4 Stages of Meditation to Take You Deep

Etheral Candles and Flowes

First of all, notice the I that observes the you who thinks, dreams, and desires.  There is a part of you that is separate from the mind, from the habits, from the reactions.  This is the part of you that can be empowered through meditation.

This is the part of the soul that is called the silent witness or the detached observer.  This part of the soul is also called the intellect and is continually refined as you study, as you experience, as you learn and as you meditate. The intellect of the soul contains your reserves of wisdom and knowledge, and has the power to discern, discriminate, and decide. The intellect contains the wisdom to calm the mind down and to choose which thoughts make you feel elevated and happy.

Grow this part of the soul.  It is the ‘mother’ to your mind.  It will guide you. Have faith in the intellect.

The 4 steps which will take you into deep meditation follow:

The first step in meditation is called INITIATION. It simply means creating a quiet, comfortable place that is conducive to meditation. A place where you won’t be disturbed or easily distracted.  A place just to be quiet in and to build up the energy of peace and stillness.

The 2nd stage is called MEDITATION. It involves selecting a topic or a theme for your meditation. It could be a quality, value, or virtue that you would like to focus upon in order to understand it and embrace it more deeply.  It might be a statement claiming the quality … such as: I am a Peaceful Soul.  It might be in the form of a question such as: what does bliss feel like? or humility? or contentment ? Concentrate your mind on your chosen statement or question.  If the mind wanders, if there is a struggle, know you have the ability to bring it back, like a loving mother to the theme at hand. Training the mind is important, getting the wheels of a rusty mind going in the direction you want, may take a bit of gently bringing it back time and again.  Be kind to the mind and it will cooperate.

As this loving, guiding relationship develops between you-the soul and your intellect and your mind, you will be able to naturally move into the next stage of concentration where the mind is happily engaged and moving with your topic.

The 3rd stage is called CONCENTRATION. In concentration you have reached the stage where your thoughts are flowing freely upon your chosen theme, circling around your subject like a bee buzzing around a flower, drinking in the nectar.  You are deep into the investigation of your theme.  This will lead you into the 4th and last stage in which you become the topic of your meditation. You become peace, bliss, humility, or contentment, etc.

The 4th stage is called REALIZATION. It is the stage in which you come to know and feel the essence of the topic or theme you have chosen.   In this stage you have gone beyond contemplation into knowing and being.  This is when meditation becomes very practical and has a beneficial effect on the rest of your life.

You may choose to meditate on one theme for a month or longer.  Accomplished meditators are known to stay on certain aspects, qualities, or themes for long, concentrated periods of time. This develops patience and faith.

Contemplating on elevated states of being, such as peace, bliss, humility, true love will produce elevated streams of thought.  You are literally invoking these states to arise within your being.  Doing this type of 4 step process on a daily basis can create a powerful vibration which will affect you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Daily meditation creates a powerful momentum.  As your meditation begets more meditation, a new consciousness emerges from within.  As you powerfully integrate the themes you have chosen to take up in meditation, they will color your experiences and even uplift others.

As you meditate on these beautiful states and qualities, ask yourself how can I stay in touch with this place inside of myself, with this knowing, with this awareness? How can I hold the preciousness of this consciousness, so it does not fade away? As you continue this process of realisation, you will come to know the qualities of your own essence.

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How to Be in Relationship with Karma as a Soul

Anahola Praying Maiden

This piece is taken from Chapter 6 called The Landscape of Karma from the wondrous book called The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty.

This section is called”Karma and Yoga”.

At the Confluence Age, the Father teaches the children how to perform elevated actions.  You are now learning to perform actions that will make your actions neutral for many births. To perform elevated actions, you need to have the balance of karma and yoga.

In performing actions of charity and service, some people of the world say that action is yoga. they do not believe action to be seperate from yoga. they think that be a karma yogi means to have yoga in action.  However, karma yoga means to come into action in one moment, and the next moment to be detached from doing actions. It means to be concentrated on yourself as a soul, the one who is doing the action.

Do you know how to do this exercise? If you are busy performing any action, would you be able to put a full stop to thinking about that action? Would you be able to do this, or would you continue to have thoughts of the action you were doing? In one second, you should be able to merge the expansion of the action and become the embodiment of the essence of the soul.

