On Perfection

ArFeatured Image -- 347e you attracted to perfection?  Or do you feel life will always be imperfect and flawed? Chances are high that if you are from the East, India in particular, you will hold perfection to be a pure desire, a “bhavna”, and a worthy and achievable goal.  In India, perfection is a great aspiration; many souls devote themselves entirely to becoming perfect!

In our Western religions, there is not as much  focus or attention placed on the goal of perfection. As a child of Catholicism, I was indoctrinated with the concept of “original sin”, and so I believed for a very long time, that I was flawed before I was even born! We, in the West would do well to revisit and readdress our belief systems about perfection and imperfection.

Nowadays, thanks to my recent study of Raja Yoga, I have learned that the Creator’s task is to bring about perfection and to remove all sorrow from this world and from the souls of this world. In other words, each one us will be liberated from sorrow and each one will become perfect once again. Certainly a task only the Benevolent Creator could fulfill!

 We, who resonate with this task of perfection, then become the bridge that shows that perfection is coming.  Our task is to embody the vibration of perfection that will attract others to do the same!  We are being called to do the real, genuine work of connecting with perfection in order to reemerge from the deep core of our souls the memory and reality of perfection.  The more integrated we become, the more we can embrace this reality and let the world feel the truth.  If you don’t believe you can become perfect, i.e. your original Self, take a good, long look at changing the inner belief system that keeps you hooked into imperfection!  Also do the important work of identifying the traits of personality that are not leading you to your own perfection.  Surrender these dis functional beliefs and personality traits to the Almighty One who will gladly relieve you, His Perfect Child of them!

Though we don’t see ourselves as perfect,  yet when we look at a baby, perfection seems to ooze out at us, helping us to recall and feel the accessibility of perfection.  The memory of perfection is within the soul. The true healing we are being called upon to do is related to this. To become aware of our innate state of perfection, to feel what that perfection feels like is part of each soul’s awakening.  Through meditation and contemplation of our past and future perfection, the soul is reawakened and reignited by the belief in its own perfection.  the soul is then allowed to create its own version of perfection.

A simple, but powerful affirmation on perfection could go something like this:

I, the soul, am entitled to experience my own past and future perfection. I am reawakening to the perfection that was me and will be mine again.  Perfection is my birthright.  I know what it feels like to be perfect and whole once again.  {Please feel free to improvise with words, images, and music that help bring out your memories of perfection.}

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