Kaua’i ~The Island of Healing and Discovery


Aloha Dear Soul,

Thank you for coming by and checking out this little corner of the world!  When folks come to Kaua’i, they rarely ever want to leave! This beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is farther away from any other land mass than anywhere else in the world.  Coming here gives you an opportunity to remember many of the things that modern life has caused you to forget…like how important it is to be in touch with nature, like how healing beauty is, like who you really are, and like what is truly important to you.  Coming to Kauai will help you to remember the spiritual nature of all things. The Hawaiians have a word for it~ mana.  Mana refers to the spiritual power that humans and all of life is imbued with.  Coming to Kaua’i will help you to remember your own nature which is originally peaceful.

Peace is a commodity that you just can’t buy.  Peace is the original condition of you, the soul! Come to Kaua’i to experience your original sense of peace.  Listen to the ocean and she will share her mana with you. Hear the secrets in the stillness of the morning before the rest of the world has awakened. Give the trade winds a chance to  share their wisdom with you, and the birds too.

I live on a bluff overlooking a flowing river.  I do healing sessions in my home office which is on my lanai (a screened-in porch) that is surrounded by greenery, the sounds of the river, birds, the wind, and sometimes the rain.  I help folks release what is no longer needed.  I can help you find out what is taking up precious space in your mind, in your energy field, and in your heart.   I call this work Spiritual and Health Empowerment.  As you release old beliefs, stuck feelings, and past karma, you become able to receive the fresh mana which abounds on Kaua’i.

On Saturday mornings you can find me at the Hanalei Farmer’s Market at the Noni Booth.  I share the wonders of this  tropical fruit, noted to be the most potent anti-inflammatory there is. Learn about the healing properties of noni at:  http://www.realnoni.com

I’m also an advocate for another deeply healing product called Protandim.   To begin to understand this product and what it can do for you, watch this special news report that ABC Live did.    Click here for the 12 minute scoop on the wonders of this anti-aging product that truly works.    https://youtu.be/dP28GutRXew  If you find this interesting and hopeful in anyway or are just plain curious, feel free to text me at 808-639-9436 or email at: donnadalessio@yahoo.com  I’d love talking with you about what the research says and what it has done for me and my friends!!!

During the week, I help folks learn how to slow down and meditate.  I share Raja Yoga Meditation as a service to the community and the world. I help folks with  stress-management, with guidance on getting a better night’s sleep, with calming the mind, with addressing obstacles in relationships,  and most importantly, to recognize the inner sanctuary of peace that lies waiting to be experienced deep inside.

To schedule an appointment for a Spiritual and Health Empowerment Personal Session or to experience a Guided Meditation, give me a call at  808-639-9436.

To learn more about what I share about spirituality and methods to become peaceful, happy and content,  go to my Facebook pages.  My personal page is under my name: Donna D’Alessio.  I also have 2 other pages: one called: Shivalaya (my spiritual name) and the other called: Meditate in Hawaii.

I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line on my email at : donnadalessio@yahoo.com or leave me a comment on this blog or call: 808-639-9436.

Wishing you Oceans of Love and Peace on Your Journey,

A hui ho, Hawaiian for “until we meet again”,


THIS IS WHERE I CALL HOME on PLANET EARTHFeatured Image -- 592This was taken from a secret walking spot of mine!

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