7 Ways to Deepen Your Happiness and Joy


cropped-rainbow-over-anini-beach.jpgThese inspirations are from Inside Out by Dadi Janki:

  1. Begin by looking at your heart to examine its emotional state. Ask your heart what type of feelings do I have stored in it for myself and for others?  What feelings within the heart do I have for the world?  Since “happiness is connected with the heart, and there is a deep connection between the heart, the brain, and vision…whatever is in the heart will also be in my brain, and will show through my eyes. When my heart is filled with happiness, this will be obvious in my vision”…for the “eyes share that happiness…” (p.91/Janki)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Message-de-Dadi-Janki
  2. For happiness to be within, “the heart must first become absolutely clean.  If there’s any kind of thorn stuck in it, some pain from the past, that should finish. Don’t let there be any type of fear or sorrow from anywhere…If I’ve given sorrow to anyone, let me ask for forgiveness in such a way that they are able to forget the sorrow they received from me.”( p.92 Janki)
  3. “What if that forgiveness is not forthcoming, what can I do then? I must check my own feelings.  Am I really feeling that I want forgiveness from that person? Am I feeling love for them? If I am feeling genuine in this, I should first ask God for forgiveness.  Then I can ask that person. The heart has to be so clean, so honest; otherwise, my asking for forgiveness is just another form of taking. There shouldn’t be ay kind of impatience. My feelings have to be filled with compassion, honest, and love…Then the other person will feel these qualities reaching them, as a gift, and they will accept that you are sincere in regretting what you had one and are wanting to make amends. Sometimes, I’m not able to experience those qualities of compassion, honest, and love within towards myself, and so certainly they won’t work for others”…(p.92-93/Dadi Janki                                                                                          power of words
  4. The next step and an amazing “secret is to check for and remove any trace of selfish feeling. Selfishness blocks my own highest nature, and my connection with God. It gives rise to sorrow, worry, or fear within; those negative feelings that destroy my strength and judgment and prevent me from interacting successfully with others. Then, no matter how hard I may try to project positive feelings, that projection will not work. I cannot give out what I don’t have inside.” (p.93/Dadi Janki)
  5.  This step is to realize that there is “no use worrying on behalf of other people.  As you let go of worry, you can be engaged in good works and be able to share good feelings; whereas when one worries, there will definitely be sorrow. Can I have worry and sorrow internally, and still be able to share happiness…?” (p.93/Dadi Janki)
  6.  “For generosity of heart to thrive there must be selflessness and honesty.  The funny thing is, selflessness is the best possible gift for the self! For if I’m selfless in my feelings and motivations, what is there to worry about? I have nothing to lose.
    Red luminous heart
  7. The last step is to remember God out of love and happiness…and you will find that you are connecting to an ocean of love and happiness. You’ll come to realize that this is your own true nature, too. If you continue to do this, no form of sorrow can come to you, because there’s an accumulation of the power of happiness inside.                                                                                                                                                 Understand that this internal happiness really is like an energy. When you practice remembering God, happiness accumulates and there is the power to keep God as your companion. Realize that sorrow weakens and happiness brings courage and faith in the self. Courage and faith in the self will give you the strength to carry on doing good work. If there’s something good to be done,  go for it. And God will enable it to happen…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This love connection is not a mysterious thing. If you are a mother, a parent, or a child of a parent, you know how a mother gives love to a child, and a child gives love to the mother. You know that relationship. There isn’t a question of how it happens.  In the same way, just imagine how much love God has for His children. God’s love is wondrous. No one else can have that much love for us. My job is to accept wholeheartedly that this Mother/Father is mine.                                                                                                                                                                                When I say with conviction: “You are my Mother and Father” this One enables me to move along in life. However, remembering God out of sorrow may be a comfort, but it doesn’t give strength or power. Also, if you are telling God: You are mine and I belong to You, but your heart is drawn to another human being, then God sees this as a lack of honesty. It is just as if a husband sees that although his wife is living with him, she has love for another man, his heart would be filled with so much sorrow. It’s not that God would feel sorrow, but there would be a difference in the love that would reach you  If you are true rather in your love towards Him, nobody can give the love that God gives. God cares so much.      Let in the Light~Golden                                                                                                                                    So, have that much love for God. Open your heart to the One, and make that One your Mother, Father, Friend, Beloved, your everything. When there is this experience, you will remain immensely happy and the soul will sing a joyous song!” (p96-97/Dadi Janki)  Featured Image -- 6281




Do You Know the Truth about the Soul?


from Inside Out by Dadi Janki:

“Knowledge means light; ignorance means darkness.  If I don’t have knowledge about something, I can’t act appropriately-I am in the dark. When the sun rises, the darkness is dispelled automatically…When there is ignorance it is as if I am blind, with an intellect like a stone. If you are blind, it is difficult to do anything, even if there is light all around.

