Read this if there are “someones” in your life giving you a hard time!

These are the words from another Great Leader of the Brahma Kumaris of Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. India. This great soul is no longer physcially with us in this form, but her wisdom carries a simplicity that can be adopted by all true peacemakers.

“Let only jewels of wisdom emerge from your lips” says the murli, the flute of God, studied and embodied by Dadi Prakashmani~  These are jewels from Dadi’s lips:

“I have learned that whoever is your enemy is in fact actually your best friend, because they are here to teach you something.
Whatever is the state of mind of another individual, I make sure that my state of mind is filled with nothing but pure thoughts and good wishes for them.  If I have good wishes and good thoughts for others, these are like blessings, and this is the highest help that I can give others.

If something comes up that I term a problem or a difficulty, at that moment I give thanks to it, because it is teaching me so much.  It is taking me so much higher.  It has come as a blessing to uplift me because I learn from it.

Even if somebody is speaking against me, then it is at that moment that I can see to what extent I have spiritual power and spiritual love.”

What a great barometer of spriritual power and spiritual love.  Thank you for being such a glowing example of both of these qualities, Dadi Prakashmani!

Om Shanti, Om Ananada, Om Prem= I am peace, bliss, and love~~~

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