How to Connect with Me on Kauai, Hawaii


Aloha and Namaste,

Thank you for coming by and enjoying some of my writings and experiences!  Welcome to my worlds~both the inner and the outer.  I feel fortunate to have landed in the spot where I am, set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, miles and miles away from other land masses, steeped in natural beauty orchestrated with the sounds of water flowing and birds singing.  This is the soundtrack of my outer world!

I ‘ve lived on the emerald island of Kauai, at the top of the Hawaiian Island chain, for the last 17 years.  Besides writing, teaching, meditating, swimming and walking along the beautiful sacred shores of the Pacific, I enjoy sharing the wonder of Kauai with guests to our magical paradise.

I also share healing sessions of Massage, Acupressure, and Energy Healing.  I’ve been a practioner for over 35 years.  I use a blend of coconut oil and  noni, a tropical fruit that has been shown to be the #1 plant-based anti-inflammatory for the human body by the World Health Organization!  On Saturday mornings you will find me at the Hanalei Farmer’s Market applying this healing lotion to locals and visitors alike. Read more about the healing properties of noni at:

If you’re planning to come to Kauai, feel free to call and set up an hour and a half treatment for yourself.  My rates are the most reasonable around!

If you are interested in Raja Yoga Meditation and would like to set up a guided meditation by phone, call me.  This service is free!  My cell is: 808-639-9436.  Check out our site called:

I love meeting new people, as I live in the middle of the sea.  People are drawn to Kauai, like moths to a flame!  They often feel that they’ve been called here for a purpose, to heal, to awaken, to discover, to explore!

For over 6 years, I’ve been practicing meditation and remembering how souls become more peaceful, powerful, and truly happy.  I keep a running account of my findings on these pages to enlighten myself and others.  I enjoy leading small groups of souls in guided meditation at my home. To learn more about meditation and me, check out my facebook pages.  My personal page is called Donna D’Alessio.  I also have a page called Shivalaya and another page called Meditate in Hawaii.

If you have a question or comment about something you read on this blog, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, shoot an email to, or give me call~808-639-9436.

If you’re interested in seeing the magical island of Kauai, with me as your guide, I can custom-design a tour for you, your friends and/or family.   This is a rewarding way I support myself.  I love sharing this paradise with others.Beach at St. Regis

Wishing you Oceans of Love and Peace on Your Journey,


THIS IS WHERE I CALL HOME on PLANET EARTHFeatured Image -- 592This was taken from a secret walking spot of mine!  I can take you here!

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