A karma yogi is one who has relationship with actions. When you are in relationship with karma (actions), then you are able to be detached and loving as the doer of the action. You will act from a stage of self-sovereignty – one with all rights and not under any kind of influences.  To be in relationship with actions, you need the support and cooperation of the mind, intellect, and sanskars.

Any thought that enters the mind is the soil in which the seeds of action are planted. Words and actions are the expansion of the seed. By checking the thought with the power of the intellect, (the intellect is the mother of the mind, which is the child) that is, to discern the quality of the thought, it becomes a powerful inner environment to sow seeds of action.  As a result, there is easy success in your words and actions. If you do not check your thoughts, that that action may tie you in bondage.

To do this checking, experiment with the power of pure thought. With pure thought, you are able to see the successful form of whatever you want. Experiment with this on yourself and in your relationships with others. The double power of pure thought combined with love will enable you to be victorious over the vices and to perform actions that result in peace and happiness. Experiment with this in relation to your body, mind, and sanskars, and experience the meaning of relationship with karma.

To be in relationship with action (karma) means not to be one who is under the influence of the outcome of the action, but to be a master creator of the action. It means while using the sense organs to perform actions, to be detached at the same time from external influences and temporary desires. The soul should not be subservient to the outcome of actions, but it should be the master and nd continue to enable actions to take place. The true reality of success is in the quality of the creation of the action. The outcome is just an image that reflects this reality.

The sense organs have a strong power of attraction to immediate outcomes of action, and when the soul is influenced it becomes subservient-it is tied in bondage. As a result, the quality of creation is affected. To be in relationship is to be beyond, to be detached. This means it is the function of the eyes to see, but who is it that is performing the act of seeing? the eyes perform the action, and the soul instructs the action of seeing to take place. This is to perform actions in a soul-conscious stage.

Lotus message if we master our thoughts, we master our lives

The Landscape of Karma

Let in the Light~GoldenThis is a beautiful section from a book called: The Story of Immortality… A Return to Self-Sovereignty.  The book is written from the perspective of the Benevolent Mother Father God speaking to us as Our Most Enlightening Teacher.  This section is about Karma~and How to create Elevated Karma-Elevated Actions.

Imagine that the Highest on High has come down to give you direct knowledge with no one’s interpretation between your mind and that One’s Thoughts.  The Highest on High says to you:

“I am now teaching you how to stabilize yourself in the stage of being a soul. This automatically brings out the original pure sanskars of self-benefit and self-respect and makes you a detached observer of the Law of Cause and Effect.  Being a detached observer helps you to develop controlling power so that you do not come under the influence of any sense organs or any gross or subtle forms of the vices of anger, greed, lust, ego, and attachment. When you sit on the seat of a detached observer, you can clearly see things about your self as well as others, and your discernment can then be accurate.  However, remember to check yourself and be your own judge,  rather than judging anyone else.

Whatever you do, do it after seeing and thinking about it as an observer.  You will see it, think about it, and then do it.  You will align your actions to the elevated spiritual teachings.  The habit of checking the consciousness, that is, the quality of your thoughts before performing an action, becomes natural.  The soul is reminded of its innate virtues, powers, and wisdom.  Because these remain in your awareness, you are able to use them accurately.

With this change in your awareness, you change your entire world of actions.  You experience yourself to be double light – to be the form of light, the soul, and become free of the burden of past actions.  This experience is called being liberated in life while doing actions.

I explain the meaning and significance of life without fear, repentance, or punishment by explaining the philosophy of karma. If something happens, people will say, “It is the will of God”.  You would not say this.  You would say it is the destiny of the drama.  Although, according to the Law of Action, all have to face the consequences of their actions and be accountable for whatever wrong they do, I do not sit and punish you.

I have come to show the path of efforts and rewards.  My part is to purify everyone.  I tell you that whatever has happened, whether good or bad, was all in the drama” ( meant to be).  ~ teachings of the Benevolent Almighty One~

Stay with the One

Let in the Light~Golden


I stay with the One with a thousand arms of light.

Why turn to someone with only two arms when I can stay wrapped in the One with a thousand arms of light?

The One who shields me in the bodiless state of being a great soul, blissful and balanced.

