Honesty and Success: More on the Importance of Honesty

free bird in a golden skyIf you were to ask Dadi Janki , at age 103, wisdom keeper of our time, and present Head of the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University, how did you acquire the most wisdom, she would give you a very clear answer!

You might ask was it from personal research, divine intuition, or from life experience?   She would most likely point upwards to indicate that the knowledge she shares comes from the Source, the Supreme Soul, the Knowledgefull One, also called the Ocean of Knowledge.

Dadi remembers her experience of deep love for the Supreme Soul at the tender age of two and recalls that  her search for Truth began at the tender age of eleven.

On the question of what is Success, she answers as follows, in her succinct and unique style.

 “Success is to reach such a constant level of positive thoughts that pure actions happen naturally. 


    Pure actions are like good seeds which, when planted, produce healthy, sweet fruit…  Concern for the quality of my actions today ensures the success of my tomorrow.  Virtues are the mainstay in this because Success like this requires Hope.  And Hope in today’s world, requires Courage. It is a matter of working from the strength of your convictions which is a spiritual kind of Honesty.  Balance these qualities and your path will be easy…and your success will be assured.

     Courage alone does not bring Success.  If there’s only courage, there will be ego.  It’s courage plus honesty which brings God’s help and that is what guarantees success.

     God is getting it done through me.  I am simply an instrument in this task.  These are honest thoughts which elicit God’s help and protection.  Humility is the result of such honesty and courage.  A life of enthusiasm, courage, honesty, and humility is inspirational. It’s a way of helping others become successful too~”

Sharing Dadi Janki’s diamond-like wisdom is a true joy.  My wish for all souls is that we attain this kind of pure thinking which results in a life well spent.

Dadi’s jewels of wisdom come from the Highest on High and are truly worth millions.

May you gather and spread this kind of wealth, too, knowing that the more you spread this type of fortune, the wealthier you will become!

To your continued success!!!



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