The Tao and an Exercise to Experience “The Flow”

   “What is half shall become whole.  What is crooked shall become straight.                   What is empty shall become full.  The Tao is the eternal without doing and, yet, nothing remains undone.  Without going outdoors one knows the world.  Without looking out of the window one sees the Tao of Heaven.  The further out one goes, the lesser one’s knowledge becomes.” ~ Tao Te Ching 5th or 6th Century~

A theme familiar to many faiths is that it is not only unnecessary to resist a threatening force, but that it is counterproductive.  Resistance creates persistence.  The Hawaiian philosophy of the Huna also mirrors this truth:  “What we resist, persists”.

This approach to life was also explored deeply by the Taosists of China more than 2,000 years ago.  The Tao reminds us of the stress that is created in a society driven by power struggles, force,  and personal ambitions.  The Tao guides sages and kings to avoid force and unnecessary show of power and rather “act only by inactivity”.  This guidance stems from the belief that the country or state would thrive as a matter of course, through the natural ordering of things, according to what should be.

This “non-action” or wu wei approach of the king or the sage is not out of weakness, laziness, or irresponsibility, but rather embraces an active alignment with that which is natural and spontaneous.,  It is achieved by consciously merging with the the Way (western translation of the Tao).  For then whatever happens seems to happen naturally of its own accord.

 An expansion on the meaning of the Way/Tao is: the eternal, creative force of the universe that is the beginning and end of all things.

When the sage has achieved this, this eternal creative force than transparently flows through him without obstacle.  In this way, the sage becomes one with the Tao, boundless and eternal, and acts without aggression or partiality.

The chief distraction, equally as powerful as this eternal, creative flow is that of desire.  Desire is usually amplified by a worldly education which creates the desire for more authority and more possessions.

‘Unlearning’ is the antidote to bring us back into a state of simplicity, a state of enlightenment.

In the modern world, there is a phrase that “neatly sums up the classic human response to a threatening situation; it is called ‘fight or flight’.  It is easy to feel, particularly in our current world of competition, that if we do not attempt to take control of a situation, than we are, shamefully running away from it.  Fleeing, then suggests fear. Is there not a third option?  What if one were to stand still and face the situation, taking in its meaning and then absolving ourselves of its impact?”

The 43rd verse of the Tao Te Ching states: “the most yielding of things in the universe overcomes the most hard.” (Discover Inner Peace, Mike George, p 77)

This points one in the direction of emotional intelligence and sensitivity which then becomes more important than the use of physical strength to attempt to dominate the situation.  Instead success comes from responding to the circumstances with the greatest degree of freedom and clarity. An interesting “parallel that can be made to the emotional health of families and other tightly knit groups of individuals. Behavioral therapists have noted that the families with the greatest problems fall into two categories: the first is the family where both the parents and children are outwardly aggressive and reactive towards one another and the second is the family which is terrified of conflict and avoids it all costs.” (George, p 78) See the parallel to “fight or flight” here?

Then there is the third group which exhibits the highest levels of healthy interaction. These are the families whose members live as if they are playing a game, where testing the strength and quality of their relationships is natural and so is balancing that by responding easily and emphatically to each others’ feelings, moods, and ideas. See the parallel of this option to the way of least resistance?

 The way of least resistance in societal terms involves just that: listening, observing, and acknowledging issues and problems and then allowing ourselves the freedom to let them go. By releasing negative emotions, it doesn’t give them a chance to cloud or darken our spirit or dominate the way we see the spirit of another.

Like most mystical traditions, Taoism recommends meditation to calm down the senses and allow a union with the Way that goes deeper than conscious thought to take place.  The breath is also used to facilitae the flow of universal energy throughout the body.

“The following is a Tai Chi Chuan exercise that provides a flavor of this type of non-resistant free-floating response. It can also be used as a meditative aid.

Sit facing a partner, quite close together.  Hold out your hands with your palms facing out. Place your palms flat against your partner’s.  Begin to push back and forth on each other’s palms.  After awhile, one of you (agree who will do this before you start) will concentrate on following the others’s movements (i.e. stop resisting them)and will not initiate any moves of their own.  Basically this partner will begin to mirror their partner’s movements.  With time and practice, you will be amazed to see your hands magically moving back and forth, as if of their own accord.

