Simplicity, Happiness, and Success

Most of us would agree that happiness and success are deeply interconnected. In truth, they have a common denominator; neither can be pursued. In the practice of soul consciousness, the thought emerges that the feelings of having attained both success and happiness are the result of being  dedicated to something greater than the physical self. [...]


Golden words of the Father: "May you constantly have a pure and positive attiutde for yourself and for others and bring the time of revelation close.  The basis of success in service is your pure and positive attitude because it is your attitude that will increase souls' power to imbibe and the desire to know....A [...]

Honesty and Success: More on the Importance of Honesty

If you were to ask Dadi Janki , at age 103, wisdom keeper of our time, and present Head of the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University, how did you acquire the most wisdom, she would give you a very clear answer! You might ask was it from personal research, divine intuition, or from life experience?  [...]