4 Stages of Meditation to take you into Realization

Etheral Candles and Flowes

First of all, notice the I that observes the you who thinks, dreams, and desires.  There is a part of you that is separate from the mind, from the habits, from the reactions.  This is the part of you that can be empowered through meditation.  This is the part of the soul that is called the silent witness or the detached observer.  This part of the soul is also called the intellect and is continually refined as you study, as you experience, as you learn and as you meditate. The intellect of the soul contains your reserves of wisdom and knowledge, and has the power to discern, discriminate, and decide. The intellect contains the wisdom to calm the mind down and to choose which thoughts make you feel elevated and happy.  Grow this part of the soul.  It is the ‘mother’ to your mind.  It will guide you. Have faith in the intellect.

The 1st stage in this process is called INITIATION.  Initiation is the first step towards meditation. It entails bringing yourself into a quiet, comfortable place; choosing where you wish to be during your meditation.

The 2nd stage is called MEDITATION. It involves selecting a theme that you would like to focus upon to understand more deeply. True understanding gives the soul deep pleasure and contentment.  It can be in the form of a powerful and eternally true statement such as I am a Peaceful Soul or a question like: what does bliss feel like? or humility? or complete purity? Concentrate your mind on the theme you have chosen.  If the mind wanders, if there is a struggle, know you have the ability and right to bring it back, like a loving mother to the theme at hand. Training the mind is important, getting the wheels of a rusty mind going in the direction you want, may take a bit of gently bringing it back time and again.  Be kind to the mind and it will cooperate  and you will be able to naturally move into the next stage of concentration where the mind is really engaged and moving with your topic.

The 3rd stage is called CONCENTRATION. In concentration you have reached the stage where your thoughts are flowing freely upon your chosen theme, circling around your subject like a bee buzzing around a flower, drinking in the nectar.  You are deep into the investigation of your theme and have come full circle in your thinking process which leads you seamlessly into the last stage of knowing and feeling and being (becoming) the topic of your meditation.

The 4th stage is called REALIZATION. You have now understood the feeling of your theme and you hold yourself in silence and take in the light and might that you have opened up to from the Source of All Knowing, from the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Peace.  You will feel a deep satisfaction for one of the things that makes the soul deeply happy is to fully understand and experience something.

You may even wish to meditate on one theme for a month or longer.  One accomplished yogi soul focused on the soul’s ability to ‘face’ or ‘confront’ for a year. Tell yourself I will have this! I will know this by the time I’m through. It is a whole discovery based on knowing and knowledge. Have union (yoga) with the Source of Knowledge.  What is the Mind of the Knower of All like?  Who am I? What is the 3rd eye? How can I more deeply recognize and open to the Love of God? What is God seeing in me? How will I be best used in that One’s service?

Remember these are elevated questions that will produce elevated streams of thought.  It is Maya’s task to create streams of thought that break our Yoga.  However we have to be able to discern when Maya is interfering with our Yoga.

Because of the subjective and intuitive nature of Yoga, it is  quite easy to go off track.  Remember Yoga is a lifetime journey, full of ups and downs.  Yoga creates a powerful vibration which will affect us physically as well as mentally. Yoga is best when practiced daily…as part of your timetable…a time that is non-negotiable, reserved for the Self and God. This creates a powerful momentum, for Yoga begets Yoga.

In the womb of silence that you are creating through this practice, a new consciousness is created and a new world.  Angels are created in the silence of God’s Heart. Cultivate silence to integrate the “ideas/themes” you take up in meditation, so they carry over into experience.

An angel is made from the pure thought of God.

Our world needs angels now.  An angel is not influenced by things of the earth or the body. Angels are not satisfied with their own liberation alone. Ask yourself am I an Angel of Love? Angels do not complain or compare. They will not get into petty things, for they wish to stay connected with Love and Light. The word MY destroys it all.  A true angel will be puzzled by the word MY for he or she belongs to the whole.  This means that there is no selfishness, no pettiness; all that remains is loyalty and faithfulness.

Ask yourself how can I touch this place inside of myself? How can I hold the preciousness of this place so it does not fade away?

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