 Once you have mastered this technique, try closing your eyes and focusing on the flow of energy that is moving your hands.  Become one with this flow.”      (George, p 78)

the Tao

Get a Jump Start on Living as a Soul!

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Ask yourself what truly gives me peace?  What am I insisting needs to get done before I can be at peace?  What helps me to “be still”?  Your eternal nature is free and peaceful.   Your eternal nature is free from fears, free from doubts, free from pain, and free from suffering.  To fly away, to be unlimited, and to be in peace are all deep soul memories which create a deep, yet subtle, longing.

free bird in a golden sky

Buried within us, lies the truth that we are much more than bodies.  We are all experiencing an identity crisis, without knowing it!  Most of us have been under the deep impression that I am this body and I have a soul.  In actuality, I am the eternal being who has taken a body, in order to play a part on the stage of life. I temporarily reside inside this body; however I am an unlimited soul-playing a limited role. I must remember the costume (body) is not me…it is a temporary outer garment that will soon be exchanged for another. This is why trying to derive total fulfillment or contentment through the senses of the body is not possible.  It is always temporary and does not feed the inner resources of the soul, which can become dry from lack of attention and awareness to the true self.

free bird in a golden sky

  • Ask yourself, what exactly do I yearn to be free from?
  • What makes me feel unlimited?
  • What helps bring back the memory of who I am… a peaceful, powerful, happy being?

Worthy sages, poets, and healers, all endeavor to guide humanity’s focus towards the inner treasure of our true identity.

In the 18th century, the poet, William Wordsworth mused upon these sentiments in his classic poem:

The World is Too Much with Us…in which he wrote:

we are beings~

 “trailing clouds of glory… blinded by the  distractions of the material world.”

 He cautioned then, what is even more true now: Don’t  look to the world to fulfill the longing of the soul.

You are an eternal being, a soul and your quest is for the everlasting, not the temporary bling or the immediate gratification. This type of compensatory gratification is a highly, over-rated commodity of our time and keeps the soul under-nourished.

Listen to yourself – the answers do lie within.  Become knowledgeable about your inner resources and transform your life and its difficulties into a life of ease and grace.


  • Give yourself time to Go Deep Into the Silence that is You.
  • Speak kindly to the you that is emerging… the You that is waking from a deep and troubled sleep, a kind of amnesia, a forgetting!
  • As a spiritual being, I require spiritual sustenance…the kind received through spiritual truths that restore my self-knowledge as a vital, loving, wise, and powerful soul. To receive that means I must be in touch with my spiritual nature…my spiritual home and my spiritual source.
  • Spiritually detox. Begin by burning up all false beliefs that taught you the Highest on High is not a loving Benefactor, discard any teaching that says that One judges and a punishes.  Free yourself from the lies and misconceptions that do not serve you in any way.
  • Purge the beliefs injected into you from your childhood that tell you that this One gets angry with you.
  • Remember: healing your “religious past” ensures that your “spiritual future” will be positive and bring you in closer loving communion with the Most Loving Force in our universe.
  • Find a spiritual practice that eases your heart of all guilt, hatred, and fear: a path with Heart  that will allow the flow of more kindness, peace, love, and honesty to flow in, from, and around you.
  • Commit to a path that supports you, and allows you to experience the true nature of God.
  • Claim as your own, the kind of relationship/s you would love to have with this One.
  • Having made your claim, ask to be guided towards its complete fulfillment.
  • Know this is your birthright.
  • Begin a thorough “detoxing” of all ancient, spiritual skeletons left unhealed, in your “closet” of forgotten burdens and recurring memories. Without doing this spiritual detox, you will feel bound by subtle forces that make it hard to move forward and to melt into love, contentment, peace, and acceptance. (p.s. I share a wonderful practice that can be used to help you get free from negative memories.)
  • Clean out, open up, and receive comfort and support from the One who has never stopped loving you!
  • Consciously and/or unconsciously, if your strongest perceptions of the Beloved are of fear and judgement, you will tend to be that way with yourself!     (I was definitely “there” for a looong time~OUCH!)
  • And the way you are with yourself is essentially how you are with others, and how others “see” you and treat you.
  • Your relationship with the One is so unique and the most intimate mirror you have. Take the time to clean this mirror of other peoples’ fingerprints, of the greasy smudges of old perceptions.
  • The reflection that shines through will astound and uplift you.

sparking soul

You will wonder how it was possible to be duped for so long about your own true worth and the benevolent brilliance of the Bestower of Happiness, the One who removes sorrow.

