  There is only the awareness of the original form, only the consciousness of light.  In this stage, there is pure soul-consciousness.

In the seed stage of meditation, one is complete and full, totally above and beyond everything. The only reality for the soul is its link with God and the experience of the contentment of God’s love, peace, and bliss.  The soul receives waves and waves of light vibrations from the Spiritual Sun which are absorbed and then overflow out to the whole world below and all other souls.

It is in this stage where it all began and it is to this stage that we all must return.

Life is a cosmic journey and the soul is the cosmic traveler.  The Father tells us: “Have patience, oh soul!  Your days of happiness are about to come.”  And in the meantime, have mercy upon yourselves and learn as much as you can about who you are, your true nature, and the true nature of God.  As a soul, your most valuable treasures are your thoughts and your time.

soul world

Silence is so familiar to the soul.  When we bask in it, we are empowered! This is called the practice of Raja Yoga Meditation. In this form of meditation, the soul awakens to who it is and who it is not!  Truth is imparted and imbibed directly into the soul from the Source.

It gives me great joy to offer the service of sharing Raja Yoga Meditation with souls.  If you would like to really see yourself and the world in a new way, please give me a call~808-639-9436.

In humble service,

Sister Shivalaya

This is a Letter from Your Long Lost and Now Found Parent~

Namaste’ Sweet Beloved Child,

You have called Me by many names: Shiva, Jehovah, Allah, God… You have built temples and churches to Me.  You have searched for Me on pilgrimages and in nature.  You have worshipped in many forms, yet you do not know Me.

You can not see Me with your physical eyes.  My form is of divine light, like a shining star.  I reside in a timeless dimension beyond this material world.  You too once resided with Me in that Supreme Abode of Peace.

Your form is also like Mine~a subtle, eternal, divine point of light.  You came onto this worldly stage to play a part through your body and have become lost in playing your part…forgetting yourself, Me, and your sweet, eternal Home of golden silence.

When this drama of life comes to a close, I incarnate to free you from the chains of attachment and ignorance and to take you back with Me to the Supreme Abode.  My incarnation is divine, unique, and incognito.

I a ever pure, ever blissful, ever loving, ever free.  You are originally like Me and you belong to Me always.  When you recognize Me accurately and focus your thoughts on Me, you come back to Me.

I am your long forgotten Supreme Parent. My relationship with you is eternal.  Remember who you are.  Remember your Home.  Remember Me.soul worldOriginally published by the Brahma Kumariis Wordl Spritual University and called: GOD SPEAKS.

An Easy Meditation Method to Become Free

By making effort to become the “detached observer”, the unlimited soul, the point of light in the center of your forehead, independent of any limited supports, you will become blessed with innate happiness and wholeness. (holiness)

If during this contemplation of yourself as a bodiless point of light, you find that any of the old patterns of “body consciousness” arise: such as  fear, worry, anger, greed, lust, disappointmet, or attachment, deeply realize that these energies are not part of your original makeup.  They are the golden chains that you have acquired over time.

To free yourself, visualize yourself holding a very sharp pair of garden clippers and cut yourself free from these old chains of limitation. Use this visualization each day for a month, whenever these patterns emerge.

The visualization in and of itself is not the magic formula.  It is holding the intention to be totally free of what is not truly you that will open you to releasing conscious and unconscious patterns that have been holding you back from your eternal happiness.







Do you Love to Be Right, Are you Stuck in “positionality”?

ROSES of KauaiOne of the biggest obstacles to being truly loving and lovable is to want to be RIGHT all the time.  This tends to make those around you WRONG all the time!  David Hawkins, best-selling author, mystic, psychiatrist, and doctor calls this being stuck in positionality. This is a function of the ego, which is always trying to position itself as “real” and important, i.e. real important!

 When you are aware of your original nature as a being of light, a cosmic traveler, a guest in this world, you don’t care about being right, because you are in such wonderment, about just being. This is what we  love about babies. Most of the time, they are in the wonderment of being.

When you allow  another person to be right, you free yourself up and show a willingness to accomodate and understand another’s point-of-view.  Actually, they may not have the end-all or be-all of truth at their disposal, but folks love to share what they have experienced.  Experience is its own authority.

There was a time when subconsciously, I was in a constant “argument” with my son about the best child rearing practices, as related to my sweet grandson.  After a while, I began to notice that I was not adding happiness to the scene, the very quality I so much wanted to see around me.

Upon having this realization, my motto became: “I’d rather be light, than right”.  I was motivated and determined to stay light and mind my own business.  It was such a beautiful release and truly helped me to be in respect of my son’s personal journey with his son.

Think of an area in your life, where this little slogan: “I’d rather be Light than right…will make a big difference in the  quality of energy you are sharing. Are you getting the results you want to see in the world by responding in your present manner?  This is a good question worth checking in with, often.

Only when we check in with ourselves, can we see the benefit in making changes.  Don’t criticize yourself or put yourself down. That’s not checking and changing, that’s self-abuse!   Observe with love and detachment.   Become a Rose spreading your beautiful fragrance into the air, cheering up those around you and bringing them into connection with beauty, harmony, and love.

Don’t just give roses, become a rose, become light.

As you change, the world changes.  Its a subtle thing.  Learn to stop and be that rose before you speak. Who you truly are is so much more, than who you think you are!  What a Wonder!!!