What You Remember~Shapes Who You Are

Naturally, the movements  (transits) of your inner world are more powerful than any transits of the celestial bodies of our galaxy.   For you are an eternal soul, a celestial soul and awareness of this makes you unlimited.  Remembering that “I am an Unlimited Being of Light shapes who you are.  These words can not be proclaimed by the ego!  For the ego is simply a structure that has been constructed by the impact of other often well-intentioned egos, like your parents, teachers, friends, relatives, and employers, to make you fit into a world of other egos.

Now is the time to remember to consider yourself to be a soul, to see others as souls, and allow the light of who you are to dispel the accumulation of darkness generated by other seriously limited egos who have made the downward spiraling trends of today what they are.

What you remember, that is what you keep in the forefront of your mind will mould and shape who you are!  By turning your mind within to behold the highest truth of who you are, and then acting from that truth gives you the greatest advantage and allows you to benefit yourself, as well as others.  The benevolence that a soul carries is so unlimited it can impact the entire world for good!

So remember: “No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit”.

These words of truth were conceived by Helen Keller, a being born without the power to see, hear, or speak; a being who struggled for expression and light and through the strength of soul power moved forward in her life and is remembered, even today, as a champion of the unlimitedness of the human spirit.

Are you ready for such greatness in your own life?  To recognize the power of the Self, do everything with love and for the Highest Good of All. This is a good start and will put you in good relationship with the Highest Laws of Creation.

Are you ready to remember who you are and help others to wake up too?  If you are, please join us in “Remembrance” here on Kauai or by conference call from anywhere else in the world.  Message me here if you are interested in practicing free guided mediations designed to help you embody the consciousness of you, the soul!  I can also be reached by text or cell~808-639-9436 for days and times when this available, free of charge, for the benefit of the highest good of all!

purple you are a soul

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