“Far from the Maddening Crowd”: Understanding Yourself and Others

   ” Hardly anyone understands what a soul is. It is a very subtle aspect that has to be understood.  Souls are extremely subtle and imperishable. Neither a soul nor his part can be destroyed… Source: "Far from the Maddening Crowd": Understanding Yourself and Others

To Be a Cooperative Soul means to be an Easy Yogi

  The first blessing you receive at your Brahmin Birth is the blessing of being an easy yogi.  Ask yourself, Am I an elevated soul who has received this blessing from the Father?  Constantly keep this blessing in your intellect. This is what it means to have this blessing in your life.  Are you a [...]

What K.I.D.S. did for pre-schoolers and their parents is continued with “LIVING VALUES EDUCATION”

As one popular child psychologist suggests: "Children learn what they live".  Since all behaviors emerge from the home environment and early childhood experiences, it is important that parents be actively involved in their child's educational life as well as 'model' the behaviors they wish to see. As the late Phyllis Kunimura expressed in her book Beyond [...]

Happy Birthday Kamala~You are a Wonder and a Peaceful Soul

A beautiful meditation for your New Year and NEW YOU!!!


Child Soul Meditating

A meditation for you~ Turning Inward, I focus on the point of energy in the center of my forehead…I concentrate my thoughts on my original form…I, the eternal point of living energy…my form is like a sparkling star…a point of living light…I shine like a diamond…I remember my original form…my original quality of peace…the more I focus attention inward, the more I experience silence and inner peace…peace is my original nature…peace is me…deep peace, the eternal peace of a being of light…whatever happens around me, I remain peaceful…I have the power of stability…the power of concentrating my thoughts…the power to be peaceful with myself…clear and free from external influence…I am free…these concentrated thoughts of peace become a powerful beam of light beaming me up into a beautiful world of silence…a world of golden-red light…I have come home…to the land of peace…In this world I am completely myself…I am free…peaceful…a point…

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Reflections~Under the Mango Tree

This is a true story about a grand mango tree.  This tree stands in India til today and serves as a "voice" for all others of its species. Each summer it produced hundreds of mouth-watering mangoes which the diligent owners collected, without letting any go to waste.  They gladly distributed these luscious gifts to their [...]

A Love Letter from the ONE~


Isn’t it interesting that we all started out as pure and positive beings (souls) and that only after the Great Cleansing, will we all be that once again…Such is the Father’s Great Love!

In today’s Murli, a wonderful love letter that many yogis who practice Raja Yoga read and study every day, it was noted that: “It is with great difficulty that body consciousness breaks.  Only when you consider yourself to be bodiless can there be love for the Father.

Otherwise the intellect (higher mind, conscience/heart) is caught up with the karmic accounts of the body,” i.e. who said what to whom? what’s she wearing> where’s the money coming from? why did it have to be like that!!!???

That’s just for starters!   Karmic accounts of the body include: relationships, finances, livelihood, the limited, perishable things that take up a lot, if not all of our time.

Too often we, as…

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