Do you Love to Be Right, Are you Stuck in “positionality”?

ROSES of KauaiOne of the biggest obstacles to being truly loving and lovable is to want to be RIGHT all the time.  This tends to make those around you WRONG all the time!  David Hawkins, best-selling author, mystic, psychiatrist, and doctor calls this being stuck in positionality. This is a function of the ego, which is always trying to position itself as “real” and important, i.e. real important!

 When you are aware of your original nature as a being of light, a cosmic traveler, a guest in this world, you don’t care about being right, because you are in such wonderment, about just being. This is what we  love about babies. Most of the time, they are in the wonderment of being.

When you allow  another person to be right, you free yourself up and show a willingness to accomodate and understand another’s point-of-view.  Actually, they may not have the end-all or be-all of truth at their disposal, but folks love to share what they have experienced.  Experience is its own authority.

There was a time when subconsciously, I was in a constant “argument” with my son about the best child rearing practices, as related to my sweet grandson.  After a while, I began to notice that I was not adding happiness to the scene, the very quality I so much wanted to see around me.

Upon having this realization, my motto became: “I’d rather be light, than right”.  I was motivated and determined to stay light and mind my own business.  It was such a beautiful release and truly helped me to be in respect of my son’s personal journey with his son.

Think of an area in your life, where this little slogan: “I’d rather be Light than right…will make a big difference in the  quality of energy you are sharing. Are you getting the results you want to see in the world by responding in your present manner?  This is a good question worth checking in with, often.

Only when we check in with ourselves, can we see the benefit in making changes.  Don’t criticize yourself or put yourself down. That’s not checking and changing, that’s self-abuse!   Observe with love and detachment.   Become a Rose spreading your beautiful fragrance into the air, cheering up those around you and bringing them into connection with beauty, harmony, and love.

Don’t just give roses, become a rose, become light.

As you change, the world changes.  Its a subtle thing.  Learn to stop and be that rose before you speak. Who you truly are is so much more, than who you think you are!  What a Wonder!!!

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