How to Know and Use Your Subtle Powers

There are 2 subtle powers within every human soul which contain the secret to success in life.  On the basis of your understanding of these two powers, your  life will move forward.  These powers cannot be measured by material instruments for they are powers that exist within the invisible, spiritual dimension of the soul.  The 2 subtle [...]

Nightly Rituals for Lightening Up

If you have discovered that your life has a spiritual aim and objective-Congratulations!  You can develop a sense of progress and satisfaction by coming back to your goal often during the day to see how your thoughts, words, and deeds line up with your spritual goals! For example, the Dali Lama says that "kindness is [...]

Do You Know the Part of You that is Perfect & Pure?

There is a part of you that is perfect and pure.   Learn how to reach it, make time each day to nurture it, and this will bring you untold benefits.  Call to Join us in this Exploration of the Soul.  Free Classes begin Monday, April 2nd at 4:30pm and convene each Monday thereafter...same time, same [...]


Purpose of this Meditation:  To stabilize the mind in remembrance of the self as a soul...I am a soul acting through this body...this is Soul Consciousness...a natural identity that takes practice to remember.  For we have been immersed in the 3rd Dimension for many lifetimes.  Now is the time to Remember once again who we [...]

Wait, Maybe the Answer is Looking for You? (part 2)

I promised to write an answer, a sequel to the piece called "Wait, Maybe the Answer is Looking for You?".  An answer which addresses the plight of the soul today. I am very excited about writing and sharing answers to soul questions and yet, this morning, instead of sitting down and getting right into the article [...]

Easy Exercise for the Soul. Repeat Every Day, til You Know Who You Are!!!



A worthwhile exercise you can practise with most efficiency during the first 5 to 10 minutes of consciousness when you arise in the morning and the last 5 to 10 minutes as you drift off to sleep in the evening.


“We are fundamentally good, not fundamentally flawed, and we can trust this.”  Thank you Pema Chodron, for affirming this for all of us.  The Buddhists call the idea of a fixed identity “ego-clinging”.  The ego tries relentlessly to stand on solid ground in an ever-shifting world.  If you meditate enough, you will notice that your identity will expand, grow, and morph supplanting the limited you by the unlimited You.

As you sit still, in the vastness of who you are, in the softness of your inner world, notice how attached you have been to the thousand little opinions that the little you have equated with yourself. The little self is the you that has been ‘thought’ into a corner.

Turn this around by focusing on thoughts which unlimit you, “uncorner you”.

Expand into this reality.

Here are some profoundly unlimiting thoughts that describe the eternal, imperishable true You.

I am…

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The Pilgrimage … A Letter of 330 Words to You, the Soul

 The Pilgrimage of Rememberance is a seed to explore.  It must be planted deep into your awareness in order to change your consciousness of who you are, who you belong to, and where you are going, and how to get there on this journey through Time and Eternity. Who is the Guide on this Journey? [...]

Your Total Game Depends on Thought

Last night, after World Peace Meditation, before sleep, I opened to these words of the Beloved.  I felt to share them, in love, and cherish the moments we share together with the Beloved.  May He be your Constant Companion and may you be a "destroyer of obstacles" for yourself and others! "When a powerful thought [...]

Spinning the Right Thoughts

    Who are you?  What vision do you have of yourself?  What recurring thoughts do you generate?  Are the feelings you create the sum total of who you are? Using the power of imagination and creative thought to visualize and bring into being the unmanifest world of potential within yourself  is to work on [...]