Poetry Scatterings Found “Along the Way”

"The Mind" The mind is ever a tourist  ... Wanting, touching, buying new things, Then tossing them into an already over-filled closet. "The Sun" The sun will stand as your "best man" and whistle When You find the Courage to marry Forgiveness and Love. "The Moon and the Planets" The moon starts singing when everyone [...]

Parental Concern:When children seek negative attention!

Children thrive on attention.  If they are not receiving enough positive attention, they will work on getting negative attention.  This can be due to several factors, such as: they don't feel noticed for the positive things they are doing or for just "being themselves".  Therefore they resort to making an impact to get your full [...]

Parental Concern: “I don’t have enough time to play with my child.”

                                           "Play is the work of the Child" Did you realize that "playing with your child" is an important parenting skill?  Yes, it can be hard to find time in this busy world for play, [...]

The Myth of “Good Luck”

  Setting goals works.  Writing them down works even better.  And accountability insures that you stay on track until you've reached your goal. This builds self-respect and overcomes poor habits that come from unconscious beliefs such as "I don't deserve to achieve", "I'd rather procrastinate than test myself, because I'm afraid of failure and I'm [...]

The Downpour of Divine Love

Has your Heart ALigned with the Heart of the Universe?


man with heart

The downpour of divine love that quickens the heart makes it like an ocean, makes it begin to vibrate, begin to live, to gush forth with energy and life, to unleash tidal waves of spiritual emotion, embracing all beings.

Knock against the walls of shell so that the whole power of your heart streams forth flooding the universe.

Find accomodation in all those hearts that you have touched upon, who have become part of your being~ forevermore.

Think of all those whose hearts you have quickened, embrace them with your being.

Experience it as the tidal wave of Divine Love passing through you, embracing all beings.

Glistening, scintillating~ the efflugence behind all creatures, behind all phenomena, the light in the heart of those  you have touched, whose light you enhance by your love.

See if you can get an answer to your heart’s greatest longing by knocking upon the door…

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You Teach Best~What You Most Wish to Learn

Love this Photo of my favorite place to stroll!!! Hanalei Bay~


Hanalei BayAloha to All who have ever read any of my blog posts~Thank you for having the interest in the topics that I write about.  There is a very true saying that ” we teach best, what we have to learn the most!”   I’m learning so much as I write and I really appreciate that you may be finding truth and relevance, as well, from what I’m sharing.  It’s really a win-win, isn’t it?

You have given me the encouragement and zeal to keep on writing!  A dear friend of mine, helped me publish a short book called : 5 Questions That Can Turn Your Life Around.  It is out on Amazon.com and can be purchased on a Kindle or as an e-book  for $2.99 or if you are on their Kindle Program you can read it for free!!!  It is short… 7 pages!!!  Very doable.  I’m planning to…

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Teaching Best~What I Most Wish to Learn~A BIG Thank You to You, the Reader! My Inspiration!

    Aloha to All who have ever read any of my blog posts~Thank you for having the interest in the topics that I write about.  There is a very true saying that " we teach best, what we have to learn the most!"   I'm learning so much as I write and I really [...]

Active Listening~How to Create It

This SKILL can be learned…Learn the magic of active listening and wave your magic wand to create deeper more loving and understanding relationships!



Did you know the Hindi word for soul is atma.  Very close to the root of the word atmosphere.  A possible meaning of atmosphere could include the sphere  of energy emanating from or around a soul; the domain of the soul, “the sphere of the soul”.

As souls walking around in soul consciousness, we become very powerful and can create and uplift the atmospheres of our homes, our workplaces, our schools, and even when intentionally directed, our world!

In addition to that, when we consciously learn and practice certain tools of communication, our chances for creating harmony and happiness is multiplied!  One wonderful tool that anyone can use, anywhere, anytime  is aptly called: “active listening”.

Hmmm you might be thinking, what makes listening active vrs. passive?  Be careful about reading into the active aspect of what active listening actually entails.  Think about a time when you were really…

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Your Total Game Depends on Thought

Last night, after World Peace Meditation, before sleep, I opened to these words of the Beloved.  I felt to share them, in love, and cherish the moments we share together with the Beloved.  May He be your Constant Companion and may you be a "destroyer of obstacles" for yourself and others! "When a powerful thought [...]