The Soul within Spiritual Community

Diamond Hall Beauty Shot>Tonight I read a very comprehensive piece about how souls orient themselves within a larger spiritual community. The soul writing about it went through a deep initiatory experience with a few members of the spiritual group she had embraced.  

I applaud her for the insights her experiences have brought her.

“The soul within community is balancing and harmonizing contradictory drives and impulses for separeteness and togetherness, sameness and difference.  Respect for difference is intrinsic to community development.  Difference is the life-blood of the group. Difference ensures greater resources of creativity, talent, skill, ideas, and perspectives.  It calls upon our ability to bring forth patience and tolerance, without which the soul’s journey lacks meaning…

Valuing difference enables us to move beyond the limitations of fear, narcissim and cliqueness, all obstacles to true community.

Loosely speaking, there are four streams or ways of relating within a spiritually focused group.  The first group are those who take a straightlaced approach, attached… to doing everything ‘by the book,’ clinging rigidly to a straight and narrow path with which they feel secure.
In the second group are those who are aligned with the philosophy and basic principles, but rebel against rigidity and certain trappings of the practice or philosophy.  As a result, they like to do a bit of cage rattling.
In the third stream are those who are neither rigid nor rebellious, but who integrate spirituality into their lives, relying on their own experience and wisdom to move along in a mature, self-supporting, and co-operative manner.  

The fourth stream are completely surrendered and dedicate their whole self, without reservation, in service to God, the community, and humankind.  They do not have private or personal lives.  Most of what they say and do is public.  the fourth stream has the fewest numbers, for now at least.  True community is incomplete without all four groups.”

by:Pemell from: The Illumined Soul

Loving Exercises for the Soul : Cultivating Peace and Power

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Contemplate on the ways that you are loving towards your Self.  Eating comfort food doesn’t count!

Reflect upon how you disrespect yourself and are hard on yourself.

Go deep into which thoughts elevate you and which ones bring you down!


Select one of your strengths and focus on amplifying it for a day, a week, a fortnight until it becomes a current running through your every thought, your every move, your every word. What you contemplate upon, increases.

Here’s a possible list to choose from:

patience, honesty, lightness, determination, courage, integrity, contentment, peace, love, joy.

Practice filling your actions with the quality of your choice..for example when you cook, cook with honesty, conduct your business meetings with honesty, walk with honesty…Note down the changes that manifest within you and around you as you focus upon cultivating the quality you have chosen.

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Get up a little earlier than usual.  Make your first thought be of your Spiritual Mother/Father and your gratitude for the blessings that One has bestowed upon you!

Before going to sleep, review your day and let go of any mistakes, give them to your Spiritual Mother who with compassion receives them graciously.  Give Her your successes as well.

When you wake up early the next day, feel how clean your heart feels!


Creating with Soul Power

Doing what you do “with love” is the only way to accumulate sprititual power and merit.  If you are moving from guilt, obligation, or force, you will not receive the results you are seeking.

As you choose to build up the spiritual aspect of your nature~do it with Love.  The love of knowing that everyday you have committed time to do something that will be yours for eternity.  You are adding to your account of consciousness.  Keep this appointment with yourself.  This teaches kindness and respect to the self and strengthens your determination to overcome distractions, carelessness, and laziness.

Start your day right, by carving out some morning time that is dedicated to You.   Make it spiritually significant to you.  Then it will be easier throughout the day to enjoy moments when you connect in  with your Self again.  Being able to quickly recognize that you are a soul, by affirming this truth through a simple statement such as: “I am a peaceful soul” as you sip water throughout the day, empowers every cell in the water, as well as every cell in your body.  Choose a simple statement that resonates deeply~choose a statement that is most likely to ignite your light! Starting with peace is a powerful step.

Even the most basic practice, repeated consistently, can bring enormous benefit.  You may also add to this by saying I am a peaceful soul 10 to 20 times as you cook,  do your laundry,  as you are driving or as you go about your work day.

