The Greatest Change You’ll Ever Make~Consider Yourself to Be a Soul~ Soul Conscious Peace and Happiness are Eternal

Aloha and Namaste Dear Soul!!!


To consider myself to be a soul means to become aware of my Self and of the innermost power of peace. For this I must face inward and become aware of what is happening inside.

At the very core, beyond the issues of the body, lies the essence of deep peace.

To reach this beautiful, rich place I must begin having a conversation with myself, like this.

I, the eternal being am sitting in the cave of introversion which exists behind this forehead.

I wish to center my attention here and know my original nature of peace and purity.

I am sparkling in the middle of my forehead like a star or a diamond.

I the soul am pure and peaceful.

Peace and purity are my original nature.

If any other thoughts come into the mind, let them go as if nothing happened.

Pay attention to what you wish to…

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