The Seed of Unity~

WISDOM KEEPER: Dadi Janki's words about Healing, Unity, and the Power of Seeing Soul to Soul~the Seed of Unity This picture symbolizes being immersed in the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Peace and Spiritual Power.  Be like a fish and stay immersed in your natural state of love, peace, and power. "There is an [...]

Fill Yourself and then fill others.

During the past year, this piece was read by the largest audience. So I have edited it and share it once again. May all souls know liberation~


I study everyday. I am a student of the Highest on High. I am learning to switch my identity from the limited to the unlimited…from being a body of flesh and bones to being a body of light, actually a point of light, a soul.

Flesh and bone are limited. Light is unlimited, eternal, imperishable, everlasting, so am I.  So are you!

Raja Yoga Meditation is a method to make this switch from limited to unlimited.  This switch is going against the grain of what most everyone else has thought, including me, for many lifetimes. That is why I practice being a bodiless being of Light everyday. I am establishing a way of being in the world, which is quite foreign to most. Thinking one is a limited body of flesh and bones is a big part of why most of us are caught up in some form or other…

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Self-Respect gains Respect from Others and Dispels Darkness

    Your spiritual journey begins with 'Who am I?' and ends with 'Who am I'?   Self-knowledge, self-reflection, and self-respect will reveal your innate power and unique role in the drama of life. To give respect to the Self, instead of demanding respect from others has great benefits.   As  self-respect increases, the soul becomes humble [...]

To Drink from the Well of Peace

  In the practice of Raja Yoga Meditation, one method to connect with your inner peace is through the thought 'Om Shanti'.  These 2 words point to the awareness of our eternal state of peace and our true spiritual identity.  By thinking or saying Om Shanti you are claiming your natural state of peace to [...]

Beautiful in Silence and Comfortable with Truth

rewritten at the end of 2015~Reflections on the Journey~


Finding pieces of writing in old journals is like finding hidden treasure. Rereading this piece from August 20,2009, the words jumped off the page  with the accuracy of a compass,  pointing to true North.  Clarified, beyond the shadow of doubt is the direction that I’ve been navigating for the longest time.

Looking back at this moment captured in words, from the present, a moment in 2015 ( which is quickly becoming the past), what can be seen is a relentless pilgrimage which could easily be called “a search for lost innocence”.

Reading through the long forgotten passage , what emerged, was “soul”, the pure, powerful being of  light, the being  beautiful in silence and comfortable with truth.

This is the “me” that had been  covered over for so long, by the dust of this corporeal world, and who had become unrecognizable, even to my Self.

No wonder, for so many…

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