As you walk to your car or to the bus, continue to affirm to yourself…I am a peaceful soul.  This small step qualifies you to enter a wonderful spiritual doorway. You are entering into your true reality, that of a spiritual being of light.

You may feel that it is not easy to live in this world and to be spiritual. Granted there are definitely forces at foot to pull us down.  An easy method to lift yourself time and time again and to fuel your consciousness is to have easy access to thoughts which make your soul smile, which refresh and restore your stamina.  Thoughts, which as soon as you think them, give you a spiritual rush and transport you from ordinary consciousness to a higher state of awareness.  It does take effort to redirect thoughts.  The choice is yours, would you rather have thoughts that elevate you or thoughts that limit you, keep you stuck, or even depress you?  As we understand on deeper and deeper levels, that thought creates reality, this practice takes on more meaning and importance.

Take the thought that “I am a powerful soul, full of spiritual power”.  Yes, I am a powerful soul despite any weaknesses that I have acquired over time.  The reality of my original state of being is that I am a powerful soul. Allow yourself to accept this thought. Allow the feelings behind the thought to come into your experience of yourself; this will happen as you contemplate on the spiritual truth of the thought. “Yes, I am a powerful soul, I feel my spiritual well-being rising.”  Such contemplations  guide us into positive experiences of power.

“As you palpably feel the fullness of your spiritual energy, that experience is imprinted in your subconscious mind. It becomes a new reality that you can access.  Over time, with regular reinforcement, this subconscious imprint will begin to impact the activity of your conscious mind.

Soon I am a powerful soul will color your attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs…i.e. this reality will become first nature to you.”

{quote from Soul Power by Nikki De Carteret, p.71}

Restoring and Experimenting with Soul Power

This piece is meant to be helpful to all in using your soul power in concrete ways to create more peace, love, kindness, and respect in our world.


“Imagine what would happen if one of your physical organs stopped working.  The consequences could be life-threatening.  If one of our spiritual “organs” is impaired, however, it often goes unnoticed, even though the loss in functioning is just as serious.” (Pemell,p25)

Most of us, today, are suffering from some loss of spiritual function or other and may not even know it.   As one understands the Self, the spiritual anatomy of the soul and how it functions, then “spiritual fitness and power” can become a true focus of life.

The spiritual organs or components of the the soul through which the soul functions are predominately (1) mind, (2) intellect/conscience, and (3) the impressions that the soul has experienced time and time again on its journey which become a collection of “sanskaras”, ie habits, characteristics and personality traits. The soul uses these faculties to think, feel, experience, realize, discern, remember, express…

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Experimenting with Your Soul Power

I Am the Being that I AM“Imagine what would happen if one of your physical organs stopped working.  The consequences could be life-threatening.

If one of our spiritual “organs” is impaired, however, it often goes unnoticed, even though the loss in functioning is just as serious.” (Pemell, p25) Because the soul’s organs are not visible,they may even remain as a mystery as to how they work or how they impact our lives.

Most of us, today, have some loss of spiritual function or other and may not even know it.   If one understands the Self, the “spiritual anatomy” of the soul and how it functions, then “spiritual fitness and power” can become a focus or aim in life.

The spiritual anatomy through which the souls functions consists of: (1) mind, intellect/conscience, and (3) the impressions that the soul has experienced time and time again on its journey which become a collection of “sanskaras”, ie habits, characteristics and personality traits.

The soul uses these faculties to think, feel, experience, realize, discern, remember, express, comprehend, learn, change, and act.

When spiritual functioning is cut off in some way, the body/mind will eventually reflect it through physical, mental, and/or emotional imbalances. Therefore “healthy maintenance of the soul is just as important as healthy maintenance of the physical body.” (Pemell, p25)

How do you know when you are functioning fully as a soul?  What does it feel like on a practical level?

As a fully functioning soul aware of itself, you’ll feel full, content, emotionally and mentally balanced, free from obsessive thoughts and addictions, and in general~happy, loving, and detached, not some of the time, but constantly!

