The Blessing of Natural Attention

purple you are a soulMay you transform your nature with natural attention and practice.
An original quality of all of you is attention.                                                              Since you know how to have tension, what is the big deal in keeping attention!

Let there not be any tension in your paying attention,                                            but let there be natural attention.

Souls have the natural practice of being detached. It was detached and it will again become detached.

Just as the practice of coming into words has become a firm practice, in the same way, let the practice of going beyond words and being
detached become natural and you will easily be able to achieve success in service with the powerful vibrations of being detached.

This natural practice will change your nature.
Slogan: Do the exercise of being bodiless and observe the precaution of a diet free from wasteful thinking. (Murli)

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