The Voice of God Whispers Continuously in My Ears

Captured on October 30, 2011 after being on Mt. Abu in Rajasthan, India at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University: The Longing and the Comfort merged. Ever Ready, with such refined intoxication that has been given                                        [...]

Goddesses Have Divine Virtues!

On the occasion of Diwali~Bringing this knowledge to the forefront!


Girl and the Sky“The Father sits here and explains about devotion and knowledge”.                                                         Murli:  1/1/2016

Spiritual Children:  Have you understood how there cannot be true fulfillment through devotion and that it is only through ‘this knowledge’ that ordinary human beings are made into deities?”

You may be asking what is meant by knowledge in this context and how does it differ from devotion?  What kind of knowledge comes from the Father/Mother of all and is infused with the transformational magic of changing ordinary human beings into deities.  The Beloved Parent/Friend gives us ordinary humans, caught in the web of thinking we are the roles we play, the recognition of the Self.  The Beloved finds us and helps us to recognize the One, as He/She…

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Meditation for Children: The Magnet


When my 5 year old grandson said to me “Nana, I don’t know how to calm down” I realized how much our present world is effecting our nervous systems at all ages.  Bringing rituals into our lives that help our children and us to wind down, let go of the day, and simply be is catching on.  Guided Meditation for children is very effective when it contains a story that draws upon the child’s imagination, at the same time, it is calming down the senses.

The meditation I’ve chosen to share with you is from a wonderful website called: Relax Kids…  It goes like this…

Child Soul Meditating

“Pretend that your mind is a huge magnet, it’s not an ordinary magnet that attracts metal…it’s a  special magnet attracts all kinds of things, like people, and feelings.  Whatever you are thinking about is what the big magnet will attract more of.   Would you…

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Diwali ~Festival of Lights~ Celebration of the Awareness of the Eternal Light of the Self


Iridescent HeartNamaste and Aloha Sweet Soul,

Are you feeling how quickly the holiday season is approaching?

Before the flurry of activities gets into full swing, the Brahma Kumaris of Kauai would like to invite you and your family to join us in a Kauai-style celebration of Diwali  that centers on the awareness of the eternal light of the Self!

We will be celebrating Diwali on Sunday, November 5th, starting at 6:30p.m. at our Kilauea home on Kolo Road and you and your family are invited!

Please R.S.V.P. by calling/texting Shivalaya at 808-639-9436.

Diwali, which is very much a celebration of Light with candles and nowadays, lots of electric lights, happens every October in India.  It precedes our western holiday season and for that reason, can be called the gateway into the season of holy days, as well as a gateway for self-transformation.

The true purpose of Diwali is the awakening to…

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Diwali ~ A Creative and Light-Filled Gathering

Namaste and Aloha Sweet Soul, Are you in the mood for candles, intention-setting with wonderful souls, a warm, loving atmosphere, some chai, beautiful, live music on harmonium and piano with Maria Christina's angelic voice at a lovely spot on the North Shore? If you said YES!!! then the Brahma Kumaris of Kauai would love to [...]