A Meditation to Create Positive Shifts in Relationships

via A Meditation to Create Positive Shifts in Relationships

Do You Know the Part of You that is Perfect & Pure?

There is a part of you that is perfect and pure. 

 Learn how to reach it, to make time each day to nurture it, and this will bring you untold benefits.  Call to join us in this Exploration of the Soul. 

Free Classes begin Monday, January 14th at 4:30pm in Kilauea and convene each Monday thereafter…same time, same place for 4 weeks. 

A gift to the souls of our community~


       For more information and directions, call  Shivalaya @ 808-639-9436.light-body

Playing Your Part Well!

Master Your Mind~


celebrating your last thought

Happiest of HoliDays

Play your part as only you, the unique soul can play it.  Practice again and again, until you play it exactly as your sweetest, most loving inner voice would have you play it.  If you catch yourself being sarcastic or negative on the inner~even if you don’t ever express it outwardly through words, give your mind the message to STOP.

You are the sovereign of your mind; make it  powerful with kind and positive thoughts and it will serve you wisely and  lovingly.

You are also the mother of your mind, treat it kindly and it will listen!  If you ever catch yourself thinking: “Oh I wish that never happened”, think again and realize that everything that happens is accurate according to your karma account.

However, if you wish to change the circumstances and patterns of your life, work diligently on changing the patterns of your thoughts…

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Self-Respect gains Respect from Others and Dispels Darkness

Give Yourself a Lift through the thoughts you choose.


I am a child of GodYour spiritual journey begins with ‘Who am I?’ and ends with ‘Who am I’?   Self-knowledge, self-reflection, and self-respect will reveal your innate power and unique role in the drama of life.

To give respect to the Self, instead of demanding respect from others has great benefits.   As  self-respect increases, the soul becomes humble and fulfilled. Being in self-respect brings respect from others easily and continually.

Renouncing the desires of I, me, and mine cools the ego down.  Work on the ego allows one to experience progress in meditation and other spiritual work.  Controlling negative and useless thoughts about yourself and others is easier when you think elevated and positive thoughts about the Self.  This is the opposite of arrogance; this has to do with acknowledging the True Self.

Self-respect dispels consciousness of the self as a limited, temporary body.  Self-respect is the foundation for the state of soul-consciousness.  Each and…

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