You may be thinking this doesn’t sound possible in a 3-D world of continual change and you are partially correct. For as your consciousness deepens, you will find that spiritually you become aware of more than this 3-D dimension.  As you become connected to another dimension, by practicsing meditation, you can enter a purely spiritual  dimension of light, and recharge and absorb  spiriutal sustenance that fills you with happiness and peace, even when it is not present in the world outside.

What is required to live from this soul awareness is the development and exercise of your spiritual muscles or if you will the development of “ruling power” over your kingdom.

Since your kingdom/queendom is made up of your mind, intellect, and ‘sanskars’, the extent to which your ‘advisors’ of mind, intellect, and sanskars are cooperating with you is the extent to which you will feel that your kingdom is running optimally.

Let’s take a look at what this involves and how we can develop and strengthen our ability to be ‘self-sovereign’ and fully functioning as a soul-conscious being.

Have you realized that you, the soul, are the one who makes your body function?  Yes, you are the master almighty authority, the one in control.  However it is only when you remain aware that you are the master that the advisors will follow your direction and guidance.  If you, the soul have gone on automatic pilot, your advisors have to work overtime and without your authority.  What does this feel like?

Lets start with your first power which is the thinking of the mind.  If your first power is not working hand in hand with you the soul, than your other powers will also be off.  This could result in the mind becoming undisciplined, disorganized, and unable to focus.  If you have ever experienced a chaotic, mind firing off thoughts left and right, you know how this can be your worst enemy, whereas a steady, deeply focused mind, is your best friend. The task of the mind is purely to facilitate and create thought, but it does not have the function or ability to exercise control over the quantity or quality of those thoughts.  It creates thoughts as seeds for actions.  You, the soul, require a powerful intellect to understand, discern, and decide which thoughts to take action upon.

“The most elevated desire of the mind is to be peaceful…”(Panjabi, p19) Thoughts that create a sense of inner calm and coolness are thoughts which are focused on only what you intend to do. These are considered powerful thoughts.  Powerful thoughts are benevolent and will enable you to accumulate spiritual muscle.

“When your thoughts are pure and powerful, you are able to transform negativity into positivity at the level of thinking.” (Panjabi, p20)  An important key to creating powerful thoughts is the following rule of thumb: “have positive thoughts for the self and others. Having positive thoughts for the self is very deeply connected with having positive thoughts for others…If you don’t have positive thoughts for others, it indicates that you don’t have positive thoughts for your self.” (Panjabi, p20)  By understanding your true nature, you can develop a great deal of self-respect and appreciate who you are as an eternal, unlimited soul.  This is such a good place to start your meditations or contemplations of “who am I”?

Starting your day with the powerful thought that: “I am an eternal being of light”, or” I am a bodiless soul,” or “I am a point of unlimited light sitting in the driver’s seat of this vehicle” will remind you of your true nature and how what you are thinking about determines your state of being and the quality of your day.

Presently, many world issues, as well as many people, are in such a state, that you cannot deal with them through words, so it becomes essential to use positive thoughts and vibrations to  make a difference.  Experimenting with this will give you a real experience, after all, “the proof of how great the cook is, is in the pudding”.

Start with something “manageable”, such as a disgruntled colleague or co-worker, friend or relative.  As an unlimited soul, send out your light and love to them, cover them with a protective shield of love and light.  Wish them peace and serenity.  Do this many times during the day, over an extended period of time and note how your relationship with them improves.

As you many successes sending out powerful thoughts to others, expand your capacity for goodness, apply it internally to a health issue and watch your health improve.  Keep a record of your “soul experiements”.  Eventually expand your prowess to an area of the world that is out of balance and needs peace. Trust that you are having an impact.

As your awareness of your own self respect grows, so will your humbleness.  You may even begin to recognize that you are not alone in your positive efforts, but that you are part of an awakening humanity who have unconditionally aligned themselves with the Source of Goodness and it is from this Source of Goodness that you can continually draw strength and spiritual power.

