Do You Know What Spiritual Practice Really Means?

Dadi Janki Speaks

“At this time, it is important to ask yourself, ‘How can I get closer to God?’

Experience God as the Ocean of Knowledge and as the Ocean of Love. When you experience the unlimited, all limitations automatically fall away. Spiritual power is a combination of knowledge and love.

A soul with spiritual power will remain light and will know how to adjust to whatever happens in the world around him or her.

There is an expression, ‘liberation in life in a second’. This means to be able to go beyond a situation in a second. And this is something that each of you can learn to do according to the situations you encounter.

Spiritual Practice means using spiritual power in your practical life. When you practice this, there will be no need to think too much or to say too much. And then you begin to see things differently.

When you look at something, see it as God would see it. See yourself as God sees you. Be useful to God. God gets many tasks done through such souls at this time-the souls who see things as God sees them.

Understand who you are and what God wants from you.”