Knowledge in the spiritual context means to know the truth about the soul…The knowledge that comes from deep inside, from God, teaches me that although I am in this body, and through the body I have a connection with other people and the physical world, I am separate from all of that. I am a being of conscious energy, distinct from matter.  I must continue my connection with the material world, because that is how life expresses itself; but I’m not going to do things under the influence of all those outside factors any more.

Because I am separate, I can choose. I can be the master. This is wisdom…

The knowledge of the soul shows me the wisdom of … the harm that I did to myself in allowing my consciousness to be trapped by the material world, and the joy and power that I receive when I learn to connect to God again.

The ways of thinking… and even the values that… I acquired from the world outside deceived me a lot.  I was pushed this way and that, according to how the body wanted me to move, how others wanted me to move, and how the world… in general, expected me to move.  The darkness of body consciousness used to cover the truth that I am a soul. This kept me ignorant about my self and others, who are also souls.

Ignorance not only blinds me, but may make me excessively forceful in my character, so that I try to influence and control others. I don’t realize that I am doing wrong, nor that I am making others around me do wrong as well.

For someone who is in the dark in this way, money and position are everything, whereas those who have light inside know that if they have God with them, they also have their self-respect, which means they have everything.

The essence of the knowledge of the soul that purifies and renews is:

Don’t look at the past

or at others,

Look at God,

the true Mother and Father,

and then at yourself.

Be patient.

Remain peaceful.

With that true effort,

you’ll have God’s love

inside you.

Kindness is the Highest Form of Wisdom

When the Knower of Knowledge is your Companion, at every step He/She ‘s telling you how things really are. This truth then makes you perform pure, clean, elevated, noble actions. Those actions give power, which allow you to show truth to the world. …

The world desperately needs God’s love, light, and peace- God’s truth.

God is waiting for us to become so pure

that we can be true instruments

in sharing these qualities

with all souls.

power of words

Imagine a personality like this. Sensible, wise, cheerful, never doing anything just to show off to others. And never looking at the mistakes of others, either…Such a one will feel what have I got this invaluable knowledge for, if not to stay free?

Purity enables the soul

to be detached,

and detachment enables one

to remain

positive, loving,

and wise.

When I remain in the awareness that I am a spirit, the light and beauty of that spirituality spreads far and wide. When I connect to God’s supreme power, it is as if a powerful current flows to where it is most needed.

So, ask yourself:

  1. Do I stay in my spirituality? I am the spirit within, detached from the body. When I maintain this spiritual awareness, the body in which I am sitting will not pull me into performing limited or wrong actions.
  2. Am I able to remain a detached observer, no matter what the atmosphere or situations outside are like? For as I remain a detached and loving observer, not passing judgement or taking sides, I can stay uninfluenced, in my original truth, and the power of that will help others.
  3. Am I able to stay detached from my actions,knowing that in reality it was not me that did anything, but that I was an instrument for what needed to happen.  That way, I will also stay detached from my actions, so that they don’t take hold of me and drain me of energy.
  4. Am I able to focus upon the true source of energy and stay free to draw God’s love and wisdom inside me?  For when I do this, others seeing the power I have gained, will feel inspired to create a similar life for themselves.

sparking soul

Purity of Being Brings Peace

Dadi Janki in  “Inside Out” writes:


“It is as though God, who is truth, gives me the aim of making my life truthful and valuable like a diamond. As I move towards this goal, my thoughts and feelings become very light.  I feel like a free spirit, still part of this world, but not bound by it.

I can fly, like an angel, in the service of humanity.

Before there can be such complete truth in my life, there has to be purity.

Purity underpins the entire process of restoring truth into my character and relationships.

Purity enables me to make my thoughts and actions free from the negativity, waste, and weakness that were created when I  lost the understanding of myself as a spiritual light, and thought of myself only as the offspring of my physical parents and circumstances…

Purity and truth are different states.  Purity means free of impurities. Truth means whole, without deception or falsehood. I wouldn’t say a glass of water was true, but I would want it to be pure…

When thought is pure, it enables my life to be truthful and valuable and my potential as a human being to be fulfilled. Purity clears a path for truth. It makes space inside my mind for truth to be experienced.

In fact, originally the soul is truth, so when I clean my mind of thoughts and desires that cause disturbance, I can begin to comprehend and recognize truth and appreciate its value in my life.

I am a child of God


Purity within the soul is essential for peace. When purity is lacking in even the slightest way, there cannot be peace.

Love, too, cannot remain true and honest if physical desires are mixed in with it.

Some may think they have peace in their lives, and others that they have love. But if purity is not there also, there can’t be contentment…

When I embrace purity in my life, it serves to finish all traces of the physical from my thinking.  Of course, a human being has a body, but the point of purity is to become free of the hold that the body has on my consciousness.

This is what allows me to become an angel.

When someone really understands this, and puts it into practice in their life with honesty and the power of truth, that is wisdom.

Purity comes through relationship and connection with God. Without the power of this connection, there cannot be complete purity.

Lotus on Blue Water

In the role of Purifier, God extracts the impurity that has infiltrated the soul. Since the very nature of the soul is truth, with purity you are able to experience that truth.

