When You Know Me as I Am, only Beauty will emerge from Your THoughts!

from the Heart of the Beloved~ "When you know Me as a I am, only Beauty will emanate from your thoughts.  When you have understood the knowledge I bring you, only jewels of wisdom will emerge from your mouth.  When you accept My gift of pure values and practise them, only then will your actions [...]

Benefit from Support in Creating Shifts in Relationships

This is a powerful way to give yourself support in making important changes in your challenging relationships!


This is meditation was originally created by a workshop facilitator who has seen significant results in relationships by those who use this over time.

This meditation has been adapted slightly in order to offer you this opportunity to work with me for 14 days during December to clear patterns of negativity in challenging relationships.

This offerring is for individuals who would like the assistance of working with a neutral, detached observer to make real changes in an important and challening relationship.

As your accountability “coach”, you will receive encouragment each day to do this meditaiton.  You will be guided  into the meditation for 10 minutes each day at a regular time.  This is a free service to benefit our community.

With consisitency and accountability,  the success rate of this type of work increases greatly.  We all benefit from positive reinforcement as we gain new skills and let go of the…

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A Meditation to Create Positive Shifts in Relationships

ROW YOUR BOAT TOGETHER~WISHING YOU LOVE & UNITY in 2018 Can  meditation bring harmony and other positive shifts into your relationships? YES!  This meditation can clear patterns of negativity in challenging relationships.  It can be done on your own or as a guided meditation.  You can record the meditation and listen to it as often [...]

There’s Benefit in Everything

I've been in India for almost 3 weeks having powerful meditations and connections with my Self and the Divine, as well as meeting amazing people from all over the planet!  The whole time I've been here, the body has been in a vulnerable state.  I, the soul, have decided to take charge again and again [...]

~Inner Yoga~Start Somewhere that Feels Real

Do you agree?   Self esteem is the value  you and others place on aspects of yourself connected to your achievements and talents visible in the world. On the other hand, self-respect comes from a deep place of inner recognition and self-acceptance of the soul's original qualities of love, peace, happiness, bliss, and wisdom.  These [...]

A Beautiful Message

Helen Keller, remember her?  The young child born deaf, blind, and unable to speak?  She has become very well known through the efforts of her great teacher who never gave up on her and also through her indomitable spirit.  I love this quote that I recently discovered by Helen Keller:  "No pessimist ever discovered the [...]