Aim to Reexperience and Claim Your True Power as a Soul~full of peace, love, happiness, purity, and bliss.

Throughout the day, watch your thoughts.  When you recognize that you are creating thoughts or feelings that are negative or wasteful, remind yourself that you are a peaceful and powerful soul, with love in your intellect, the creator of your own experiences.  Give your mind a powerful/loving thought to ponder.  Exercise your right as a self-sovereign soul to choose the thoughts you create.


While you are engaged in life, remind yourself  “I am a soul using my inner divinity to guide the external world of action.  Bring these 2 aspects into Harmony and you will have unlocked the secret to your eternal success, time after time!!!the eye of Drishti

To All Parents~For All Children

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This is a post on how to help children, your own, the ones you teach or counsel, and even, the ones who visit your home,  There are many components which help children and young adults to move to the rhythm of living and cherishing their values.

The following information is paraphrased from Diane Tillman’s classic on mindful parenting called Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect, page 305-306:

One of the ways of sharing values is through stories, songs, music, films, and activities that are about values.

Children love stories.  Start when they are infants with stories about peace, love, kindness, and courage.  After the age of two, slowly add small doses of appropriate cartoons or films by choosing the ones that are full of the values and qualities you want them to carry.  Don’t accept violent video games just because they are the trend, nowadays.  Continue with stories about kindness, courage to be honest, and being a good friend to others, as well as to nature and animals.  As they grow tell them the values of your own culture and the values of other cultures through stories, songs, music, art, and dance.

In the Living Values, Parenting Facilitation Course, we begin each Values Unit with “Reflection Points” (age appropriate) on the Value to be explored.

        Peace Reflection Points for children (8 to 14)


  • Peace is more than the absence of war
  • Peace is living in harmony and not fighting with others.
  • If everyone in the world were peacefu, this would be a peaceful world.
  • Peace is being quiet inside.
  • Peace is a calm and relaxed state of mind.
  • Peace is created through positive thoughts, pure feelings, and good wishes.



Those for children ages three to fourteen can be found under RESOUCE MATERIALS AND FREE DoWNLOADS as Living Values Posters.

Wishing for a culture of peace to be the foundation for every home and school on Kauai!