The practice of Raja Yoga has immensely helped me to clear lifetimes of confusion about my relationship with this One!!!

It has become such a joy to practice and teach this wondrous method of meditation which assists others in finding clarity and deep connection.

Contact me @ 808-639-9436 if you would like to experience newness in your present practice of meditation, in your relationship with the Divine, or more comfort and ease in your life, in general.

Email me to discuss whatever is touching your heart of hearts at this time.  I teach free classes on “The Art of Stillness” formerly called “Living as an Eternal Being instead of as a Temporary Human Being”.  My email is: I can also be reached directly @808-639-9436.

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I share guided meditations over the phone and as we move forward, will resume them in person.

Remember You are a Beautiful Soul.

Your Life is a Journey of Remembering and Forgetting.

It’s Time to Remember!

Kindness is the Highest Form of Wisdom

When You Become Pure, Happiness Follows

Do you know what purity is? Purity of thought, word, and deed~~~Doing things with the Highest Good of All in Your Heart~!


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“The desires of the senses have made you unhappy for many births.  Are these good things?  If you are unhappy because of them, why do you not get rid of them…. Where there is desire, cleanliness finishes and you become one who thinks a lot…  You remove mud from your homes. Why do you keep it in your minds? …

Children, give all these dirty things to Me.  Then I will put heaven in the palm of your hand.  The Beloved One fulfills all pure desires.

Children, I do not want anything else from you.  You only have to give Me those useless thoughts of yours.  Don’t hold on to them, they have no value.  They have spoiled your whole life.

This world which was once heaven has become hell…

By becoming pure, you will become happy… The main thing is to become pure….No one considers himself to be impure……

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When You Become Pure, Happiness Follows

Featured Image -- 421

“The desires of the senses have made you unhappy for many births.  Are these good things?  If you are unhappy because of them, why do you not get rid of them…. Where there is desire, cleanliness finishes and you become one who thinks a lot…  You remove mud from your homes. Why do you keep it in your minds? …

Children, give all these dirty things to Me.  Then I will put heaven in the palm of your hand.  The Beloved One fulfills all pure desires.

Children, I do not want anything else from you.  You only have to give Me those useless thoughts of yours.  Don’t hold on to them, they have no value.  They have spoiled your whole life.

This world which was once heaven has become hell…

By becoming pure, you will become happy… The main thing is to become pure….No one considers himself to be impure…  The Father says: ‘there isn’t a single pure person in the impure world.’

Purify the soul, in the fire of yoga.  Don’t go into too much expansion about anything, but make effort to become soul conscious.”                                                                 {murli:1/8/2016}


“To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children…the spiritual Father, Mother, says namaste to the spiritual children.

Out of Great Love,  the Beloved is pulled to see the plight of so many souls at this time.  Advice is given through the “murli”.  Many wonder ‘why does the world exist?’  It exists to make us happy.

When the children begin to drown in sorrow, then the One reappears to make us happy again.  He has appeared.  He comes for the benefit of all.

The Beloved is called the Supreme Psychologist, making complicated people simple once more, destroying the neurotic labryinths we have built in our minds.  Putting a smile back on the faces, making old men dance like young boys and world-weary artists create again.

Who is sharing this story with their friends, that no one knows what to make of,  the ridiculous story that God has landed on earth!  It is conservative, down-to-earth people, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, engineers, scientists, suddenly smiling as they never had before, for the eternal Beacon of the world gently calls: ‘Children, come and sit in My lap.’

