An Honest Heart is a Clean Heart

~The Bestower Has Come to Decorate Us~

This brief poem was written almost 20 years ago shortly after landing on the sacred shores of Kauai.  It was during a time of deep self reflection and bouts of enlightening truth!!!  Honesty with  myself cleans the heart and makes all things possible. 

 The emerald isle of Kauai -Mama Kauai- often requires new arrivals to do their “due diligence” to clear and elevate their vibration. This poem was written in response to the sacred call to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. Synchronistically I am revisiting these thoughts before the Light-Giving Ceremony of Diwali- to be held at Baba’s House on November 22, 2019~(6:30pm-8:30pm) We are preparing for a wonderful time of introspection in order to sort out the self and turn inward and upward to the Ever-Lit Light who has come to restore our Natural Beauty. 

    This piece from yesteryear is called:   


Decorated by old emotions and an outdated style of “rustic resentment”-

an inner world of limitation has been formed -taking center-stage to the real, the 

true nature of my soul.

Old emotions draped low have been cut on the bias of self-centered living-

Creating no possibilities for another’s point of view.

Newness enters slowly…deliberately…

Through the tainted glass –

While treasures of beauty and peace hover patiently-

Waiting to be revealed to I- the parched Soul.

Will I hear You?     Will I know You?

Will I see You as You are….

While immersed in these  clouds of illusion?

Must I keep coming up with the same conclusion about myself and others-                 

When seeing with an honest glimpse through Your eyes can change everything.

The gentle rain softens and cleanses. 

A sense of fluidity enters.

Sorrow is washed away, the Bestower brings a taste of freshness-freedom-fortune.

It’s  a  New Day and

There is a Promise of a Brilliant Tomorrow.

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