God gives us knowledge of our original state of purity… but the knowledge is not just information for the intellect ; it is a deep and beautiful experience.

When you make this connection, you are able to taste the sweetness of real love, like nectar. This sweetness draws out the poison and it is as though you awaken to what is real within you and around you.


Peace comes. The heart feels so comforted.

For a long time, it hasn’t been in human consciousness that it is possible to experience such peace, love, and happiness – such reality. The peace, love, and happiness that come as a result of purity are filled with truth.

Featured Image -- 3167

It is said that information is power. In a limited sense, that may be true. When we can access information about how things work, they become useful to us.

But spiritual knowledge requires much, much more than information. To have the power to absorb it and use it, we need purity.

The essence of spiritual knowledge is very simple. It is to know who we really are, as souls; that our original home, the ground of our being (as opposed to our doing), is non-material; and that this home is also where we connect with the Supreme Soul. However, without inner purity, the connection is weak and power does not accumulate. So, it is essential to give ourselves time to really understand what purity is.

Featured Image -- 6281

The Supreme, makes us aware of the truth and beauty He contains. In connection with this One, we understand that this is what we were also; this is our truth, and the process starts of becoming that again

When you absorb this knowledge and awareness inside, it’s like digesting food…When you take the right things into yourself spiritually, the right understanding, the right practice, the nectar of relationship and connection with the Divine, all the rubbish is extracted. Then there is purity…

The true peace of God, the peace and understanding that taste so sweet, that give so much strength and wisdom, will only stay within where there is purity. Purity makes your mind and intellect like gold. It’s not just peace of mind that is needed…it’s the strength that comes from having attained victory over the impurities which destroyed your peace…There needs to be the certainty and conviction, ‘I’ve done it!’ Within that victory, there is the power to adopt truth even to the extent of not remembering that the impurities ever existed. They become literally unthinkable. There is no place for them in you any more.

That is when you become immune to outside influence. …Self-respect fully returns, and you become fearless and free of animosity.

You are not worried, angry, or defensive about someone else’s weakness.

Only purity gives such imperishable peace.

When there is purity, your peace will never be disturbed. Never!

Purity enables peace to sit inside you, to become at home inside you. Then what you give out becomes naturally loving and peaceful, filled with the quality of purity.”

Let in the Light~Golden

8 Inspired Reasons to Turn Within

great space for meditation


  1. When I stop looking to the world outside for fulfillment, I can begin to draw upon the amazing inner resources of love, wisdom, and happiness that emerge when I attend to my inner world.
  2. When I realize the significance of this turning away from the outside to develop a taste for going within, I can truly understand and practice what it means to “consider myself to be a soul”.
  3. Since what I focus upon colors my consciousness,  I am inspired to conquer the many pulls of Maya upon my intellect, which means all the distractions that can come up  when I wish to contemplate the deeper, subtle levels of truth.
  4. To turn within I practice sitting quietly and withdrawing my thoughts from the outside world. This includes the pulls of the body, possessions, and people. Then I’m able to focus on my inner identity, the spiritual aspect of the self which is pure light, like a sparkling star.  This point of light, pure consciousness, is situated behind the eyes, and is I, the soul, the navigator of this brain and body.  In some spiritual traditions, this point of awareness is remembered as the third eye.
  5. Opening the third eye is like opening a window to another world. Even while situated here in the body, I am able to take my thoughts far beyond this physical universe, into a realm of peace and stillness. I understand this realm to be my original home, home of all souls, including the home of the Supreme Soul.  I think of that One as also being like a point or a star, dimensionless, but radiant with the power of truth, unlimited and eternal.

sparking soul6.  In Dadi Janki’s words, the 103 year old yogi who is the administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris, and who has been practicing Raja Yoga Meditation since she was 19 years old…”As my consciousness reaches this incorporeal awareness and stage, it then becomes possible to develop a relationship with God.  This takes me to a higher level of energy inside.

amazing rose

7. Every time I remember God, the relationship between us deepens.  It’s such a  beautiful discovery, that I can visit the Supreme Soul whenever I want, internally…when I leave on one side all my worldly relationships and connections, I experience all God’s qualities and powers.

8.   I recharge, filling with this energy of truth that is also my own truth…When I return to my responsibilities in the physical world after recharging in this way, I find I can easily and naturally keep a positive frame of mind.”                              (pp.41-42/Janki)

open your third eye and see


Live from the Inside & Be Free

“The secret of living from inside to out is to get to know ourselves again internally, and recover an ability to draw on the energy of our inner truth.  Living from the inside of your face, then we can be free!  The light in the eyes of a child steeped in the love of life and the joy of the moment reminds us of our own original condition of freedom.  Remembering that I am a free spirit, originally, is the key for becoming free.  I can draw on an unlimited source of love, wisdom, and happiness when I stop looking for these qualities in the world outside, and instead attend to my inner world.” from Dadi Janki