Turning Within for Solutions

This is a wonderful  "as above, so below" shot of the Hanalei Pier, the  mountains, and the ocean.  What is interesting to me is that the pier, the heart of Hanalei Bay, is not reflected in the water.  What is visible is only the physical structure; the reflection of the pier can not be seen [...]

Change Has Been Mandated for Our Times~Are You Changing Consciously or Unconsciously?

It is a wonder that only when I have a changeless sense of who I am, can real change happen with more grace and ease! Our original nature is pure, happy, unlimited, peaceful, wise and blissful. When this is not my experience, it is time to take a gentle look as to what is dominating [...]

Don’t Live “Under the Influence”

  I am responsible for all that I experience, for all perceptions and feelings.  We are all living subjectively.  Remind yourself of this and go beyond your own mind! Do not be under the influence of transistory perceptions of reality, even your own. Go beyond and  immerse yourself in the Ocean of Silence, the Ocean of Peace, [...]

The Downpour of Divine Love that Quickens the Heart

The downpour of divine love that quickens the heart makes it like an ocean, makes it begin to vibrate, begin to live, to give forth with energy and life, to unleash tidal waves of spiritual emotion, embracing all beings. Knock agains the walls of the shell so that the whole power of your heart streams [...]