Look in Wonder~Beyond Ego

"People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast expanse of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering." St. Augustine Are you willing to see yourself?          [...]

Hi Friends~  How to Use Noni Fruit the Traditional Way

I'm posting this interesting article about NONI because it is an awesome healer and I sell it, eat it, and use it on my massage clients all the time!  Sharing Noni with folks is a JOY!!! Polynesians and native Hawaiians have known for centuries that noni is a powerful plant for healing. The Polynesians brought [...]

The Personal Side of Science

The following piece  was written by an Indian writer and mystic named Jagdish Chandra.  He was a practitioner of Raja Yoga Meditation, a true yogi who valued the power of silence,  and an ardent lover of the Supreme from whom he imbibed tremendous jewels of knowledge. In this excerpt, he challenges us to look into [...]

Who’s Running Your Show~Or what is the relationship between the soul and me?

"The greatest wonder of nature is the soul". (murli)  All the details of your many lives are merged in this tiny point of the soul. What a wonder!  All the experiences that you have ever had in your different lifetimes are combined in the soul and together create what is called in Hindi: the "sanskaras" [...]

In the Beginning, There was Only You~

"Other people, even those we love and admire, sometimes question the path we choose.  However, we should not let this be an obstacle, because our intuition will guide us.  Venture bravely: your inner lantern will always light the way." In thinking about where to begin a book about the soul,  it occurred to me that [...]

This is a Letter from Your Long Lost and Now Found Parent~

Namaste' Sweet Beloved Child, You have called Me by many names: Shiva, Jehovah, Allah, God... You have built temples and churches to Me.  You have searched for Me on pilgrimages and in nature.  You have worshipped in many forms, yet you do not know Me. You can not see Me with your physical eyes.  My [...]

An Easy Meditation Method to Become Free

By making effort to become the "detached observer", the unlimited soul, the point of light in the center of your forehead, independent of any limited supports, you will become blessed with innate happiness and wholeness. (holiness) If during this contemplation of yourself as a bodiless point of light, you find that any of the old [...]

Do you Love to Be Right, Are you Stuck in “positionality”?

One of the biggest obstacles to being truly loving and lovable is to want to be RIGHT all the time.  This tends to make those around you WRONG all the time!  David Hawkins, best-selling author, mystic, psychiatrist, and doctor calls this being stuck in positionality. This is a function of the ego, which is always [...]