As you come to know and accept that you are undeniably supported by the Benevolent Source,  you will  become aware of being an extension of the Source, a conduit for the Source, a helper in this One’s elevated task of restoring goodness, kindness, peace, and love to uplift and create a new world.

Are You Living as a Divine Soul? Maybe the Answer’s Looking for You~ (part 1 of 2 parts)

Part 1~

How do you see yourself?   Do you walk around feeling like a beggar or an emperor/ empress?  What determines how you see and treat yourself?  Self-respect? Self-esteem? How your parents felt about themselves and each other and you?  How others perceive you and treat you?   On a subconscious level, all of these factors contribute to your present vision of yourself.

What is the difference between self-respect and self-esteem? Are they the same?  How are they different? How are they related?   My understanding is that  how I think about myself determines my level of self-esteem…whether it is high or low.   Self-respect, on the other hand, is influenced by my thinking and my belief system (which is pretty much based on my social conditioning) and shows up in how I treat myself and others, with regard or without regard.

What naturally follows from this is that if I think well of myself, I will treat myself well!  This points to the importance of  weeding out the false beliefs that I’ve picked up along the way about myself during my formative years.  These belief systems include how my teachers, parents, friends, and family members have projected upon me…which continue to effect me in the present.

Then there is the question of how did you develop your level of self-esteem, high, medium, or low, in the first place?  Common-sense tells us that:

  • First,  you developed high self-esteem if your  parents have or had high self-esteem.
  • Second, you built self-esteem if you were listened to by your parents and care-givers.
  • Third, you adopted higher or lower levels of self-esteem  depending on how much success you experienced in learning age-appropriate skills and tasks, at home, at school, or at play.

When you were born, like most babies, the innocence and purity of you, the soul, shined through effortlessly as the natural state of the soul.  In other words, you were expressing directly as a soul.  You responded to life without your present, acquired mechanisms of ego and habit, name and gender, opinions and beliefs, for you had not formed any of these aspects as yet.  The world and your own karmic accounts had not yet played upon the soul’s innocence to give you a reason to develop any false or protective ways of being human.

To lose this true natural sense of self is the greatest loss one can experience.  And yet, most of us don’t realize we have lost the most important jewel we could ever possess!  Instead, once the soul merges into the background and the ego starts living as though it were you, the soul  becomes dependent on the external environment for its identity.  The ego turns toward people, places, things, position, social media, obsessions, compulsions, and  addictive behaviors to make you the soul feel temporarily good about yourself and even to define your sense of who you are and who you are not.

Your vision of yourself becomes impacted or impressed upon by the external, changeable, and temporary things of the world. This vision supplants your inner vision of who you truly are eternally!

Until we recognize the difference between the true self and the false self, we don’t have the power or awareness to choose which identity to give life to.  Soul-awareness brings us in touch with our intrinsic value and with the fundamental goodness of ourselves and others.

Without the identity of soul consciousness, we don’t know ourselves as beings of light…positive, loving, complete, beyond gender, beyond name, beyond fame, serenely peaceful and eternal!

I Am the Being that I AM

This predicament of the soul in modern times fuels the fields of psychology and psychotherapy.  While psychology, in its literal sense, means the study of the soul (psyche=soul, ology=study of) and psychotherapy promises therapy to the soul, both of these fields mainly focus on changing or adapting the personality/ego and its behavior to be more effective and in line with the world.   These fields do not include methods to restore the soul’s conscious awareness of its Self!

Part 2 will be added tomorrow and will have the answer that is just waiting for you!!!

p.s. If you suspect you are experiencing this kind of loss of your true identity and would like to restore your original innocence, purity, joy, love, and peace, feel free to call on me!  I am offering  free classes on Living as a Divine Soul, instead of as a Temporary Body. Please call to register~my # is 808-639-9436.  Classes will be held on the FIRST 3 MONDAYS in AUGUST, 2018.

Wishing you Oceans of Peace and the Blissful Awareness of the True You,