With this One I am safe, secure, in super-sensuous joy.

A joy the body can never know.

A joy reserved for the soul,

Enjoyed in the early hours of silence before dawn…

free, eternal, light, incognito, unlimited, ascending.

A river of light connected with the Ocean of Light.

Pure powerful, peaceful

Freely gathering jewels of wisdom

and sharing them with others.

Spinning vortexes of love and bliss from the Highest on High.

The needle of the intellect ever pulled by the Divine Magnet

Into the realms of crystal clear Silence.

Spiritual Check-Up:Are you Racing Past the Present?

                                                 A New Year Check-Up


Stop Running The Race

Enjoy The Present Moment 

Become free from the belief that it is the future which counts the most.


Have you been  on a treadmill of achieving socially valid goals-

Are you aiming for a prize that is so fleeting it dissolves before you ever have the satisfaction of holding it in your hands, before the slightest degree of happiness of having achieved it is felt.

In this race, the many possible, fulfilling experiences of the present are missed along the way.

The most crucial step in freeing yourself is the ability to find rewards in the events of each moment.  Learning to enjoy and find meaning in the ongoing stream of experience, melts away the burden of stress for achieving something externally.

Identify and nourish the genuine rewards of life and stop running after the prize that is always just out of reach.

Once you have defined your own goals, the learning gained from overcoming obstacles along the way, will give you the internal reward of feeling more skilled, unique and capable.

In the process of achieving these individual accomplishments, an attitude of collaboration and co-operation with others can add a sense of harmony and fulfillment in life.

Being more sensitive to life cultivates a space for care and respect for other souls and their ideas and lives beyond the physical self.

This human integration and flow makes the present more enjoyable. It also brings   self-confidence in your capacity to make significant contributions to your family, friendships, workplace, and community

For to recognise one’s own uniqueness is to respect oneself.

Expression:  To have respect for oneself based on other people’s opinion or situational achievements is to have respect temporarily.

True respect for the self is based on the recognition of the fact that every individual is unique with his or her own set of capabilities. This understanding enables one to see one’s own uniqueness without comparing with others.

Experience: When I know how to recognise and appreciate my own uniqueness and respect myself on this basis, I am able to be free from ego or a feeling of inferiority. I am also able to recognise and naturally respect the uniqueness of others. Thus I am able to win multitudes of love and respect from both my inner world and the outer world.


Is Your Purpose-On Purpose?

The Joy and Grace of Living Your Purpose

Aloha to You, Wherever You May Be,

When I recently drew the blessing card called Purpose~I read it thoughtfully and began to wonder! It said: “A master is motivated by the meaning of their life and will persevere regardless of all obstacles. A master doesn’t deviate.” I began thinking about the nature of purpose, motivation, commitment, and overcoming obstacles. In one’s life there exist different levels of purpose. In one respect, we have our physical goals and purpose~i.e. to have a satisfying career, faithful friends, a supportive living environment, a healthy body, and maybe even a decent bank account! In Hindi, the word- lokik relates to all things material, i.e. our outer world. When it comes to lokik goals,pursuits, and responsibilities, they are varied and unique depending on one’s specific interests, talents, family conditioning and upbringing, education, and other worldly factors that have influenced one’s development.

When it comes to spiritual goals and aims, the Hindi language has another word that is used exclusively when referring to one’s spiritual life or inner world. That word is “alokik”. When it comes to spirituality, or inner aspirations, a constant of almost all people if they take the time to wonder is the question – Who am I? The answer to this question must be broad enough to be independent of the changing roles one has in the course of their life as they journey from an infant to the grave. Another spiritual purpose for many is to discover their own personal connection to the Creator, the One Above, the Universe, or whatever name one gives to that All-powerful Force.

At the lovely age of “60 something”, I had gleaned from life personally fulfilling and universal answers to both of these questions. The quest for the answers intensified as I approached the age of retirement~when there was space in life away from the immediate demands of family, work, and friends to give time to the inner world. I am now in a position and place in life where I have the tools to share with others to assist them on the inner journey. Perhaps you are now becoming aware that as a result of your perception of yourself and others, as simply lokik human beings, with lokik mindsets, chances are that your spiritual or alokik nature has become buried and unaccessible under the burden and overload of impressions and imprints of “the world which has been too much with us”. This happens due to karmic relationships, poor choices, harmful situations, and traumatic events that have distracted us and /or blocked our ability to access our truth.