Children rush to sit in the lap of a phony Santa Claus.  Now we are offered the infinite lap of the real Santa Claus.  Was ever so much bliss offered to so many –and accepted by so few! ” (Adi Dev pp258-260)








Feeling Inspired~

I’m consciously doing this, very systematically today.  Actually checking every few moments, just so the mind knows, I’m on duty.  We have a mind to serve us, but for so long the mind has had free rein (reign) to run the show.  Let your mind know, that it can relax now and take direction from a higher power~the soul and of course, the Supreme Soul.  Sharing some thoughts on “Thought Power” from Dadi Janki today.


every hour check your thoughts


                                                THOUGHT POWER

“Pure thoughts are those that express our spiritual personality.  Impure thoughts are all the others.  They have nothing to do with our truth.

Thought is the vehicle which takes us from our non-spiritual self to our truth.

By elevating our thoughts, we can literally end up purifying the self, inspiring others to do likewise.  Our life in itself will be the inspiration for them to change.  There won’t even be the need to say anything.

Our vibrations of pure thought can reach out and touch the whole world.

Our very life can do the work of a lighthouse.”

Shared from Companion of God: The Wisdom and Words of Dadi Janki

The Mother of Peace and Happiness


” Purity is the canopy of being safe from the innumerable obstacles of Maya.  Purity is called the mother of peace and happiness because impurity of any kind creates an experience of sorrow or peacelessness. Let there be the spark of purity in your eyes and the smile of purity on your face.

A pure life is where there is no trace of sorrow or peacelessness. No matter what you have to tolerate, you definitely have to remain pure in this last birth.

Even if there are scenes of sorrow, where there is the power of purity the soul will not experience sorrow, for the pure soul will give the support and blessings of happiness and peace to unhappy people…The Father needs the help of purity.”pink rose with pink aura


A Meditation on the Power of Peace for Children of All Ages

Sparkling Star Meditations    The Beloved One, the Teacher, says: “You souls are embodiments of peace.” (murli)  Each one of you, souls is like a sparkling star.  You dwell within and your strength is peace and silence.

For young and old, alike, peace is the best place to begin to experience spirituality for peace is at the very core of every soul.  This only becomes apparent  during moments of silence if one detaches from the cares of the world and the influence of the body.  This prepares the soul to feel its own inner state of peace.  Generally speaking, this is a rarity for those who do not consistently meditate or have some form of focus or concentration that takes them beyond the day to day experiences of the materially-centered world.

However when we have a practice that allows us to experience this peace within, it is possible to stabilize in peace and spread vibrations of peace even while actively engaged in physical activity.  This is true peace.  What it takes is the special power of silence.  Look within to see if you have a well of silence or a fountain of silence that you can drink from.  How much silence have you accumulated in your inner world?

“The power of silence changes the entire world from peacelessness to peacefulness.  It not only transforms the human souls but it also transforms nature. ” (murli)

Reflection on Peace:

*Peace is feeling quiet inside.

*Peace is having good feelings inside for the self and others.

*Peace begins within each one of us.

*Peace is an inside job and is our original state.

“If you are stable in the stage of pure feelings and the feelings of love, those same feelings will also emerge in others.”

Experiement with this.

Watch how “your pure feeings will create their feelings.  Just as one lit candle is able to ignite another one, in the same way your powerful, pure feelings will easily bring out pure feeings in others…Through the power of silence and  pure thoughts, you can easily carry out physical tasks and even inspire others to carry them out….

Just as with practice, you have become or can become powerful in your speech,  in the same way, increase the practice of the power of silence…for that which is extremely subtle is very powerful: threfore, pure thoughts are more powerful than words.” (murli)


For ‘children of all ages’

One of the Peace Reflection Points is …Peace is feeling quiet inside.

Since one way to be peaceful is to be quiet inside, let’s practice this by thinking about the stars way above the earth.

