1 Primary Cause of Human Suffering & A Way to Overcome It

The “strong urge to identify with our bodies and physical attributes is one of the primary causes of human suffering.  Body consciousness places us in a transitory world, open to the fluctuating forces of nature.  At any moment, our bodies can fail us.  We can go bankrupt, our children can leave home, we can lose our jobs, looks, credibility, even our country.

Nothing is safe or predictable, except the eternal soul.

Peace comes from knowing who we are.

Lack of peace comes from believing we are just mortal beings.

Many years ago, I visited a film studio in Los Angeles.  A friend and I were sitting in the little tour train, waiting to take off.  Suddenly a burst of screaming came from the back of the train.  Turning around I saw a huge gorrila shaking the bars and gnashing his teeth.  The children screamed in terror, while their parents laughed…The adults knew there was an actor inside the gorilla’s outfit. They had nothing to fear.  They could laugh and and smile because they knew about costumes and movie sets…The adults on the train knew the difference between what was real and what was not.” (Soul Power, p.29)

However, the innocent, inexperienced children were not aware of the difference between a man in a gorilla costume and a real gorilla; therefore they were devasted.

This is a great analogy to illustrate the importance of spiritual knowledge for navigating smoothly on our journey and the ultimate importance of being able to distinguish between what is real and what is false!

Seeing ourselves as bodies that have souls  is the greatest illusion for it colors the core of what we understand as reality.

The understanding of being a soul wearing a body costume makes all the difference.

For “as a soul,you are light, bright, and eternal.  You have no age, no color, no gender, or ethnicity.  You are free from limitations.” (Soul Power,p. 28)

And one of your core expressions or  qualities is Peace.

“Consider this knowledge about soul to be like a laser beam of light.  Imagine you can use this beam of light to penetrate the layers of false identity that keeps the real you hidden from yourself.  With this light, you can illuminate your core, touch the peace within, and know with absolute certainity this is who you are.”  (Soul Power, p.29)

“As you maintain the AWARENESS of being a soul while walking, talking, and moving around, you will notice a change in the use of your energy, and a greater ability to stay focused and calm. Then instead of being worried or upset, you will be at peace, able to generate an atmosphere of peace and well-being around you.  As a peaceful soul you will be naturally drawn to God, more easily attain the peace that comes from the Divine…

A peaceful soul is at peace even when there is chaos all around.” (Soul Power, p.30)


“When you get out of bed in the morning, stop for a moment, turn your attention inward toward the center of your forehead and create this awareness: I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.

As you jump into the car, or onto the bus or bike, say to yourself, I AM A SOUL, A PEACEFUL SOUL.

As you make a cup of coffee or tea, turn on the computer, sort through your mail, stop for a second and remember, I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.

Before doing anything, say to yourself, I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL.” (Soul Power, p30)

Feel free to experiment with this practice and expand it as you become more experienced in maintaining soul consciousness into more and more challenging situations, such as when someone who is very distressed and angry throws “daggers” at you.  Remember I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL and your peace will be your shield and you won’t have the impulse to throw daggers back.

“Have the faith that you are a soul and body consciousness will finish.” (murli)

When it finishes, so will the hundred and one daily fears, complaints, upsets, aches, and pains finish.  You will be free, unlimited, and the best thing of all is that you will FEEL the peace.

Without peace, there is no happiness.

This takes consistent practice over a period of time to stabilize in your new, liberated view of who you are.

Come into the Light of Understanding.

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