Restoring and Experimenting with Soul Power

This piece is meant to be helpful to all in using your soul power in concrete ways to create more peace, love, kindness, and respect in our world.


“Imagine what would happen if one of your physical organs stopped working.  The consequences could be life-threatening.  If one of our spiritual “organs” is impaired, however, it often goes unnoticed, even though the loss in functioning is just as serious.” (Pemell,p25)

Most of us, today, are suffering from some loss of spiritual function or other and may not even know it.   As one understands the Self, the spiritual anatomy of the soul and how it functions, then “spiritual fitness and power” can become a true focus of life.

The spiritual organs or components of the the soul through which the soul functions are predominately (1) mind, (2) intellect/conscience, and (3) the impressions that the soul has experienced time and time again on its journey which become a collection of “sanskaras”, ie habits, characteristics and personality traits. The soul uses these faculties to think, feel, experience, realize, discern, remember, express…

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