4 Stages of Meditation to take you into Realization

First of all, notice the I that observes the you who thinks, dreams, and desires.  There is a part of you that is separate from the mind, from the habits, from the reactions.  This is the part of you that can be empowered through meditation.  This is the part of the soul that is called the silent [...]

June Full Moon 2018

Clear article on this month’s full moon~June 2018 in Capricorn! Going to the top of the mountain with agility and balance!

In a Love World

Intuitive Astrology: June Full Moon 2018

by Tanaazjune-full-moon-2018.jpgTake your mind back to what was unfolding for you at the start of the year. Where were you mentally? Where were you professionally? Where were you in your home and family life? Where were you with your relationships and friendships?

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How to Be in Relationship with Karma and Create Actions of Peace and Happiness

This piece is taken from Chapter 6 called The Landscape of Karma from the wondrous book called The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty. This section is called"Karma and Yoga". At the Confluence Age, the Father teaches the children how to perform elevated actions.  You are now learning to perform actions that will make [...]

The Landscape of Karma

  This is a beautiful section quoted from a wonderful book called: The Story of Immortality... A Return to Self-Sovereignty. This section is on Elevated Actions.  Imagine that the Highest on High has come down to truly give you knowledge straight from the Source, with no one else's interpretation in between that One's Thoughts and You, the [...]

Spiritual Check-Up:Are you Racing Past the Present?

  Stop Running The Race … Enjoy The Present Moment Become free from the belief that it is the future which counts the most. In this treadmill of achieving socially valid goals, we keep trying to win a prize that eventually dissolves in our hands, before we feel the slightest of happiness of having achieved it. We [...]

On Purpose

  A blessing card I recently received was called Purpose.  It reminded me that..."As a master, I am motivated by the meaning of my life.  Persevering regardless of all obstacles, I never deviate." Perhaps as this applies to each one of us, our purpose must be identified first, in order to maintain such an unshakable [...]

Thought is a Spiritual Elevator…It will Take You and Others Up or Down~Slow Down and Have Elevated Thoughts

Can you use the power of thought as you wish?  At the present time, scientists have estimated that each of us generates 60,000 thoughts a day and that 95 to 98% of those thoughts are the same ones we had yesterday and the day before...and the same ones we will have tomorrow! However, apparently we [...]