Looking for the Key to Your True Identity and Eternal Happiness?

ROSES of Kauai

Would you love to have the key to the deep awareness of who you are, who you have been, and who you are becoming?

Would you love to claim the deep knowing that the play of events in your life is always beneficially designed for your awakening?

Woud you love to be alone and to know in those moments that you are not alone?

Would you love to be filled with the lovliness of true recognition of the interconnectedness of all souls.

Would you love to touch the world with your mind, streaming pure and happy thoughts for all creation?

Would you love to be calm in the midst of upheaveal, switching from the cacophony of sound ~ to the purity and silence of peace,  and allow that peace to fill our world to overflowing~ touching all?


On the path of Raja Yoga these are the attainments that can be yours.

These attainments are eternal and your birthright.

Raja Yoga is a method of meditation, rather than a physical yoga, it is a yoga of the mind and intellect.  Yoga means “union”.  This yoga will bring you into union with your true Self and the Source.

It all begins by considering yourself to be a soul.  You are eternally a soul; before you came into this body and after you leave this body, you will be a living soul, eternally alive.  Go deep into the feeling of being “light” rather than matter.  Go within and experience how you, the eternal soul are seperate and different from the temporary body, even while you reside in your body in the center of your forehead.  This is the first wonder and the first practice.  A clue to experiencing yourself as a soul is the peace you will find within.  Peace is the original nature of the soul.  A good thought to contemplate upon in meditation and at moments throughout the day is: “I am a Peaceful Soul.” This allows you to tune in to the wavelength of your true nature and go beyond the peacelessness in the world today.

The next step is to connect with the Source of Peace, the Source of Love and Comfort, the Source of Bliss.  Our goal is to get on that Being’s Wavelength.  In form, the Source of Peace is also a soul, and like you that One is eternal, unlimited, and incognito.  Since a soul cannot be seen, it must be realized.  When you begin a practice of Raja Yoga Meditation it is very helpful to meditate with a guided meditation recording and/or some soothing music or, even better meditate with someone who can guide you into a peaceful, receptive state.  I will note some wonderful resources on Youtube for recordings of Raja Yoga Meditations and also a website to help you locate a Raja Yoga Meditation Center near you at the end of this post.

Our aim in meditation is to become free of the body with a simple, but powerful thought, such as I am a being of Light/Peace and a belong to the Source of  Light/Peace.  I, the soul can imagine I am a River of Light and am being showered upon by the Ocean of Light…I can remember that originally and eternally, I the soul am pure, powerful, and peaceful.

There are many images that can be visualized to make the connection with our Spiritual Source.  The soul, that you are has the form of a tiny, radiant star.  The Spiritual Source has the same form, that of a tiny, ever radiant star.  You can see, feel, and have a meeting with this Beloved One during your meditation.  Light merging with Light.  You can absorb the qualities you feel depleted of from the Source.  Absorb peace, love, bliss, and spiritual power from the Unlimite Source.  Each time you connect be sure to draw upon that One’s Love and Power.

*************************************************************************  On Kauai, we held small public meditations each Sunday evening from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in Kilauea on the beautiful north shore~call me @ 808-639-9436 to reserve your spot and for directions.

In Kapa’a, Kauai, small public meditations are held each Thursday evening from 6:30pm to 7:30pm~call Wendy @ (808) 634-1125.

For guided meditations online check out:

Anthony Strano’s Link of Life on Youtube



Around the world there are hundreds of Raja Yoga Mediation Centers.  Check out: http://www.brahmakumariworldspiritualorganization.com

You are a Beautiful Soul

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