~You are a Peaceful Soul~You are a Wonder~

Child Soul Meditating

A meditation for you~

Turning Inward, I focus on the point of energy in the center of my forehead…I concentrate my thoughts on my original form…I, the eternal point of living energy…my form is that of a sparkling star…a point of living light…I shine like a diamond…I remember my original form…my original quality of peace…the more I focus attention inward, the more I experience silence and inner peace…peace is my original nature…peace is me…deep peace, the eternal peace of a being of light…whatever happens around me, I remain peaceful…I have the power of stability…the power of concentrating my thoughts…the power to be peaceful within myself…clear and free from external influence…I am free…these concentrated thoughts of peace become a powerful beam of light beaming me up into a beautiful world of silence…a world of golden-red light…I have come Home…to the land of peace…In this world I am completely myself…I am free…peaceful…a point of light…the essence of pure light, pure peace, pure love radiating all around…I am an ocean of peace, an ocean of stillness, at one with myself…and I know that at any moment, in any situation…in just a second …I can return to this peaceful state of being…all I need to do is to remember who I am…I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL…a being of light…I am up above in the silent world and I am Peaceful!!!

With Love, Light, and Peace,






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