Being Free

“Free your Self from Mental Slavery” sang the well-loved Reggae Hero, Bob Marley  What does it mean to be free in these times, when overt slavery no longer exists?

Experiement with this inner awareness, for that is where true freedom exists.  Experience the joy that comes from moving beyond the  five mortal senses, free from the limitations of your own mind, which means to be free from the bondage of negative thoughts, even slightly negative!

The only barrier to your happiness is the quality of your thoughts and the habit of seeing faults and weaknesses in the self and others.

Be free~experience the Lightness and Brightness of you, the soul.  This body is oh, so temporary. To become attached to anything temporary will bring temporary happiness, followed by a wake of sorrow, close behind.

Retreat into the timeless nature of YOU, the soul and OUR original HOME, far beyond this earth. Our current home of earth is in so much flux because it is presently being swept clean for our new beginnings, our new life.  It it time to start over, fresh!  So much water has gone over the bridge, as the old adage goes, that a clean sweep is being called for by the Director of the play.  “Only the Father changes the old world and makes it new.,,,Only when destruction happens can there be peace in this world.  The gates of Heaven open through this war.” (Murli~August 7, 2015)

Your soul has become tired from playing these mortal games with all their  costume changes, lifetime after lifetime. “The # 1 defect (of the soul) is not to know the Father.” (Murli~August 7, 2015). Remember the Benevolent One and remind others, too, by your every deed and word.

Retreat to your original purity, your original happiness, your original peace.

Remain so full of your original melody of happiness that no tones of sorrow will drown it out.

No longer think of the faults of others. See but don’t see them.  Each soul has their own parts and is playing them out perfectly.  Do not be bound by jealousy, carelessness, or laziness.  For this finishes your power of realization and of meeting the truth.  Become free of those subtle bondages and become a liberator of souls drowning in despair and weakness.

At this time, the world is governed by a cruel kingdom based on human desire and vice. Everyone has become colored by the vices.  They are easy to spot and are commonly called: anger, greed, lust, ego, and attachment.

The Father, our Purifier, has come at our darkest hour to establish a Kingdom of True Happiness and True Love.  Previously in the cycle of time, the Family Path was pure, but it has now become impure.  The Father’s main direction is to Remember Me, for I will purify you.  Remember your true self, the self goverened by Love and Light.  Remember the time when our kingdom was in its full glory.  Establish this kingdom within first and be of faith that it is soon to come, once again.

This awareness will bring you a lasting, immutable, infinite happiness.

Remember the unshakable happiness based on peace, purity, and true love.  Feel it in your heart and soul now.  Through your own efforts combined with the power of remembering the Highest on High, we can establish it once again.

 Have faith that you are a soul and break the bondages of your body.  No longer be a slave of the senses.  Become sovereign, a ruler through the pure and positive thoughts of your own mind.  It is possible, it is the only possibility to return Home in Peace.  Your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. With thoughts of the Father in your mind, He will take your boat across from this side to the other, wrapped in His Light and Might, you will be refreshed, restored, and renewed once again.

No longer do you belong to this world or relationships based on physical connections that have brought you into sorrow so many times.

Remember Who You Are, an Immortal Soul, Remember the Father, Remember your Original Home, this will create the new world of the pure heart and the pure soul and a world of true freedom.

The Depth of Surrender

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