Spiritual Detox?

rewritten for your benefit~~~


Ask yourself what truly gives me peace?  What am I insisting I need to get done before I can be at peace?  What helps me to “be still”?

Within us, lies the Truth that we are more than our bodies…that actually we are not this body at all…but that I, the soul, HAVE a body that has been given to me for awhile to play a part in the ever-moving movie of life.

This body is not really mine, it is on loan from the Most Beautiful One, in order for me to fulfill some aspect of His/Her choreography in this vast play, we call the Dance of Life.

No wonder the soul’s true nature is to dance, to be free.  The yearning to be free from fears, doubts, wounds, and rules and to dance away into the beyond is a deep memory and it creates a subtle longing.


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