Thank you for coming by and checking out my world!  I’ve had the great fortune to have landed on an island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, miles and miles away from other land, surrounded by natural beauty orchestrated with the sounds of rivers flowing, ocean waves, and birds singing and chirping… the soundtrack of Kauai!

I ‘ve been living here on the emerald island of Kauai, at the top of the Hawaiian Island chain, for the last 18 years.

My days are filled with meditating, writing, teaching, swimming, and walking along the beautiful sacred shores of the Pacific. It is a true joy to share both the wonder of Kauai and the wonder of meditation, where one can journey to a silent paradise and imbibe mana for the soul.  ‘Mana’ is a beautiful Hawaiian word which means spiritual energy.

I also love to share healing sessions of massage, acupressure, trigger points,  and energy clearing.  I’ve been a practitioner for over 35 years. Most sessions take place on a wonderful screened-in ‘lanai’ overlooking a river. (Lanai is another beautiful Hawaiian word relating to a room attached to the house that is open on 3 sides)  The river shares its mana too, as do the birds, the breeze, the sun, and sometimes even the rain, as I help clients to release blocked energy patterns and muscle pain by opening them up to receive the fresh mana which abounds in Hawaii.

To further enhance the release of pain and inflammation,  I use a blend of coconut oil, menthol and camphor and, most importantly,  noni, a tropical fruit that has been shown to be the #1 plant-based anti-inflammatory for the human body by the World Health Organization! Noni grows wild on Kauai and we also have the largest organic Noni Farm in the world, right on our tiny island.

On Saturday mornings you will find me at the Hanalei Farmer’s Market applying this healing noni lotion to locals and visitors alike. Read more about the healing properties of noni at:

If you’re planning to come to Kauai,  call and set up your  hour and a half session of total peace and well-being!

Also, if you are interested in some wonderful Meditation, I offer this service for free.  I can arrange guided meditations over the phone to help you with  stress-management and assistance with falling asleep, and also to assist you in recognizing the inner sanctuary of peace that you will find deep inside.  My cell is: 808-639-9436.

For over 7 years, I’ve been practicing meditation and remembering how to become more peaceful, powerful, and truly happy.  I keep a running account of my findings on this blog called ‘ Answers for the Soul’ – to enlighten myself and others.  I also enjoy leading small groups of souls in guided meditation and special classes about the “Anatomy of the Soul’ at my home.

To learn more about meditation and me, check out my facebook pages.  My personal page is called Donna D’Alessio.  I also have a page called Shivalaya and another page called Meditate in Hawaii.

If you have a question or comment about something you read on my blog, leave a comment or write an email to  Call or text @ 808-639-9436.

If you’re interested in seeing the magical island of Kauai, I can custom-design a tour for you, your friends and/or family.   I’d love to share this paradise with you and share the insights of a local who has lived here for over 18 years.  Be sure to put Kauai on your bucket list!Beach at St. Regis

Wishing you Oceans of Love and Peace on Your Journey,


THIS IS WHERE I CALL HOME on PLANET EARTHFeatured Image -- 592This was taken from a secret walking spot of mine!  I can take you here!


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