Trick Question: Can You See Your Own Blind Spot?


In response to the question in the title: can you see your own blind spot….one place to start is by taking a good, long, look at what you do everyday that isn’t benefiting you or anyone else. It might not become conscious to you until you take time to “Stop and Look”. Once you find something that you do everyday that is of no value to you or anyone else, plan to restart, reset your day by beginning with something that is beneficial.

This doesn’t mean to take a different route to work or to have one cup of coffee instead of two, or even to start exercising. All of that is great, but that is more in the line of your limited life. We want to switch from the limited into the unlimited which means the new thing we choose to implement will be on the subtle level of…

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8 Signs of Personal Mastery

5 of the 8 powers are here…to be continued~


What does Spiritual Mastery mean to you?

What is self-mastery or spiritual mastery based on?  What are the signs that you are able to be the master of your self? This article will take up the 8 powers (indicators) of mastery based on the sovereign teachings of Raja Yoga.

To prepare yourself to receive the powers themselves, not just to read of their descriptions, imagine what it feels and looks like to be masterful. Visualize walking comfortably and confidently in the shoes of someone you consider to have attained spiritual mastery.

Is there a place inside of you that feels that spiritual mastery is reserved for the fortunate few… for souls like the mystics, the saints, the Dalai Lama, and other “advanced” beings?

This is an important inquiry.  Ask yourself, the you that is unlimited, to show you any limitations, conscious or unconscious that you have about self mastery.  Asking…

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Why Yoga

Nice description of yoga of the mind! Thank you.


Raja Yoga is the Yoga of the Mind. It brings evenness of mind. It strengthens your intelligence, refines your conscience and provides you with an endless source of inner power.

The inner self, the spark of life, the being of light within is not your body. Your mind operates between your soul and your body.

Inside your being is your Will – the power that leads your mind. Yoga means what your mind is connected to, and then, what you experience in your mind. Yoga with the Supreme Being enables you to experience peace, love, bliss within your mind. Otherwise you experience physical sensations in your mind.

How do you practice Yoga of the Mind? You focus your mind upon itself, turning your attention within. Then you focus your mind towards the light beyond – the Source, the Force, the origin of all virtues and inner powers. You taste the…

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Soul Series of Free Classes

 What is a soul?  Many talk about ‘soul’, but few truly have experienced what a soul is, what powers it contains, where it comes from, and how to live from soul consciousness.      George Washington Carver, a deeply spiritual man was quoted by his dear friend, Glenn Clark, in a book called:               [...]

The 8 Spiritual Powers of the Soul

  What does Spiritual Mastery mean to you?  What are the signs of living in spiritual power? This article takes up the 8 spiritual powers of the soul or personal mastery based on the ancient teachings of Raja Yoga which guide the soul back to its original birthright of self sovereignty. These eight powers are found [...]