I offer folks different opportunities to clarify their lokik as well as alokik purpose and meaning in life. I’ve synthesized through my own ongoing journey over the last 21 years while living on the island of Kauai a process of Spiritual Empowerment that I share with others. This process includes deep listening, writing, meditating, and silence to assist you in unlocking your doors of perception into the wonderful truths about your own essential nature which can lead you to embodying your true Self.

What better time, than the present unprecedented times of “lock down” and social distancing to dive deep into the wonder of the Self.

Contact me @ 808-639-9436 for a free 30 minute session of Spiritual Empowerment.

As well as this, I facilitate a small group experience called “The Art of Stillness” each Thursday from 4p.m. to 6p.m. Hawaii Time. Call me at (808) 639-9436 to learn more about this experience and how to join us!

With Divine Love and Respect for Who You Truly Are,



Thought is a Spiritual Elevator…It will Take You and Others Up or Down~

Can you use the power of thought as you wish?  At the present time, scientists have estimated that each of us generates 60,000 thoughts a day and that 95 to 98% of those thoughts are the same ones we had yesterday and the day before…and the same ones we will have tomorrow! However, apparently we are aware of only about 200 of those thoughts.

Each of these thoughts is releasing a shower of chemicals at the physical level.  The brain, which has 100 billion neurons – each with about 1,000 connections, fires on average of 200 times per second, resulting in 20,000 trillion calculations per second!  All of this activity consumes loads of life energy.

If we can reduce the quantity of our thoughts by even a small percentage, it can have a huge impact upon the quality of our life.  Practicing silence for a few minutes every day gives you back the power of that conserved energy.

As we become proficient in reducing the quantity of thoughts, we will start observing a remarkable improvement in the quality of our thoughts.  For when we reduce the number of thoughts, the thought congestion also reduces, and we are able to hold each thought a little longer.  A thought gains power and potency, the longer it is held. 

Every thought has creative power and the longer we hold a thought, the more powerful it becomes.  We send out the essence of ourselves with every thought.  Our essence mingles with other essences and creates and re-creates our physical environment.  When understood in this light, one can see that life is not our master, but our child, our creation.

Practicing silence for a few minutes every day gives you more power to create your surrounding environment.

Silence, in essence, is vibration at its highest frequency.  Silence can be compared to the blades of a fan which as they rotate at a high speed seem to disappear.  Likewise, silence as vibrations moving at the highest frequency,  appears to be like nothing. However, it is from these highest vibrations of silence that all other lower vibrations originate.  What can be easily deduced is that everything is born out of silence. 

There is much scientific truth to the statement, “When a thought is released from the seat of silence, a mere wish becomes a command to the universe.” So make your mind and intellect like a genie who says: ‘your wish is my command’.  Command thoughts such as I am a peaceful, loving soul to emerge even in the throes of difficulties. Impact your world with your vibrations of peace.  Think of how the smallest pebble is able to cause endless ripples in the still water of the greatest lake.

Vibrations are transferred via a state of non-doing.  That is the significance of  sitting in a state of meditation.  By sitting in such a state of non-doing in a space of high vibrations or in the presence of a person of high vibrations, those vibrations will be transferred to you.  The power of non-doing is that it enables you to tune in and imbibe the higher vibrations.  In the presence of higher vibrations, all things are possible.

Perhaps that is why the great writer, Franz Kafka said: “You do not need to leave your room.  Remain sitting at your table and listen.  Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still, and solitary.  The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.”

Imagine yourself, sitting alone, at a table on this sweet, cobblestone street.  What would you like to create?  What thoughts would you love to remember having which created a profound effect upon the world at large and your personal self-image*  The Highest on High, Mother Father of All has encouraged us by sharing that the “the easiest way to bring about world benefit at present is by stabilizing your mind in the most elevated thoughts, thereby stabilizing the wandering intellects of all other souls thus transforming the atmosphere with your attitude.”

Have you ever regarded your mind as such a powerful and impactful tool*  Use it wisely.

Churn on this for awhile in silence.

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.

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