Happy Birthday Kamala~You are a Wonder and a Peaceful Soul

A beautiful meditation for your New Year and NEW YOU!!!


Child Soul Meditating

A meditation for you~ Turning Inward, I focus on the point of energy in the center of my forehead…I concentrate my thoughts on my original form…I, the eternal point of living energy…my form is like a sparkling star…a point of living light…I shine like a diamond…I remember my original form…my original quality of peace…the more I focus attention inward, the more I experience silence and inner peace…peace is my original nature…peace is me…deep peace, the eternal peace of a being of light…whatever happens around me, I remain peaceful…I have the power of stability…the power of concentrating my thoughts…the power to be peaceful with myself…clear and free from external influence…I am free…these concentrated thoughts of peace become a powerful beam of light beaming me up into a beautiful world of silence…a world of golden-red light…I have come home…to the land of peace…In this world I am completely myself…I am free…peaceful…a point…

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