5th Spiritual Exercise~Practice Often~Have Faith You are Originally Pure~

As souls, immortal portals of Light, we begin our journey on earth as pure and perfect beings.  As a soul, our destiny is to return to our original state of purity by connecting with the Purity of the Supreme Soul, the Only Soul who does not go through the cycle of birth and death.

So visualize your Self as this perfect Star in the center of your forehead~shining brightly like the planets Venus or Jupiter. Pure vibrations are going out from every cell in your body.  Then visualize your Self leaving the body through the top of the head and going into space.  Stay in space, free, flying amongst the stars and send vibrations to all the souls everywhere.

Practice often.  This is a powerful form of service called: Mansa Seva= “service of the mind” and can be done from anywhere for any length of time.

Start with 2 minutes, then 5, then 10, build up to holding this visualization to 20 or 30 minutes a day.

Like any muscle, build gradually.  You will develop your ability to concentrate and this will serve you in many practical ways in your life.

Happy Shining!!!points of light

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