Surrender to Being Free

“Free your Self from Mental Slavery” sang the well-loved Reggae Hero, Bob Marley.

 What does it mean to be free when overt slavery no longer exists?

Where does true freedom lie, free from the limitations of your own mind, free from your physical senses?  How does one get free of negative thoughts and feelings? What obstacles must be overcome along the way?  Truly this is a journey … with Freedom being our destination. 

Personally I have two suggestions.  The first is to transform the very nature of who you think you are.  At this point in time, we souls, while familiar with the concept of the word “soul”, must really get in touch with and become immersed in the nature and experience of living as a soul, rather than as a body.  For this, I must turn within and become utterly familiar with the being that I am which is immortal, incognito, invisible, pure, peaceful, loving, wise, and powerful. See yourself and everyone else, in this new way.  This means to stop seeing the faults and limitations of your Self and Others. To stop seeing yourself and others as mortal bodies is a total retraining and reunderstanding of who we truly are.  We are all souls, playing out our individual roles through our bodies.  To become bound by the body, or  attached to your own costume or the mortal costume of another limits the naturally free nature of the soul. To become attached to anything temporary will bring temporary happiness, sooner or later followed by a wake of sorrow. As a soul, feel free to love, but at the same time remember to be detached, not dependent upon that love.

The second suggestion comes directly from the deep teachings of the Brahma Kumaris.  Get to truly know God as the Benevolent One, the One who is the source of the Love and Freedom that you have been seeking in others. The One who is the Master Teacher who has come to liberate humanity through teaching them about who they truly are.  He tells us that “The # 1 defect (of the soul) is not to know the Father.” (Murli~August 7, 2015). Remember the Benevolent One as your mother, dearest friend, loyal beloved and remind others, too, by your every thought, word, and action. 

By experiencing God’s Rays of Love, you are able to break your attachments and return to your original purity, your original happiness, your original peace, and your true Freedom.

 Have faith that you are a soul and become self sovereign, through the pure and positive thoughts of your own mind.  It is possible, it is the only possibility to return Home in Peace.  Your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. With thoughts of the Father in your mind, He will take your boat across from this side to the other, wrapped in His Light and Might, you will be refreshed, restored, and renewed once again.

Remembering who you are, an Immortal Soul, and by Remembering the One Above, also an Immortal Soul, you become a co-creater of the new world of the pure heart and the pure soul and a world of true freedom. To assist you on this Journey, have a listen to the words of Anthony Strano in a talk called the Depth of Surrender.  

The Depth of Surrender

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