Living as an Immortal Being is True Living

“Imagine yourself 500 years in the future, in a sweet place in which you can’t  remember your old life.  The old ‘you’ and the ‘old world’ is not even a faint, but distant memory; it’s just a blip in eternity.  Once you feel this state…you’ll feel free. You’ll recognize who you really are.

Joseph Campbell said to invest at least an hour a day when you don’t know your name or your gender,  who you owe or who owes you – a time each day where you simply exist in your peace and bliss.

Take it a step further, as you dive into your bliss and die alive.  Let go of everything completely, where you don’t even know life exists and all you are is an eternal soul… truly you’ll feel nothing but silence and profound bliss.

The more we die alive, the more we can truly live. Because to live as a temporary guest in this world is to live as an immortal being, free from fear, worry, negativity, and illusion.  This is truly living.

Die to the negative, draining, and non-supportive things. Give up what’s not working and allow life to flow from a state of grace.

When you die alive, all the love of God and bliss comes rushing to greet you, the moment you let go.

Let go, let go, let go, and learn to live as a soul.   Then you’ll get to know who you are and who God is.

Dying alive means to stop being ordinary. It means to stop blaming other people. It means to let go of getting upset over spilled milk and  pointless small talk.

It means to give up obsessions, addictions, and all the dirty little pleasures that make life sickenly sweet.  Stand in your own power, as an eternally free being.

Choose to stop feeding the illusions; choose to let go of the non-essentials.  Choose to focus on your own life and what you need to do. Focus on what the Beloved wants you to do today? How you can show up and serve another?

What can I do to become free and help others be free?

Dying alive means to allow the idea that “I am this body” to dissolve.

It means taking 100% responsibility for life; it means to stop blaming others; and it means giving up negative thoughts and feelings. Fully. Unconditionally.

Dying alive means letting go of what is not who you are eternally. Dying alive is what is left when your body is long gone…the real you that is here right now and exists forever.”

Excerpt from the classic How to Know God by Michael Macintosh and Arielle Hecht

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