Night class:

Now, both your sun and moon dynasties are being created again. No one else can know as much or become as pure as you do. When they hear that the Father has come, they will begin to remember Him. You will see all of that as you progress further. Hundreds of thousands and millions will continue to understand this. The atmosphere will be such. Everyone will become hopeless in the war at the end. Everyone will be touched. Your sound will spread. Heaven is being established, but there death of everyone is also prepared. However, that time will be such that there won’t even be time to choke. As you progress further, many here will understand a great deal. It isn’t that all of you (who exist now) will be here at that time. Some would have even died. Only those who were here in the previous cycle (at this time) will be here then. At that time, you will all be in remembrance of the one Father. The noise will also be reduced. You will then just continue to consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. You will observe all of this as detached observers. There will continue to be many painful calamities. Everyone will come to know that destruction is now to take place and that the world is to change. Reason says that destruction will take place when the bombs are dropped. They now continue to say to one another: Promise that you won’t drop bombs. However, all of those things have been invented for destruction. You children should remain very happy; you know that the new world is being created. You understand that only the Father establishes the new world. There will be no mention of sorrow there. That is called Paradise. Just as you have faith, in the same way, as you progress further, many others will have faith too. What happens is that those who are to have an experience will have many experiences as they progress further. At the end, you will stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance a great deal. Now, there is still some time left. If you don’t make full effort, your status will be reduced. You receive a good status by making effort. At that time, your stage will be very good. You will also have visions. Destruction will take place again as it has every cycle. Those who have faith and have knowledge of the cycle will remain happy. Achcha. Good night to the spiritual children.

Offering Opportunities to Experience Stillness & to Value it in the midst of Life

From the stars


I am serene; still in the midst of change.

In stillness, I find solutions.

I chose to move consciousness inside.

Drawing the energies of my mind into a concentrated point of awareness

I reclaim the moment.

I stop time.

Time stops for me.

In this moment, my energy is perfectly balanced, centered, still.

I fill this moment with the power of my concentrated awareness.

I hold stillness.

A reprieve is found in this still moment.

Energy is stored, concentrated.

I am stable, powerful, still, full.

Then slowly I release time.

To move once again at a pace in keeping with the stillness in my mind.

The world benefits.



On-Going Thursday Classes in “The Art of Stillness” NOW online

Come and enjoy the sounds of the Kilauea Stream

Upon returning from India two Aprils ago, from a spiritual sojourn at one of the purest pilgrimage spots ever, I welcome you into the thoughts of this pilgrim…

Each time I am drawn back to my dearest spiritual home up on Mt. Abu, I’ve been taken deeper into the art of stillness and silence…for there is great satisfaction for the soul to focus upon itself and to know the peace and true rest that can only be found within. And yet, the soul finds itself in a world of constant movement and sound, and the ego and personality take so much satisfaction from action, even actions that often spring from a place of compulsion! WHAT TO DO…HOW TO NOT DO AND JUST BE!!!

In a piece called The Art of Stillness by Pico Iyer, he points out that:“In an age of speed, nothing could be more invigorating than going slow. In an age of distraction, nothing could feel more luxurious than paying attention. And in an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still.”

In these days of world pandemic and obligatory ‘sheltering in place’-perhaps the silver lining in this enormous cloud of Covid-19 which has changed the face of our earth, is that many of us are finding that being “locked down” has given them a sense of time and spaciousness which little else could. Many are making use of this time very profitable on behalf of caring for the soul. When so much in the outer world has been brought to a sudden halt, what remains, that no one and nothing can take away is the domain of our inner world. It is in the quiet hours that have been returned, that one can find a sense of renewal and reprieve from the escalating calamity that has spread its tentacles into every strata of society, every continent on our planet, and invaded the very fiber of our psyches.

Now more than ever, we need a method of defense from the human thought generated sense of panic and anxiety which tends to feed unwellness rather than keep it a proper distance. Now more than ever, The Art of Stillness becomes an antidote to fear, and to the invisible infection of panic gone viral.

Now more than ever, it is time to bring in “stillness” as a necessary art form into which you may retreat from these infectious airways of mass uncertainty. Every Thursday, for the past 12 months a small group of us have met on my lanai to focus our attention inwards, to discover how to rise above the flux of the body and the turbulence in the mind. We have been learning about inner joy and contentment and self-respect which can be found in the stillness.

As a great writer and yogi once said:

“The main state of mind now in the world is the wandering state of mind.  Thoughts go in many directions and consciousness is fragmented. Stillness is a settled state of mind. Stillness results in concentration which creates the experience of BLISS.  Only when still, can we experience the subtle inner state of bliss.”

And in Master Eckhart’s words (1260-1327): “Nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness.”And from: the Upanishads (c.1000 BC):“Away from the chatter of the senses, from the restless wanderings of the mind, there is a quiet pool of stillness. the wise call this the highest state of being.”

In the past 12 months, we have all become wiser, quieter, and happier. Now more than ever, it is time to share our practice of slowing down thoughts to experience more stillness with others. As the facilitator, I will guide you through various exercises, methods, readings, and share videos that will take you deeper into silence and peace.

Presently, our sessions happen on a free conference call every Thursday from 4p.m. to 6p.m.

If this intrigues you, inspires you, or speaks to you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to call me and sign up. 808-639-9436.  As a group, so much more can be accomplished than if one were to try this alone. Yet this will prepare you for the deep satisfaction of being able to enter the stillness and the silence on your own, whenever you choose to.                                   

STILLNESS REQUIRES COURAGE… Come fill your cup with both stillness and courage.

Om Shanti,


Please call me @ 808-639-9436 to register for this course