Beautiful in Silence and Comfortable with Truth

rewritten at the end of 2015~Reflections on the Journey~


Finding pieces of writing in old journals is like finding hidden treasure. Rereading this piece from August 20,2009, the words jumped off the page  with the accuracy of a compass,  pointing to true North.  Clarified, beyond the shadow of doubt is the direction that I’ve been navigating for the longest time.

Looking back at this moment captured in words, from the present, a moment in 2015 ( which is quickly becoming the past), what can be seen is a relentless pilgrimage which could easily be called “a search for lost innocence”.

Reading through the long forgotten passage , what emerged, was “soul”, the pure, powerful being of  light, the being  beautiful in silence and comfortable with truth.

This is the “me” that had been  covered over for so long, by the dust of this corporeal world, and who had become unrecognizable, even to my Self.

No wonder, for so many…

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