Prayer for the Twenty-first Century

Prayer for the 21st Century by John Marsden

May the road be free for the journey,

May it lead where it promised it would.

May the stars that gave ancient bearings

Be seen, still understood.

May every aircraft fly safely,

May every traveller be found,

May sailors crossing the ocean

Not hear the cries of the drowned.

May garden be wild, like jungles,

May nature never be tamed,

May dangers create of us heroes,

May fears always have names.

May the mountains stand to remind us

Of what it means to be young,

May we be outlived by our daughters,

May we be outlived by our sons.

May the bombs rust away in the bunkers,

And the doomsday clock not be rewound,

May the solitary scientists, working

Remember the holes in the ground.

May the knife remain in the holder,

May the bullet stay in the gun,

May those who live in the shadows

Be seen by those in the sun.

BJess and Luca in front of Natick Home

Excited About Writing!

Aloha Dear Parents!

Just a quick note to let you know some of the exciting writing projects that we will be moving with this quarter and beyond.  You may have heard by now that we have been reading FOLKTALES!  We will continue this until the Fall Break.  We will also be writing our own original folk tale and publishing it. On one educational site, there is a straightforward way for students to “publish” their work for other students and teachers to read.  We will begin our publishing journey here.

I’m planning to give them enough class time supplemented by homework assignments to have the first draft and final draft completed by Fall Break.  Be on the look out for a “Folk Tale Booklet” that I’ve designed to guide them to weave all the basic elements of the folk tale into their story.

Another genre that I’m presently creating for the writer’s workshop part of their studies is the Personal Narrative.  Narrative writing is a wonderful way to express those little moments of life that have been exceptional in some way or manner…exceptionally wondrous, exceptionally difficult, exceptionally insightful, exceptionally fun, and so on!

As reading strengthens our writing, we will also be reading various personal narratives that can guide our keiki to reflect upon and choose the types of personal stories they would like to write about.

Thank you for supporting your child in these projects.



p.s. FYI    We will not begin the Personal Narrative Unit till after Fall Break when Ramana returns.


The 2 Things which Form the Basis of Going Up or Going Down

In life, the basis of feeling light or feeling heavy, going up or going down are two things!  Feelings and Intentions are the basis of living obstacle-free or burdened by opposition!

Having good wishes is otherwise known as benevolent feelings for all, the feeling of giving love and cooperation, the feeling of increasing courage and enthusiasm, the feeling of soul consciousness and the feeling of belonging. Good wishes, good feelings and intentions are the basis for happiness and an obstacle-free life.

If you find that you have other types of feelings which oppose any of the feelings and intentions noted above, then you will be troubled and drawn into those grosser feelings.  It will be harder to maintain a light and positive attitude toward yourself and others. You will find that the challenges in your life, which are there to make you strong, seem to drag on indefinitely.   For the main reason for any obstacle or challenge will be these contradictory feelings!

Therefore in order to “change the channel” from opposition to cooperation, become detached and view the situation from the standpoint and awareness of an amazing soul full of love and peace, for this is who you are, in truth! And, in essence, this is also who everyone else truly is!

It is a matter of remembering and forgetting the truth.