A Great Mahatma Speaks about the Power of Faith and the Inner World

Mahatma is not a position, it is a state of being.”

The power of faith in the self allows the soul to stay stable and steady; to keep moving even when I think that no one is looking at me or noticing what I’m doing. Really there is no need to look for recognition or praise. All I have to do is just continue to become worthy through purposeful actions. Love us automatically engendered in others for me as a result of my good actions. I receive blessings from others in the form of pure wishes and I am seen as a humble instrument.

Each of us has our inner world which we are creating inside ourselves. Become a detached observer to see what type of a world you have created for yourself.

The types of thoughts you have, are the indication of the type of world you are creating inside yourself. Whatever feelings are in your heart create the atmosphere of your inner world. If you are influenced by someone, or suppressed by someone, then that is like an invasion of your world. The best way to insure the security and protection of your inner world is to invite the Higher Power in. The more time you give to sit with the One, the more the Higher Power comes into your world. If you invite anyone else into your inner world, then the Higher Power goes away. This One is the Comforter of Hearts. We must keep the temple of our hearts clean, so the Supreme can come and rest in our hearts.

Tonight is Dedicated to…


This piece was originally written about a group World Peace Meditation that was dedicated to our soul family around the globe.  It went something like this:

Tonight’s World Peace Meditation is Dedicated to…

To all those who seek the deepest peace and the greatest love in life,

To those who simply seek to know what is truth and what is illusion,

To those who know they are not being true to themselves and are moved to live with greater authenticity and integrity,

To those who are aware that this world is on the edge of a dramatic and profound shift and sense they have a significant role to play,

To those who know a Higher Power is now at work in the world and hear the subtle call of that Power to be present and available,

To those who simply wish to know exactly who they are and why on earth they are here.

It is also for all the souls and all the aspects of nature that are suffering, as well as for the souls who suffer because of witnessing the suffering.  For when one sees people, including children, suffering tremendous pain at the hands of others, our sense of injustice is triggered, often accompanied by what many would call “righteous anger”, and perhaps even hatred for the oppressor.

In the process, these negative feelings create more suffering for ourselves and those around us.  This becomes a habit, an inner pattern that is repeated, not only when we witness global strife, but also when someone at home, or at work, or in our place of worship, or on the street does something we consider unjust, the same button is pushed, and the same pattern of outrage, fear, resistance, anger, or hatred emerges.

What is wrong with this picture? What is missing here? What have we forgotten? What have we failed to see or understand?

A deep understanding of the laws of action and reaction (karma) assures us that whatever we give, will eventually return to us, and whatever happens to us is the result of our actions finding their way back to us.

When this understanding is integrating into our awareness as we watch apparent injustices in the world, it defuses our outrage, lessening the pain.  It’s not that we sit passively and allow people to inflict suffering upon ourselves or others, but it helps us to see that the greatest or highest contribution that we can make, to both the victim and the persecutor, is to help them remember who they are and help them rise above the anger and fear towards each other.  In this way, we help them to liberate themselves from a kind of energy exchange that has been going on for centuries.  However, before we can do this for others, we must do it for ourselves.

Credit goes to Mike George for bringing much of this to my attention in one of his many books on Meditation and Consciousness.  Thank you Brother Mike for your clarity!