Know Your Strength, Pave the Way~

One of my Goals for 2016 is Simplicity~

In the deck of “Virtue Cards”~

The Simplicity card reads:

“You radiate inner beauty and contentment because you have the courage to let go of anything artificial and simply be yourself.”

Aaah, such freedom, letting go, letting go!

Peaceful Joy

Another goal for 2016 is Courage.

 From the Virtue Deck, the Courage card reads:

 “You have the courage to be honest with yourself and keep your intentions pure.

You are not afraid to step in new directions.

You know that each step of courage brings a thousandfold help from the One.”

I offer others these simple readings from the Virtue deck to  emerge  from the depths of your soul, the virtues you require to accomplish the goals of your life and in particular your goals for 2016.

This is a free reading and it includes a short, centering meditation.  We look at the virtues of your past, present, and future to steer your present course.

 The meditation comes before the reading so that when you pick your cards, you are in a state of “soul empowerment”.

Your reading is guided by soul, rather than only your mind and logic.

 Contact me on FB message to set up your  Reading. Upon  seeing your  true value, you can shift from limited body consciousness to unlimited soul  consciousness.

MANY BLESSINGS and Happiest Year Ever!!!



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