Imagine yourself to be just like a star, shining and sparkling so beautiful in the sky.  A star can be seen, but not heard.  A star is so quiet and peaceful.  As your thoughts are focused on shining like a star…let your body be still…relax your toes and legs…relax your stomach…and your shoulders…relax your arms…and your face…

All of your energy is focused on being a star…what color of peace do you shine with today?  Perhaps with a rose color that has the feeling of being safe and loved…Perhaps with a blue color that shines a light of peace and courage…

Whenever you wish to feel peaceful inside, you can become very still and quiet inside by remembering that you are a peace star, a point of sparkling light shining brightly.  You are a light that can be seen, but not heard.

Your thoughts are powerful and carry a vibration that can be felt, though not physically heard.  You are an embodiment of peace, a being of Peace.

This is your natural state.






Goddesses Have Divine Virtues!

Girl and the Sky“The Father sits here and explains about devotion and knowledge”.                                                         Murli:  1/1/2016

Spiritual Children:  Have you understood how there cannot be true fulfillment through devotion and that it is only through ‘this knowledge’ that ordinary human beings are made into deities?”

You may be asking what is meant by knowledge in this context and how does it differ from devotion?  What kind of knowledge comes from the Father/Mother of all and is infused with the transformational magic of changing ordinary human beings into deities.  The Beloved Parent/Friend gives us ordinary humans, caught in the web of thinking we are the roles we play, the recognition of the Self.  The Beloved finds us and helps us to recognize the One, as He/She is.  The Beloved also gives the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.

Again, you may be asking how can I recognize the One who comes to create the new world through this knowledge?  The Father, Teacher, and Guide comes with a gift to assist us to connect with Him/Her in the Supreme Abode, the abode of all souls, the abode of silence.  This gift comes in the form of Meditation…Raja Yoga Meditation.

As we connect with the One and get on this One’s incorporeal wavelength, we begin the process of purification of the karmas of our past and present and imbibe that One’s virtues and characteristics.  Nice tradeoff!!!

Presetly we are living in the “kingdom of Maya” where we are all sufferring from anger, lust, greed, ego, and attachment.  The One comes from on high, out of mercy and love, to  teach us and restore our original purity.  In essence, the incorporeal Beloved descends to establish a new world of purity, peace, and happiness through the power of Raja Yoga (union with the One).

“Although Maya is very powerful, there is hope.  Even those who have become completly degraded have to be uplifted. ” (murli)

 Since the Beloved is incognito, the human souls who are destined to help in the establishment of the new world, reveal the One to others and share the knowledge they have been given.  Brahma (who becomes Narayan, a deity, in his next life) and Saraswati ( becomes the deity Lakshmi, in her next life) have the distinction of being the first and best students of the One.  They are the roots and trunk of the human world tree.  Saraswati, in this life, is also called Mamma.  “She would tell everybody that we are just instruments of God and that One is getting the things done through us.  So, we should remain detached observers.   She was an embodiment of  sweetness, humility, truth, maturity, seriousness, tolerance, and cheerfulness.  Her presence transformed the vicious attitude and sufferings of others. She also had a natural disinterest towards wordly affairs and would tell everyone to live as though it were their last moment!  She would also say that an ‘effort-maker’ is one who understands the lessons of the Highest on High and translates them into practical life immediately.” from Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati by B.K. Surendran, from Bangalore.

“The Goddess Lakshmi has a nose, ears, and a mouth, etc. because she is also a human being.  However she has divine virtues and this is why she is called a deity (goddess).

How did she become such a beautiful deity?

It is only by remembering Alpha (the One) that one becomes a god-like deity from a human being.

Alpha is said to be the highest.  People point upwards with their finger to indicate Alpha.  Alpha is also said to be One.  

There is just one God and all the rest are children.  

This One gives you knowledge and makes you His children…It is of Him that it is said: ‘Even if you turned a whole ocean into ink, a forest into pens, and the earth into paper, this knowledge would not run out.’  

Hand over all your burdens and bondages to the Father, and become Light.” (murli)

It is possible that you will understand some of this knowledge.   Some of you will instantly have faith, whereas others won’t.

Hope is kept for everyone.  If not now, then you will definitely understand in the future.

One has to keep hoping for the souls of the world.  To keep hope in them means to have an interest in serving them.

“This knowledge and divine virtues have to be imbibed.” (murli)