Turning Within for Solutions

Hanalei Bay

This is a wonderful  “as above, so below” shot of the Hanalei Pier, the  mountains, and the ocean.  What is interesting to me is that the pier, the heart of Hanalei Bay, is not reflected in the water.  What is visible is only the physical structure; the reflection of the pier can not be seen for it has been swallowed up by the shadows of the mountains.

I find this very symbolic of the condition of much of the world today…whereby the physical structure and content of reality dominates our awareness  and the spiritual reflection or recognition of who we really are has been clouded over by the shadows of seemingly mountainous burdens and, at other times, by the distractions that have made us forget to turn within for solutions.

The part of us that is invisible, can shine like the Sun, when we pay attention to it. The light of the sun like our own light can illuminate the shadows. Knowing yourself from the inside takes effort and determination to turn away from the distracting ‘splendor’ of the physicality of everything around us, including our own bodies, in order to view the true splendor of our spiritual selves, the tiny point of light which resides in the center of the forehead. This can be experienced through meditation and is the foundation for Raja Yoga Meditation which the Brahma Kumaris teach worldwide.

A BLESSING from the Highest on High~who is also invisible, incognito, and yet ever so powerful when we turn our attention in that One’s Direction~

“May you be bodiless* and pass with honors with the stage of being detached…have the practice of remaining beyond your words and thoughts.  Let your soul become merged in the Ocean of Peace.  At the end only the bodiless* stage will be useful…and make you victorious.”

*Definition of BODILESS:  This is the state of awareness of your true identity as a point of light,  a sparkling star, sitting in the center of your forehead while in the body. It is actually a dual awareness of being in the body, and being separate from the body~This is the truth of our existence, since I, the soul, as a being of  light- am eternal, whereas the body made up of the elements of earth, water, air, ether, and fire)  is oh so temporary.

Remember you are an eternal soul!

sparking soul

Change Has Been Mandated for Our Times~Are You Changing Consciously or Unconsciously?

It is a wonder that only when I have a changeless sense of who I am, can real change happen with more grace and ease!

Our original nature is pure, happy, unlimited, peaceful, wise and blissful. When this is not my experience, it is time to take a gentle look as to what is dominating my awareness.

This gentle look is facilitated by stepping into the softness of my inner world through meditation.  When I access this safe place and anchor in, I can have a good look around.  Change takes place naturally and consciously through contemplation, self-reflection, and meditation.

Contemplating on how others should change or how the world should change is mostly fruitless.  The only one I can change is myself…and when I change, the world around me also changes.  This is the wonder of the “unified field”. Change happens most gracefully through the power of awareness and self-clarity.

Go inward today, have a nice look around, and ask yourself how would I like to practice change today?  Be amazed by the results!!!




Don’t Live “Under the Influence”


pink rose with pink aura

I am responsible for all that I experience, for all perceptions and feelings.  We are all living subjectively.  Remind yourself of this and go beyond your own mind!

Do not be under the influence of transitory perceptions of reality, even your own.

Go beyond and  immerse yourself in the Ocean of Silence, the Ocean of Peace, the One above.  Receive truth from this space.

Get into a wavelength that is beyond the problem that you are facing in order to receive a greater power.

This is how to resolve difficulties and obstacles.

Occasionally a trusted friend who knows you very well can be of assistance.

Yet for the best guidance, turn your attention to the Invisible Friend, the One without a body, the One who has never stopped loving you, even for an instant.


The Downpour of Divine Love that Quickens the Heart

The downpour of divine love that quickens the heart

makes it like an ocean, makes it begin to vibrate,

begin to live,

to give forth with energy and life,

to unleash tidal waves of spiritual emotion, embracing all beings.

Knock agains the walls of the shell so that the whole power of your heart

streams forth, flooding the Universe.

Find accomodation in all those hearts that you have touched upon,

from the moment that you have touched deeply upon the heart.

Think of all those hearts you have quickened.

Feel into the Light in the Heart of those whose Light you enhanced by your love.

See if you can get an answer to your heart’s greatest longing by knocking upon the door of your Heart.

Strike upon the gong until the gong opens up into wider spaces.

Life, itself, strikes upon your heart.

Life is knocking at the Door,

So that you may receive the answer.

Blessed is the answer which uproots the questions…

Should I do this?  Should I do that?

Am I flooding the world with Joy? Or

Am I creating concern and unhappiness?

There is the Answer.

You can’t find the answer in the mind.

For as soon as you knock at the door of the heart

The heart becomes a living receptacle.

Watch your mind scuttling itself

Before the immensity of the power of the Heart,

so that you have lost all sense of it being your heart.

It is no longer your heart,

It has become the heart of the Divine Beloved

Moving through you.

p.s. I have been carrying around this poem on some slips of paper for a long time now.  Wonder if anyone knows the source of this poem, the poet, the tradition from whence this poem has emerged.  I’ve googled it, but to no avail!

Thank you for all responces!!!







Sacred Sunday: What Makes it Sacred?


Sacred is sunshine in the middle of a gray day…

Is humility taming arrogance.

Is the light of truth brightening the gloom of falsehood.

Is kindness found at the bottom of a forsaken heart.

It is~

Knowing the dawn will come after even the darkest of dark nights,

It is Believing in yourself, quietly, in a loud and racuous world,

It is listening to the heartbeat of the Mother,

Knowing the rise and fall of the breath of the Father.

It is the refreshment of Silence and

Being ‘long lost and Now found

By the Blissful One who has loved you,