The Natural Practice of Being Detached~

May you transform your nature with natural attention and practice. An original quality of all of you is attention. Since you know how to have tension, what is the big deal in keeping attention! Let there not be any tension in your paying attention,  but let there be natural attention. The soul has the natural [...]

Tonight is Dedicated to…

This piece was originally written about a group World Peace Meditation that was dedicated to our soul family around the globe.  It went something like this: Tonight's World Peace Meditation is Dedicated to... To all those who seek the deepest peace and the greatest love in life, To those who simply seek to know what [...]

To be Free of Body Consciousness, Consider Yourself to Be a Soul

I am on a pilgrimage; my Spiritual Guide is the One...He/She will guide me through to my home and my kingdom. The Father frees us from the armed robbers of body consciousness and tells us how to get out of the jungle.  Have a real engagement with Me! Only in this unlimited engagement is there [...]

Affirmations to Explore Your Resources of Inner Beauty

  The wonder of life fills my being.  I willingly challenge old ideas and images. I find loveliness in myself and others, an inner beauty, unique and cherished. I catch the lightness of life and sense a good future. I enjoy what life offers, knowing my needs will be filled as surely as day follows [...]