6 Women Speaking About Themselves & What Spirituality and Self Appreciation Means to Them

Six women gathered for their first Zoom Meeting together. Each was invited to join the group to read and discuss the spiritual contents of a book called “The Four Faces of Woman” by Caroline Ward.

In our opening session we shared our reasons for joining the group…it sounded something like this. Each one had the aim to become authentic, loving, beautiful, trusting, and aware.

Connection was highlighted~ connection to the self, others and God.

We were connected. Connected by the joy to know all that is divine within the self and in the One Above.

One participant said that to her “Spirituality” meant: the awareness of God and our own Divine Nature that eventually sends Light Out into Everything!

Another said for her Spirituality meant to realize the deep significance of Silence in connecting with God…that Silence is the way to do it!!!

Another said for her Spirituality is a way of life, as well as life-changing.

And yet another said Spirituality was the interconnectedness she felt with her Guardian Angel who was helping her to be kinder and more loving to people and animals.

Honesty was in the air and a deep sense to share from the heart.

And more importantly for some,

to listen from the heart.

Question: What did you especially appreciate about yourself that made 2022 more doable and even successful?

The women’s responses were profoundly relevant to the qualities needed by our world, its leaders, and people as we go forward.

#1 : Appreciation of the Self is Important

One soul commented on the tumultuousness of 2022 and that she relied on her quality of Flexibility in order to respond to the many changes in an accepting way while standing in her truth.

Another soul said that Peace and Silence in these trying times helped her to navigate.

Another courageous soul said Love and Faith in God and Trust in Life helped her shift from “being a mess” into a Loving Being with Self-Respect.

And yet another bright soul said: Forgiveness in Family Matters was what she appreciated about herself this year. She reflected I’m easy and don’t hold grudges…yet I’m still feeling challenged ~To Forget!!!

And another beautiful soul shared that taking responsibility for her feelings was what got her through 2022 with more grace.

Our Goals for 2023 sounded like this:

Emerging optimism, harmony, and time for meditation so I can make the changes to be responsive to others and even my community in a positive way.

Being more present and patient with myself…dropping the struggle…appreciative of the little things…AND trusting myself to Be My SELF.

Going deeper into silence and Oneness. Keeping the Connection with the One Above.

More Silence and Nature Time to bring into the rest of Life.