An Honest Heart is a Clean Heart

This piece was written eighteen years ago during a time of deep self reflection. I published here 4 years ago.

Honesty within the self cleans the heart and the original clarity of the soul shines through.

I had just landed on the emerald isle of Kauai.  Mama Kauai often requires new arrivals to her sacred shores to do their “due diligence” to clear and elevate their vibration. This poem was written in response to the sacred call to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new.


I’ve been decorated with old emotions,  an outdated style of “rustic resentment”.

Old emotions draped low, cut on the bias of self-centered living.

No possibility of another point of view.

Newness entered slowly

Through the muted glass.

Treasures of beauty and peace hover patiently,

Waiting to be revealed to the parched Soul.

Will I hear You?

Will I see You as You are

While immersed in  clouds of delusion?

Must I keep coming up with the same conclusion

About myself and others,                                                                                        When seeing an honest glimpse through Your eyes can change everything?.

The gentle rain softens and cleanses.  A sense of fluidity enters.

a lot of pain is only THOUGHTSSorrow is washed away, restoring clarity.

It is a  New Day and there is a Promise of Tomorrow.


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